Scag Advantage Deck- Worth Or Sucks?

What are the differences between the scag advantage deck and other Scag deck models? They are certainly different in size. But the controversy is still buzzing, and that is why we are here to clarify.

There are 4 Scag decks: the Advantage cutter deck, Velocity Plus rear-discharge deck, Velocity Plus cutter deck, and Hero cutter deck.

Other than size, several differences between them are noticeable, including strength and performance. In this article, we will compare the Scag deck models and find out which one is the best.

We will also discuss the benefits and problems of the Scag advantage cutter deck to find out if it is worth buying or just a waste of money. So, stay tuned to know more.

Know About Scag Advantage Deck

36 Scag Advantage

The Advantage cutter deck is a great performer and provides excellent results. You will find 32 inches and 36 Scag Advantage decks on various Sack mowers models. The Advantage cutter deck comes with a three-year cutter deck warranty, which covers the deck against the manufacturer’s defects.

In addition, this warranty covers labor and parts for the 1st and 2nd years and parts just for the 3rd year. This warranty is only applicable to commercial users. The Advantage cutter deck has a short baffle section, which goes from the back of the discharge side to the direction of the location of the first spindle.

This exceptional deck design provides high-velocity discharge along with a lovely manicured cut, even at quicker ground paces. It is excellent for side discharge and bagging.

Scag Advantage Deck VS Hero Cutter Deck

When you differentiate between the Advantage cutter deck and the Hero cutter deck, you will see that their strength is different.

The Advantage cutter deck comes with both Tri-Plate and Dual-Plate construction, whereas the Hero cutter deck comes with only Dual-Plate construction. In addition, a changeable trim-side wear pad shields the Advantage cutter deck from damage. So, this deck has more strength.

Contrarily, the Hero Cutter deck delivers the top-line power, accuracy, and performance that experts and house owners would want. This very robust, completely fabricated, and welded deck comes with aluminum spindles that require no maintenance for several months of excellent performance.

It has a very big discharge opening that increases discharge for even clipping dispersal. On the other hand, the Advantage cutter deck has a cutting chamber and discharge opening that provides better cutting performance with outstanding clipping dispersal in every condition. So, in this battle, the Advantage cutter deck is the winner against the Hero cutter deck.

Scag Advantage Deck VS Velocity Deck

The first difference between these two decks is size. The Velocity Plus cutter decks are available in 48 inches and 52 inches sizes on the Scag Hydro-Drive Walk-Behind mowers, Stand-On mowers, and Zero Turn riding mowers. Also, the rear-discharge Velocity Plus cutter decks are available in 61 inches in the Cheetah II Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower.

However, you will not find SCAG 52 Advantage cutter decks. The Scag Advantage cutter decks are available in 32 inches and 36 inches sizes on the Scag SW series mowers, SWZ series mowers, and V-Ride II Stand-On Lawn Mower. So, the Velocity cutter decks have more sizes than the Advantage cutter decks.

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The Advantage cutter decks have both Tri-Plate (36 inches) and Dual-Plate (32 inches) constructions, whereas the Velocity cutter decks only have Tri-Plate construction. Some people have reported that the Scag Velocity cutter decks are more versatile and better than the Scag Advantage cutter decks. The Scag Velocity cutter decks provide an even clipping dispersal all the time.

On the other hand, the Velocity Plus cutter decks come with a very big discharge opening that increases discharge for even clipping dispersal. This discharge opening is paired with the Turbo Baffle in the rear-discharge Velocity Plus cutter decks. So, in this case, Velocity cutter decks win the battle.

Scag Advantage Deck Problems

There are some problems with the Advantage deck. A person had a 52 inches Scag SWZT Hydro-Drive Walk Behind mower with the Advantage deck and considered it the worst, especially in the winter season. In the winter season, there were a lot of weeds, heavy dew each morning, and lots of clover on his lawn.

The Advantage deck had cut the grass clumps very badly, which he did not find in any other mower deck. However, he admitted that this deck was good in perfect weather conditions. Some people complained that this deck does not cut well in every grass-cutting condition, particularly when the grass is tall, wet, or dense.

Other people complained that the Advantage cutter deck cuts grass nice and smoothly up to three or four passes. After that, it cut the grass badly, and they had to double cut everything. However, some people said that the cuts were fine when they cut the grasses weekly and do side discharge or bagging on their lawn.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a SCAG advantage deck?

A Scag advantage cutter deck is a cutter deck that can be used in several Scag mowers models. A cutter deck, also known as a mower deck, is the blade housing on a power mower. It’s available in 32 inches and 36 inches sizes on the Scag SW belt-drive Walk-Behind mower, SWZ Hydro-Drive Walk-Behind mower, and the V-Ride II Stand-On Lawn Mower.

How do you level a SCAG velocity deck?

There are 2 rods with nuts on the deck on each side up on the front. Loosen the nuts and turn the rods till you obtain the accurate blade height measurements. Now, you have to measure the front blade tips. After that, make the back blade tips around ⅛ inches higher. Once you sit on the mower, the blade would be nearly level and in this way, you can level a Scag velocity deck.

How much is a SCAG 36 walk behind?

The SCAG 36 walk behind mower is affordable. Its price is 6,149 dollars on the Scag website. However, you may find this mower for around 3000 dollars on websites like eBay.


To sum up, we can say that the scag advantage deck has many features and benefits. This deck is good at cutting the grass in perfect weather conditions. Although it has some complaints that it does not cut grass well in all weather conditions and does not cut grass clumps in winter well, still it is a good mower deck.

Compared with other Scag mower decks, the Advantage cutter deck wins over the Hero cutter deck but loses to the Scag Velocity Plus cutter decks models. So, we think that the Scag Advantage cutter deck is worth its price, and hopefully, you will now also agree with us after reading this article.