Reasons Your DuroMax Generator Clogs When Pushing Heavy Loads

When your generator has trouble starting, you can’t use it to power the appliances you rely on.

When the carburetor is dirty, the fuel filter is blocked, the air filter is clogged, the throttle is jammed, or the spark arrestor is clogged, a DuroMax generator will bog down and run roughly under load.

When dealing with your generator, always sure to exercise caution. After the engine has cooled, the spark plug wire can be removed.

DuroMax Generator

Before diagnosing, repairing, or operating, be sure you’ve read and understood all of the safety recommendations in the equipment’s operator’s manual.If you don’t feel confident in your ability to conduct the repair safely on your own, it’s best to call in an expert.

Six Causes of DuroMax Generator Sluggishness When Working Hard

1. The DuroMax Generator Is Being Overworked

Each DuroMax power plant is unique. The generator capacity varies widely across models.

An overloaded generator will sputter and eventually stop producing power.

In addition to slowing down the engine, overloading the generator’s capacity can damage both the machine and the devices it’s trying to power.

If your generator is making strange noises, first make sure it can handle the load by verifying the wattage needs of the devices you are powering with it.

You can’t push the generator above its load limit if the total wattage of everything you’re trying to power at once is too high.

Determine the watts by using these guidelines:

  • Most electrical equipment will have a label with the wattage listed on it.
  • It takes more power to get some motors going. The required wattage in this scenario should be determined by using the initial wattage.
  • A generator’s beginning wattage is the maximum amount of power it can provide for a short period of time, such as when an appliance is turned on.
  • To get a total, add up the wattage of everything that will be hooked into the generator all at once.
    The combined power consumption can’t exceed the generator’s wattage rating.

Keep the generator’s load below its rated capacity. If the machine becomes stuck, turn off the generator immediately.

Take everything out of the ports. To avoid overloading the generator, it is recommended that you restart it between additions.

2. The DuroMax Generator’s Unclean Carburetor

The generator will slow to a halt if the carburetor is unable to control the amount of fuel being mixed with air for burning.

Old fuel is a common cause of carburetor failure. The varnish that builds up in gasoline systems over time is a serious problem.

The engine will “run lean” if not given enough fuel. To restore functionality, a clogged carburetor requires removal for cleaning or rebuilding.

Taking pictures while you disassemble the carburetor for cleaning can help ensure that all of the little parts go back where they belong once you’ve finished.

Take the generator’s carburetor off. Use a carburetor cleaner to get rid of as much gunk as possible. A carburetor rebuild kit can be used to replace any worn or broken components.

Carburetor installation follows cleaning and fixing.

Instead of taking apart your carburetor and cleaning and rebuilding it yourself, you can buy a new one instead if working with tiny parts is not your thing. If cleaning the carburetor does not restore its functionality, you may need to replace it.

3. Trouble with a DuroMax Power Equipment Fuel Filter

A DuroMax generator’s fuel filter prevents debris from entering the fuel system and damaging the engine.

An inline filter could be installed in the gasoline supply lines. The fuel filter is probably located at the bottom of the fuel tank or concealed within another fuel component if you can’t see it.

Get in touch with a DuroMax service facility if you have questions about the presence or location of a gasoline filter. It’s possible that you’ll need the help of a professional to get to the filter.

4. A DuroMax Power Equipment Air Filter Clogged With Dust

Your generator cannot function without the air filter. It filters the air entering the engine so that only clean air enters. In the absence of an air filter, debris floating in the air intake can cause expensive engine damage.

If you operate your generator frequently or in dusty environments, you should replace the air filter more frequently than once a year.

The air filter needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly. Keeping the filter in good working order and free of dirt and debris requires frequent inspections between filter changes.

Filters can become so clogged with dirt that air can’t get to the engine if they aren’t cleaned and replaced periodically. The engine may stall, overheat, and sustain severe damage as a result.

It is important to clean or change the air filter before each use. When cleaning your DuroMax, make sure to use the methods recommended in the user handbook.

Here are some notes about maintaining a foam air filter. If your generator has a filter of a different type, check the manual for instructions.

Purge the FOAM from the air filter of a DuroMax generator

  • Take the filter out of its housing.
  • Remove any remaining dust and grime from the air filter housing and replace the cover. Keep the air filter clean and make sure no dust gets in.
  • Check for wear and tear on the foam filter, and replace if necessary.
  • Cleaning the filter with soapy water and rinsing it until the water runs clear will determine its condition.
  • To dry the filter, simply squeeze it.
  • Cover the filter entirely with clean motor oil. Then, drain any extra oil from the engine by squeezing the filter. You can also use a paper towel to soak off the oil.
  • Put the air filter in place.
  • The air filter cover must be reattached.

5. DuroMax Generator Choke Refused to Release

When the throttle isn’t readjusted once the engine heats up to let enough air get to the engine, the generator can stall for lack of ventilation.

To start a cold engine, you can use the generator’s choke lever or choke knob to reduce air flow to the engine.

If the choke is not released once the engine has warmed up, the engine may stall due to a lack of air.

After making sure the air filter is clean and the choke is set correctly, if there is still a lack of airflow, the problem may lie with a stuck choke plate. Carburetor cleaning can be used to loosen the plate so it opens and closes with the turn of a knob or the movement of a lever.

6. DuroMax Generator with a Blocked Spark Arrestor

A DuroMax generator’s muffler will not release sparks or other high-temperature byproducts without the spark arrestor screen being properly mounted. This will lessen the likelihood of fires and burn casualties.

The generator will experience erratic operation and may even shut down if the carbon buildup on this metal screen prevents the hot exhaust air from escaping the engine.

Wait until the muffler has cooled down before attempting to remove the spark arrestor for cleaning. Take out the spark arrestor screen and have a look at it.

If the screen has any holes or tears, you should get a new one.

Clean the screen with a commercial solvent or brush it lightly with a small metal brush to remove soot deposits if it seems to be in good shape. After cleaning, replace the screen on the muffler.