John Deere S240 Vs X350: Which Lawn Mower Is Best?

The John Deere S240 and X350 are two excellent choices for homeowners looking for a lawn tractor. If you get a mower that lives up to its reputation for reliability and efficiency, cutting the grass will be as easy as taking a stroll. Mismatching your lawn with a ride-on mower can have disastrous results, as there are many factors to consider, including storage, maintenance, comfort, and cut quality. If you want to get the most use out of your money, you need to make smart choices.

While the S240 is designed for standard yard work, the X350 excels at more demanding domestic tasks. Your yard’s needs will dictate which model is best for you.

In this post, we’ll look at the differences between the S240 and the X350 so you can make an informed decision. Who’s in?

How to Choose Between the John Deere X350 and the S240?

When comparing the John Deere A series and X series, the X series is more powerful and has more features. Heavy-duty tasks, such as hauling and snow removal, are no match for them. If you have a big yard and a lot of work to do, the X series is the way to go. However, the X350 is the better of the two rivals because it was designed to perform under more demanding conditions than the S240.

Here, however, your specific need will serve as the benchmark to compare other models. Having a mower that suits your yard perfectly isn’t a priority when you’re out there cutting grass, but efficiency is vital.

s240 vs x350

Comparison of the S240 and X350 Lawn Tractors: 8 Distinct Features

The variety of options will let you determine which features are most important for your lawn tractor. If you want to make a big profit off of your purchase, prioritize meeting your needs over pleasing your eyes.

18.5 HP22 HP
K46 hydrostatic transmissionK58 hydrostatic transmission
Can go as fast forward (up to 8.9 km/h) as 3.2 km/h (backwards), and vice versa.Reaches top speeds of 7.5 mph (12 km/h) forward and 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h) in reverse.
42-inch cutting deck48-inch cutting deck
3.3-gallon fuel tank2.7-gallon fuel tank
Tires are 15×6-6 inches at the front and 20×10-8 inches at the rearTires are 16×6.5-8 inches at the front and 22×9.5-12 inches at the rear
Lacks amenities such as armrests and a speed limiter. Typical controls and flooring are present.Includes a luxury steering wheel, armrests, and cruise control. features a bigger foot mat, too
Costs $2,600 – $3,000Costs $3,500 – $4,000

Drive and Propulsion

The effectiveness of your lawn tractor depends in large part on the quality of its engine. The S240 has a V-twin engine that produces 18.5 horsepower, while the X350 gets its power from a V-twin engine that produces 22 horsepower. The X350 is unquestionably superior to the S240 in terms of ease of use and rate of completion.


The S240 and X350 have drastically different transmission setups. The S240 utilizes the K46 hydrostatic to transmission system, which transmits less torque than the K58 found in the X350. K58 transmissions are constructed to last longer and give greater power to propel the machine through demanding circumstances, which may include your usual mowing.


To complete the job on time, swiftness is essential. The more quickly you can mow, the more productive and relaxing the experience will be. The top speeds for the forward and reverse directions of the S240 are 5.5 mph (8.9 km/h) and 3.2 mph (5.1 km/h), respectively. The X350 can travel as fast as 7.5 mph (12 km/h) forward and 3.5 mph (5.6 km/h) backward.

The X350 may be more alluring because to its increased speed, but keep in mind that if you’re interested in mulching, cutting the grass too quickly may result in an uneven cut.

The Cutter’s Deck

The cutting decks are another key feature that sets the S240 apart from the X350. The cutting deck on the X350 is 48 inches in diameter, while the S240’s is 42 inches. The larger deck is what you need if you want to save time and energy while still covering a lot of ground. Keep in mind that trimming tight corners can be difficult with larger cutting decks, but that they are ideal for mowing grass. Using the bugger-sized deck, you’d have to follow the stragglers left at tight angles to get a clean cut.

Capacity of the Gas Tank

Mowing vast areas in one go is much easier with a machine that has a huge fuel tank. You wouldn’t have to stop as frequently to refuel. If you don’t frequently go at top speed or pull hefty items, the X350’s 3.3-gallon fuel tank should last you quite some time. The S240, on the other hand, has an excellent 2.4-gallon fuel tank considering its size.

