Choosing the Best Lawn Mower: John Deere S220 vs S240?

Choosing the right lawn tractor for your yard is more difficult than it sounds. Some shoppers attend the fair armed solely with a spending cap, which is useful but never optimal. There are several factors to think about while deciding on “the” best riding mower for you and your property, including the slope of your land, the roughness of the terrain, the number of hours you want to put in, the variety of activities you plan to perform, and your own tastes. Once you’ve considered all of your options and made an informed decision based on the information provided in this article, you’ll be well-positioned to reap the long-term benefits of your decision.

Lawn tractors made by John Deere are so well-made that they often become treasured family heirlooms. That gain, if it materializes at all, will depend on your matching the chosen model with the optimal mowing conditions. So that you can make the best decision, it’s crucial that you have a thorough familiarity with the features offered by each model.

The S240 is an improvement over the S220 in most respects. It has a more robust transmission, a more reliable engine, a larger range of available deck sizes, and a more aesthetically beautiful design. On the other hand, there are situations where the superior model is not the best option.

This article will help you choose the best lawn tractor for your needs by comparing the S220 and S240, highlighting key differences between the two, and discussing how those differences relate to your mowing routine. Get down to business, shall we?

s240 vs s2207 glaring distinctions between the S220 and S240.

Making a decent, seemingly difficult choice between two models of lawn tractor requires grappling with the distinctions between them.

Makes of Engines

There will always be fans and detractors of various riding mower motor brands. The S220 comes with a Briggs & Stratton engine, while the S240 is powered by a Kawasaki. To put it bluntly, Kawasaki engines perform better than B&S ones. They generate less heat, disperse more electricity, endure longer, and make less noise and vibration than conventional alternatives.

Despite all of these advantages, you can be sure that some people will say that the B&S engines are superior since they are less expensive and require less care.

Believe me when I say that the S240 is more powerful thanks to its superior engine brand compared to that of the S220.


The S220 has 22 horsepower, whereas the S240 only has 21.5. The extra half a horse power helps in a few situations, including when dragging carts and when mowing tough grass. Although the 22hp Briggs & Stratton engine is up to the task of tackling heavy yard work, doing so on a regular basis will shorten the life of the motor.

But if you’re planning on upgrading your mower every few years, the S220 is a great buy that will give you plenty of use out of its many features. However, if you want to get the most use out of your lawn tractor, the S240, despite having fewer horsepower at 21.5, is the superior choice.

Means of Sending

The S220 has a TLT-2000 transmission, which is also found in the younger S100 series, but the S240 has a K46 hydraulic transaxle system, which is far more robust. The S240 is the superior model for driving on hilly and ditch-filled terrain, despite the fact that its speed and slope angle limits are identical. They’re ideal for pulling carts and distributing energy throughout the facility.

I’d like to give some examples of when the S220 transmission might shine, but because they borrow wholesale from the transmission design of the S100 series (which is also cheaper), I’ll refrain.

Size Variation in Decks

The S240 also offers a welcome difference in that you may pick between two different deck sizes. The S220 lawn tractor is only available with a 42-inch cutting deck, however the S240 comes with the option of either a 42- or 48-inch cutting deck. This gives you the flexibility to choose between a more manageable, smaller deck size or a more robust, standard-sized model, depending on your needs and available space. It’s another victory for the S240.

The Emissions and Fuel Levels Can Be Read

The gasoline gauge of the S240 is conveniently located on the dashboard, earning it many fans in comparison to the S220’s location beside the seat, where it frequently becomes dusty and dirty and requires the driver to wipe it off before it can be read. It may not seem like much of a change, but if you want your lawn tractor to survive for years, even the smallest amount of convenience will make a big difference.

Tractor Seats

The curvature of the seat on the S240 is slightly different from that on the S220. Both have 15-inch-high backs, but the S240 is built to be steadier and less susceptible to vibration than its S220 counterpart. In addition, the gasoline tank of the machine may be accessed with ease because to the open back design. Seat comfort is comparable between the two types; if your yard is smooth, you won’t feel a thing, but if it’s bumpy, you might as well strap yourself to the floor.

Suspension seats are the only defense against yard bumps and chronic back pain; they provide unparalleled back and spine support and effectively disperse deadly shock waves.

Cost Notations

Prices for the S220 range from $3,000 to $3,500 at various retailers, while those for the S240 range from $3,600 to $4,000 at various retailers and with a variety of deck sizes.

s240 vs s220The S220 and S240 Share 5 Important Characteristics

Though distinct, there is little to differentiate the two models visually or in terms of their basic features.

The Velocity

Both types of lawn tractors have a normal speed of 5.5 mph forward and 3.2 mph reverse, which greatly enhances their efficiency when cutting grass. There will be no stragglers or turf damage since the machines run at a speed that gives the cutting decks enough time on a given area to correctly slice the grass and spread the clippings. It’s not a race to see who can finish the lawn first. Timed mowing performance is key.

Size of Tires and Grip

Both varieties of lawn tractors have tires measuring 15 by 6 by 6 inches up front and 20 by 10 by 8 inches in the back, giving them a respectable amount of grip on the ground. When it comes to your personal protection, remember that “fair” is not good enough. I would caution you to take extra care when navigating hills, and to never try to ascend any plain with a slant of more than 13 degrees. As an additional safety measure, mow in an up-and-down motion rather than a side-to-side one.

To make dealing with hills and sloped terrain easier and safer, you can adjust the tire pressure of your mower to suit your yard and improve traction.

Capacity of the Gas Tank

Both models share the same 2.4-gallon fuel capacity. The S240’s fuel efficiency is about a gallon per hour, giving you about two and a half hours of driving time on a single tank of gas. The S220’s engine has reduced fuel consumption, allowing for a maximum operating time of three hours per tank.

Method of Providing Temporary Employment

The blades’ on/off operation is managed by the lawn tractor’s PTO system, which may use a variety of methods depending on the model. In contrast to the manual levers found on the cheaper series, the S220 and S240 make use of an electric pop-up button method. This approach is more user-friendly, practical, and aesthetically beautiful.


The S220 and S240 both have the same 3-year/300-hour guarantee on parts and labor.


How much longer does the S240 plan to last than the S220?

Depending on how well you take care of them, both lawn tractors can last for up to nine years. It’s important to remember that the machines were designed to do distinct types of work, so pitting the two models against one another would be a bit of a mismatch. If you discount fairness and subject both mowers to the same amount of work, the S240 will last longer.

Is Towing Capable on the John Deere S220 and S240?

As long as you don’t go above the towing capability, which is about 500 lbs. for both the S220 and the S240, you should have no problems hauling trailers or other heavy equipment. Each variety may pull a wide variety of cool toys. Find out what your lawn tractor can tow and how much it can haul by clicking here.

Can Snow Be Properly Removed With The S220 Or S240?

Both models have sufficient power to efficiently plow snow up to 500 pounds. When done properly, clearing snow with a lawn tractor can be a lot of fun.

Is Adequate Mulching Possible with the S220 and S240?

The Accel Deep deck included with both models makes mulching a breeze. The grass cuttings may be adequately eaten and distributed thanks to the ample airflow provided by the decks. The efficiency with which the machines mulch would wow you.

Decision Made

The S220 or S240 is the better buy if you want a mower that will do a decent job of cutting your lawn for a reasonable price. The S220 is adequate if your land is flat and level and measures around an acre and a half in size.

However, the S240 is the better option if your yard is larger than 2 acres or if it has a number of obstacles. When matched with the appropriate tasks, each model will shine. Sending you the best of luck!

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