John Deere E100 Vs E130: What Kind of Lawnmower Do You Have and Why?

John Deere
John Deere

What distinguishes the John Deere E100 from the E130? The transmission mechanism & oil filter are the main differences. The E100 has an automatic transmission but no oil filter, while the E130 has a hydrostatic transmission. The engine, storage, & other cutting abilities are also slightly different.

Both types of lawnmowers are ideal for both smooth and rocky, uneven terrain. Your requirement and interest will determine whether you choose a John Deere E100 or E130.

You will have a clear and well-honed concept of which option to select once you have checked the amount of depth in the comparisons.

So let’s investigate the John Deere E100 and E130 battleground.

Contrasting Table for John Deere E100 Vs E130

John Deere E100John Deere E130
17.5 HP22HP
AutoTwo Pedal Hydrostatic
Oil filter
NoYes, and it includes a choice of cover.

John Deere E130 Lawn Mower: Powerful Engine for Smoother Operation

John Deere

John Deere E130
John Deere E130

Why Pick the John Deere E130?

The Briggs & Stratton engine powering the John Deere E130 Lawn Mower guarantees a smoother ride and more stable handling. For both flat and irregular terrains, the specific edge-cutting method with a two-bladed cutting deck is appropriate. It may also extend over an acre. The quality of this lawnmower ensures that you will be comfortable using it.

Let’s examine the John Deere E130’s detailed capabilities and adaptability.

Cruise Control

Cruise control is the upgraded feature on this model from John Deere lawnmower. In various ways, it promotes smooth and comfortable labor. On the contrary, cruise control is absent from the John Deere lawnmower type E100.

The mower’s engine speed can be sustained for a while with the aid of this autopilot. Your foot doesn’t even need to be on the mower wheel for it to work. Additionally, handling it is easier. While adjusting and maintaining control of the cruise lever, you must release your foot from the pedal. As a result, the voyage will begin. By using the brakes in an emergency, this cruise control immediately disengages.

Foot Pedal in Side by Side

On the John Deere E130, there are two foot pedals. Gaining control of speed fast is beneficial. You may also tightly regulate the direction of movement.

So it guarantees top-notch security. You may mow your lawn exactly as you want using your mower and do so with great ease.

The Seat’s Adjustability

The John Deere E130 model’s adjustable seat is one of its appealing features. It is in charge of the exceptional comfort experienced while mowing the lawn.

The seat is simple to shift around and modify. With a 15-inch back height, there is enough room for the operator’s rear to be as comfortable as possible.

With 5.5 inches of separation, you can alter the seat reward and forward motion. It stinks. Additionally, you may adjust the Seat in ten different positions to get the optimum comfort and ease when sitting.

The mower will wobble and your back will hurt when you are riding on unlevel ground. The two long springs on the E130 mower are a result of this phenomenon. On bumpy and uneven routes, it ensures a comfortable ride.

Touching various elements can be dangerous. The Seat is simple to tilt, protecting you from the weather and providing rapid access to the fuel tank when needed.

Therefore, the extra support provided by the seat adjustment adds to the comfort.

Cutting-Edge System

The John Deere E130 verifies the flawless deck design and the smooth cut. The specific Edge cutting system is included with the certainty. The highest level of dependability, comfort, and performance are all guaranteed by this feature.

Two sharp, durable blades are prepared on the 42-inch standard cutting deck. Steel measuring 13 gauge is used to make these blades. As a result, you can be confident that it will provide exceptional reliability and support for a longer time.

The mower deck from John Deere has a rolled lip form, while the other edges are rolled out for maximum strength and security. Grass clippings that could accumulate on the engine components are prevented by the mower’s bottom-up design of the flooring. The mulch cover is an optional item that is included with the E130 mower and makes mulching simple.

However, the sturdy, steel-made blades are mounted in a special mounting system that provides additional protection. You may easily switch the type of mowing. It may be rapidly switched from mulching to bagging at the back or side discharge. The deck’s durability is ensured by the rust-protection coating. Powder paint and dual-stage E-coat are applied to the whole deck.

System for a 30-second oil change

The quick and convenient mechanism for changing the oil on the E130 John Deere mower is another feature of this model. Given that the filtering procedure only requires 30 seconds, you can dot it in one to two minutes. It takes little time to take the old oil filter out and replace it.

The fact that you do not have to empty and change the engine is the most advantageous aspect of this oil change system. The filter, which is full of impurities from the old oil, needs to be changed. That explains why it gets so simple and quick.

E100 and E130 John Deere differ because to this characteristic. Since the E100 lacks an oil filter, the task is laborious and time-consuming.


The oil filter, side-by-side foot pedals, and the advanced cruise control are what set the John Deere E130 or E100 apart. Even though E100 boasts high-end features, E130 offers the best options for comfort and support.