Stability and Grip

When it comes to grip, the X350 once again reigns supreme thanks to its bigger tires, optional all-wheel drive, and all-wheel steering system. The X350’s front tires are 16 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall, while the rear tires are 22 inches wide by 9.5 inches tall. The S240, meanwhile, has front and rear tires of 15 by 6 by 6 inches and 20 by 10 by 8 inches, respectively. Larger tires provide more surface area, which is useful for traveling over uneven or slick ground.

Ease of Use

The John Deere X350, once again, offers superior comfort to the S240. Armrests, a nicer and more functional steering wheel, a cup holder, cruise control, and extra-large floor mats are just some of the luxuries that come standard in the X350. However, we also have the S240, which is fine for short trips but lacks any convenience features such as armrests, drink holders, or cruise control.

If you want, you can get some armrests for your S240 and have them installed. If you have a tender back, you can even switch to a suspension seat that will make mowing much more bearable.


John Deere S240s can be purchased for as little as $2,600 and as much as $3,000. X350s can be purchased for as little as $3,500 and as much as $4,000. Make sure you ask your dealer how much extras will cost before you take the deal home in your luggage.

Guide to Choosing Between the John Deere S240 and X350

After you’ve established the distinctions between the two models, you may use your specifications to determine which lawn tractor better meets your needs.

What Size Is Your Yard?

Which one you pick depends on the layout of your yard. The X350 is the best ride-on mower for lawns larger than 2 acres, while the S240 is the best choice for lawns smaller than 2 acres. The size of your yard is just one factor to consider when making this determination.

How Detailed Is Your Yard?

The X350’s stronger transmission and higher traction are especially useful if your yard has inclines, declines, and ditches. However, the S240 is a compact lawn mower that can maneuver easily past the obstacles found in a small yard. Get the X350 if your yard is big and full of interesting features. The S240 is also suitable for use in smaller yards with features or obstacles.

Do You Want a Certain Job?

Think about additional jobs like hauling, tiling, or turning the soil. That’s what the X350 was designed to do. This type is versatile enough to be used year-round, from snow plowing in the winter to hauling leaves in the fall. Make sure you purchase a snow plow that will last and won’t damage the transmission of the vehicle.

The S240 is capable of performing a number of duties, including light towing and transport. Ideal for a tiny garden where maintenance is minimal.

How Comfortable Do You Wish To Feel?

The X350 is the ideal lawn tractor for you if you care about leaving your lumber area in one piece after you get off work. For those with delicate backs or who are elderly, the S260 is an improvement over the S240 thanks to its armrest and more cushions. But even on the John Deere X350, I can’t promise a good time.

Suspension seats, which are designed to dampen vibrations and absorb impact, provide the smoothest ride possible. If the S240 had a suspension seat, it would be much more pleasant than the monster X350.

What’s Your Budget?

If you stick to your spending plan, you’ll have some wiggle room for things like repairs and optional accessories for your new lawn tractor. I’ve included a price range for each lawn tractor above so you can make an informed purchase.

If you were thinking about getting the X350 but have since realized the S240 is sufficient, that’s fantastic! You may now afford a towing cart or a fine set of armrests in addition to the other essentials. If your finances are tight, it may be best to consult a dealer for further guidance. Maybe you’ll get lucky with a used item you buy.

Common Concerns Regarding the S240 and x350

When do John Deere X350 and S240 get their respective warranties?

A 2-year/120-hour limited parts and labor warranty is included with the purchase of either the S240 or X350. Keep in mind that the warranty terms could change according on where you live.

Where can I look up a trusted dealer near me?

The John Deere website features a “dealer locator” function that can put you in touch with a local authorized retailer. Don’t forget to factor in the distance you’ll need to get your preferred lawn tractor to your storage shed.

Can I use the X350 for commercial work?

Although outstanding, the X350 is not designed for intensive use. Using this model for commercial mowing will significantly reduce its useful life.