Lawn Mower Deck Too Low: How to Increase the Height?

Why is your lawn mower deck too low? When the deck is not set correctly, the lawnmower deck becomes too low for some people. Nevertheless, several other reasons make the deck comparatively more inadequate than it should be.

The deck size of a lawnmower is different from brand to brand. For which the adjustments of the decks are not similar to each other. Today we will also discuss the ways to adjust different brands mower deck. Stay tuned.

Lawn Mower Deck Too Low: How to Adjust the Height?

riding mower deck not high enough.

Various components in a mower form a condition that helps create the best-looking lawn. However, the parts must be better positioned to keep the property functional. As it’s a vehicle, there will be some problems eventually. Among the issues, there is a common problem lots of people face. It’s when the deck becomes too low.

The lawn becomes quite challenging to navigate when the deck is lower than usual. While mowing, you will notice that it’s leaving an uneven result. The grass looks patchy and scraggly. Furthermore, dead grasses get cut so that it looks terrible. Sometimes you will even notice that some clump of grasses remains even after you mow it.

While mowing on a steeper region, the lower deck may cause the blades to hit the ground. For this, the edges will get damaged severely. If you are unlucky, you might even fall off your lawn due to the impact. Hence, you can see that the lower deck can be pretty harmful to your garden, mower, and even yourself.

The mower height should be 3.5 inches above the grass to get a perfect cutting result.

Yet, it’s not the same case for all the mowers. But we will discuss how to increase the height of different mowers. So, check it out iif your riding mower deck not high enough.

Craftsman 42 Mower Deck Height Adjustment

The craftsman mower is renowned for being reliable and user-friendly. It’s also the same case for mowerdeck height adjustment. There are two ways to raise the mower deck. The easiest way is by using the lever in the mower. Craftsman 42 is an excellent quality mower. But if the deck becomes too low, it may leave an unpleasant result. Adjusting the mower deck will take some time, but it’s worth it.

Firstly, park your mower and turn off the engine. Afterward, disengage the clutch attachment switch. Put the lever of the gearshift to neutral. Inspect your mower, and you will come across a height lever. Use that to adjust the height to your desire.

If you see that your lever isn’t enough, try using the adjustment nuts. Don’t forget to loosen the “lock” of the nut with the lever. Otherwise, you cannot use it. So, the ‘craftsman riding mower deck too low’ won’t be an issue anymore.

John Deere Mower Deck Height Adjustment

In the case of John Deere mower, there are two types of height adjustment settings. So, these riding lawn mower height settings make it easier for people to create their custom deck height. The first one is the easiest. You can adjust in just one single step. On the other hand, you have to manually raise the deck to a higher position. 

On an even surface, park the john deere mower. Make sure gear is in the neutral. You have to search for the lift handle. It’s located on the far-most left of the fender deck. Immediately after, pull the handle and raise the height to the correct position.

However, remember to slide the yellow tab. It will help you to remind for the next mowing session. Your riding lawn mower deck too low issue won’t bother you anymore if you are done.

Troy Bilt Lawn Mower Height Adjustment

The Troy Bilt lawnmower has a dedicated lever for adjusting the height. You can see the ‘troy bilt lawn mower change height’ label on the level. The process is comparatively more manageable in this lawnmower as the process is straightforward.

At first, you have to sit on the operator’s seat. Locate the attachment lift on the left side of the fender mower. Then you must raise the lever to lift the cutting deck.

Find the knob for adjusting the height. You can find it on top of the control panel under your seat. Press the plus button to increase height. If you want to decrease the height, press the negative sign button. After you are done, move the belly attachment until the deck is set above ground.

Following the process above can help you set the proper height. Remember that if you know the procedure for this mower, you can do the same in MTD mowers. So, if you see the mtd mower deck too low, follow the process above.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you make mower deck higher?

To make your mower deck higher, find the dedicated lever in the mower, after seeing the lever pull that and raise the deck to the correct position.

Should my mower deck touch the ground?

No, your mower deck should not touch the ground because it will affect your lawn negatively. The grass won’t be cut properly. There will be scrapes of grass left, making your yard look bad.

Should a mower deck be lower in front?

It should have a proper height distance. The too-lower deck can result in negative results while mowing your lawn. Thus, the mower deck should not be too lower in the front.

How do you adjust the deck height on a walk-behind mower?

Usually, there is a lever on walk-behind mowers. Just pull the lever and adjust the height by seeing the mower’s deck. It’s pretty easy to adjust the height.

Can you adjust the height of a fixed deck mower?

Yes, you can adjust the height of a fixed deck mower. Well, the process can be a bit challenging. But overall, you can adjust the size with specific limitations.


When you find your lawn mower deck too low, it cannot cut the grass on your lawn correctly. It will leave such a result that your garden will look unpleasant. So it’s better to increase the height of your lawnmower as soon as you notice it’s low. Furthermore, if the deck is lower, it can significantly damage the blades if you use it on uneven terrain.

We explained above how you could increase the height of the deck. Remember that the process might differ depending on the mower brand you use. So if your lawnmower deck too low, then check above.