John Deere 100 Lawn Mower – Bendix Engine with Auto Transaxle, Runner Up

John Deere

John Deere E100
John Deere E100

Why Pick John Deere E100?

The John Deere E100 guarantees an excellent style cut to give your grass a nice, beautiful appearance. The deck design of this mower helps lifting grass with an outstanding cut and a 17.5 HP powered engine. It operates with enhanced lever rises and lowers for the deck lift that simplify the process. The front blade and snow blower snow removal features are an added bonus.

Let’s examine the John Deere E100’s specific characteristics in more detail.

Automatic Shifting

The best feature for providing control over movement and speed is an automatic transmission. It can be necessary to increase the speed for open-land mowing while decreasing the pace for trimming. It is a straightforward and easy task.

This mower also chooses the desired forward travel speed by depressing the accelerator, just like an automobile does. Simply depressing the single foot pedal system causes it to reverse.

Comfortable Servicability

The mower’s one-piece, easily-opened hood on the E100 model makes maintenance it possible. Additionally, the key service locations are placed near together for simple access and operation. The tractor bonnet has a service interval decal inside that makes servicing the tractor the most convenient. Every two hours, the hour-meter will remind you to perform maintenance.

The engine fuel, oil check, oil fill tube, and oil drain tube automatically become accessible at the correct moment for serviceability. Even the Seat may be adjusted to tilt in the proper direction so you have room to add gasoline. These elements make it incredibly simple to provide timely assistance and simple access.

Cargo Mount System for Attachment Installation

The process of installing attachments is simple because the serviceability is on schedule. This convenience is due to the cargo mount method. It permits front and back mounting positions that allow for the dependable installation of required extensions, such as a sun cover, a rear bagger, etc.

Iron Front Axle in Cast

Due to the cast iron used in its manufacturing, the lawnmower’s front axle is solid and durable. It won’t easily bend. The design includes a steering mechanism that is similar to that seen in automobiles, featuring a single drag link and pinion steering gears.

This layout ensures that rotations and movements are firm and precise. Since the center pivot and steering spindles have three grease fittings installed for routine lubrication, it is easy to transfer the vehicle. Extra durability is guaranteed by the wheel spindles’ wider diameter range.

Station Operation

The operator station is designed with the operator in mind. You can move swiftly and simply obtain the necessary tools. The position of the steering wheel might provide the driver with enough of room for comfortable steering. The operator can adjust how much the Seat is tilted forward to provide the right amount of weather protection. The gasoline tank is accessible to the operators as well.


Choose the John Deere E100 over the E130 if you want a machine with innovative serviceability, simple installation, and a dependable operating system. You can purchase the John Deere E100 within your permitted spending range because the price range for the E100 is substantially lower than that of the E130.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which of the 100 series is the greatest, John Deere?

Since the John Deere E-series lawnmowers have not changed, they are fairly inexpensive tractors that guarantee an excellent cut pattern. The E110, E130, E140, and E160 are the most popular models in this John Deere series, according to the consumer assessment.

How durable is a John Deere E100?

It is unquestionably true that companies with names like John Deere offer excellent durability. When properly maintained and cared for, John Deere lawnmowers can operate without any problems for 15 to 20 years. The manufacturers guarantee that they last for ten years.

Who manufactures the John Deere E130 engine?

John Deere typically manufactures its own lawn mower engines. They ask for assistance with some particular, weaker machinery. Then they utilize Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, and Yanmar engines. A Briggs & Stratton engine powers the John Deere E130 tractor.

When operating, how much oil should a John Deere E130 have?

The John Deere E130 only requires 2 quarts of oil and has a 22 HP horsepower. You must replace the oil filter when it’s time for an oil change. The oil does not require changing.

What kind of oil can I use in a John Deere E100?

Engines fueled by gasoline are used in the John Deere E130. Thus, 10W-30 oil is preferred for usage in this lawn mower. Here, the letter “W” verifies that this oil was examined in low air and temperature conditions, guaranteeing its effectiveness and security.

What Lawn Mower Should You Use?

Which of the John Deere E100 and E130 models is best? Simply said, it depends on your goals and financial situation. Most of their characteristics are similar because they are both in the same E-series.

The John Deere E130 is the ideal option if you have extra money to invest on your lawnmower. It is premium because of the cruise control, oil filter, strong engine, unique storage tray, and hydrostatic transaxle.

However, if money is a bit tight, you may go with the John Deere E100. You will receive almost identical feature abilities anda slight variation in engine strength but otherwise same.

If properly maintained, a lawnmower should last at least 20 years. Why not choose the finest one then? You will receive some additional advantages with the John Deere E130, so you ought to buy it.