Ryobi Vs GreenWorks Snow Blower: What’s the Fuss About These Two Snow Blowers?

What is the difference between Ryobi and GreenWorks snow blowers? Well, most users say the Ryobi offers higher snow-blowing performance than the GreenWorks snow blower. But is it legit?

However, this Ryobi vs GreenWorks snow blower debatehas created a big fuss among the people who live in a snowy zone. Both are good in their respective fields but have some different features that make GreenWorks offer medium snow blowing compared to the Ryobi.

But this information isn’t sufficient to rely on and decide which one is the best pick for you. To find your best selection, you must have precise ideas about these two snow blower machines. And we’ve done the research job for you. Read along to find out.

Comparison Between Ryobi Vs GreenWorks

Key PointRyobiGreenWorks
Beginning Year19682007
Products LineBattery Powered, Gas Powered, and Corded ToolsBattery Powered and Corded Tools
Parent CompanyRyobi/One World TechnologiesGlobe Tools Group
Battery LifeDecent Battery CapacityCompared To Ryobi GreenWorks has more Battery Capacity

Comparing The Battery Efficacy At Its Best

No matter which brand you pick, battery-powered equipment provides a number of distinct advantages that should be taken into account when making your purchase.

In addition to being wireless, these tools are powered by batteries, which means they are. Electric tools that need an extension cable to operate are much inferior to these cordless devices.

Having to deal with extension cords is inconvenient at best, and they may even pose a danger to your safety while trying to use your equipment.

Performance Comparison Between Ryobi And GreenWorks

Both the snow blowers are cordless electric snow blowers. However, the GreenWorks blower is available in variations, including 60v and 80v, and they run on battery instead of gas. In up to 10 inches of snow, the single-stage blower and brushless engine can clear a 20-inch wide route.

But the overall performance of these blowers will be decent, not more than that. The reason is that the chute of blowers gets clogged very easily in wet snow. Though you can clean it quickly still, it does require time.

Moreover, you’ll feel more pressure to push snow in icy weather because of its lightweight design. Besides, you may find some problems with the Ryobi 4 Cycle leaf blowers, but they are pretty easy to get rid of.

On the other hand, the Ryobi blowers will outshine the GreenWorks blowers as they are high-performance machines. The brushless 40V motor receives its power from a lithium battery that has a 5.0 Ah capacity.

In terms of clearance, it has a clearing width of 20 inches and a clearing depth of 10. It is capable of launching snow up to a distance of 25 feet.

Is The Maneuverability Everything?

Using the Ryobi snow blower was a breeze since it was so light and maneuverable. In addition to providing a cardio exercise, pushing the snow blower through the snow gives users better control over the blower.

The snow blower was never able to “take-off” ahead of the gas-powered blower, which it would often accomplish.

Now talking about the GreenWorks blower, which is exceptionally small and lightweight and has a broad clearing path of 20 inches. This is due to the method in which it was constructed. Despite the difficult terrain, the 6-inch rear wheels of this thrower make it simple to operate.

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Even though it isn’t self-propelled, the GreenWorks blower may be easily pushed in light snow, but if the snow density is high, the blower will demand some effort. In general, it’s simple to move due to its little weight.

Which One Has Better Construction – Ryobi Or GreenWorks?

Powered by a brushless engine, the GreenWorks snow blower is both powerful and efficient. The 60v battery may be plugged into either of the snowblower’s two ports. Auto-switchover extends the snow blower’s operating duration.

The dual-port battery charger is one of the most useful features. Moreover, the 22-inch-wide inlet can fling snow 30 feet with a rubber paddle. You can raise or lower the chute to your desired position by squeezing the handle.

An adjustment knob is situated above the handle to move the chute left or right. The chute may be rotated 180 degrees. Just pull down on the handle locks to stow the handlebar beneath a bench when not in use.

Having said that, the Ryobi snow blower was built around a brushless motor that provides a 21-inch cleaning path and a 13-inch clearance. Snow may be thrown 35 feet in the air with this blower.

Compared to plastic paddles, the auger’s paddles are made of rubber, making them more silent. In order to modify the chute angle, the user just pushes a button.

When it comes to moving and working with the machine, the handlebar’s design is excellent. No problems if you need the space while it’s not in use. Folding and storing the Ryobi snow blower handle is simple.

Who Provides Better Customer Service – Ryobi Vs GreenWorks?

The company’s customer service quality is an important consideration when picking an outdoor tool manufacturer. However, despite the fact that high-quality power tools are meant to endure, unforeseen circumstances might develop.

GreenWorks is easy to get in touch with. To get in touch with them, visit their website and click on the “Contact Us” button. As a result, they’ll usually react quickly to your queries. To get in touch with GreenWorks, you may use the company’s email address.

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There are no serious issues with Ryobi’s customer service. However, their methods of delivering assistance to customers vary significantly. It’s not the most user-friendly contact page, but they do have a really useful assistance database.

If you’re having problems with your product, you may try to fix it yourself using this method.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ryobi better than GreenWorks?

The answer to this question will depend on your requirement for a snow blower. For example, if you want a medium performance with good battery life, then the GreenWorks snow blower is worth trying. However, for the build quality, Ryobi is a suitable option in any situation.

Are GreenWorks and Ryobi the same company?

Certainly not. Globe Group is the company behind the GreenWorks name. They are a fledgling startup that is leading the charge towards a future where fossil fuels and electric wires are no longer necessary.
As a maker of components for the automotive, electrical, and telecommunication sectors Ryobi Limited is one of Japan’s leading companies. In addition, it offers printing supplies, power tools, and hardware for construction projects.

Which is a better battery or an electric snow blower?

For a while, battery-powered snowblowers had a reputation for being underpowered, overpriced, and inefficient. As lithium-ion battery technology advances year after year, battery-powered blowers have only become better and last longer.


Battery quality is the most important factor between Ryobi vs GreenWorks snow blower. Having an electric tool is a good investment if it’s capable of getting the task done. That reassurance may always be provided by Greenworks. In addition, the batteries in these devices last far longer.

Ryobi, on the other hand, has a lot to offer. Ryobi can cover your needs if you just do little chores. They’re cheaper and have more tools.

Choosing an outdoor tool brand should fit your needs. Determine what’s essential in your business, and the answer will come to you.