It is impossible to engage or turn on the Ariens Zero Turn Mower Blades.

Because of a worn or stretched mower deck belt, a belt that has come off the pulleys, a faulty PTO switch, a faulty clutch, a weak battery, a faulty safety switch, or a blown fuse, the Ariens lawn mower blades won’t engage or turn. Other possible causes include a blown fuse, a faulty safety switch, or a worn or stretched fuse.

Never go beneath the deck of the mower unless you have completed all of the safety procedures outlined in the Ariens operator’s handbook. This involves taking the key out of the ignition, pulling the wire(s) from the spark plug(s), and waiting for all of the moving components to become still.

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It Is Not Possible to Start or Engage the Ariens Lawn Mower Blades

Worn Deck Belt on an Ariens Mower

When the mower blades won’t spin, examine the belt that is attached to the mower deck. It’s possible that the belt may wear down over time, rendering it unable to spin the mower blades.

A cracked Ariens deck belt that also shows signs of wear and fraying or has a glossy glazed look is considered to be in poor condition. A deck belt that has seen better days may also sink rather far into the pulley grooves.

It’s time to get a new belt. Even if the belt isn’t the primary cause of your blades not engaging, you still need to replace it whenever it starts showing symptoms of wear.

The speed of the blades is controlled by the belt that grips the pulleys. To generate suction beneath the deck, which is necessary in order to lift the grass and provide an equal cut, a rapid blade speed is needed.

On an Ariens Mower Deck, the Belt Came Off of the Pulleys.

If the belt has been detached from the pulleys, it will no longer be able to rotate the pulleys and so move the mower blades. In addition to a worn belt, check to see if the belt is stretched, if the pulley is broken, if the tensioner arm is worn, or if the spring is missing.

Here you can discover a list of the things that, if present, will result in the Ariens belt continually slipping off the mower deck.

Idler Tensioner Arm and Spring on an Ariens Mower Have Been Worn

A tensioner arm and spring combination may be located about here somewhere, and it is responsible for maintaining the position of the idler pulleys. For the vast majority of mower decks, the pulley will be situated on one side of the bracket, and the spring will be positioned on the other side of the bracket.

With the passage of time, either the hole in the bracket that is used to attach the spring will wear out, or the spring itself may wear out. Both of these scenarios are possible. As a consequence of this, the belt has the potential to get untied and to begin vibrating off of the pulleys.

Pulley with a Worn Bearing that Belongs to Ariens

Each pulley will have its own bearing inside of it. It’s possible for the bearing to wear out, in which case the pulley won’t sit parallel to the mower deck. Because of the worn bearing, movement will be allowed in the pulley, causing it to wobble.

It’s possible that one side of the pulley is positioned higher off the deck than the other side is. The deck belt may get dislodged from the pulley as a result of the additional movement that occurs in the pulley.

When it is determined that a pulley’s bearing is damaged, replace the pulley.

Problem with the PTO Switch on an Ariens Mower

In lawnmowers, the power takeoff switch, which is often referred to as the PTO switch, is typically a knob that is attached to the machine. This knob lets the energy from the battery power the clutch, so make sure it’s turned all the way on. If the switch becomes damaged, the fan will not function properly because the blades will not turn on when the fan is switched on.

Do an inspection of the switch to determine whether or not it has continuity. repairing or replacing a defective switch

Having issues with the Clutch on an Ariens Mower

The Power Take Off (PTO) clutch is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the blades. This is accomplished by engaging the drive belt. When the clutch fails to provide power to the blades, it must be changed because it is either worn out or broken.

Check read the article “A Look into How Lawn Mower Clutches Work” for additional information on the clutches.

Poor Battery Performance on an Ariens Lawn Mower

The power required to operate an electric clutch comes from the vehicle’s battery. When the battery is low, it is unable to provide the clutch solenoid with enough power to engage the mower blades. This occurs when the battery is discharged.

Using a multimeter, carry out an examination of the battery’s voltage. A completely charged battery with a voltage of 12 volts should provide a reading of around 12.7 volts.

When the readout on the battery drops below this threshold, you should charge the battery. In the article titled “Five Things That Are Draining the Life of Your Lawn Mower Batteries,” you will discover a list of frequent factors that contribute to the premature demise of your battery.

Charging an Ariens Battery To charge a battery, you will need to use a battery charger. Put on some protection clothing so that you won’t be burned by the electrical current and shield your eyes. Do this before you proceed. In order to charge the battery of your riding mower or zero-turn mower using a charger, follow these steps:

  • Get access to the battery as well as the terminals. To expose the battery, you may want the assistance of a screwdriver. You may locate the batteries either behind the seat or under the hood of the vehicle. Take care not to take the battery out of its housing.
  • Establish the connection between the battery charger cables, starting with the positive cable. This is the cable that is either red in color or marked with a plus symbol. Connect the cable to the connector on the positive side of the battery.
  • Put the negative end of the cable into the negative terminal on the battery. This is the cable that is either black in color or marked with a negative sign.
  • In order to avoid becoming electrocuted, you should avoid touching anything that does not have a rubber covering.
  • Adjust the voltage and amperage levels on the charger so that they are at the required levels. Batteries for lawn mowers typically have a voltage level of 12 volts, however this might vary. A higher amperage results in a quicker battery charge. Beginning with two amps, gradually increase it to no more than ten amps. The best kind of charge is a gradual one.

In the event that you find that the battery is unable to keep its charge, you will be required to acquire a replacement battery. Batteries that are compatible with lawn mowers that operate on 12 volts are often sold at the same retailers that sell car components and home improvement supplies. Batteries could possibly be obtainable from the dealership in your region that specializes in the sale of lawn mowers.

Bring along the battery that you had been using before this one. If you do not provide the business with your old battery, the vast majority of places will charge you an additional price known as a core fee. Core fees average $20.

An Ariens Mower with a Defective Safety Switch

As part of its operator presence system, an Ariens has a safety switch located in the seat of the operator. The seat switch is attached to the underside of the seat and can detect whether the operator of the mower is sitting in the seat.

The blades of the lawn mower won’t start spinning until the operator is seated in the seat first. This is a safety feature.

If the seat switch is not functioning correctly, the operator may not be sensed in the correct manner. In the event that there is a problem with the seat switch, the safety mechanism will prevent the blades from engaging.

You may use a multimeter to test the seat switch, or you can temporarily bypass the safety switch in order to determine whether or not the switch is faulty. Since using a mower without the safety switch in place puts your safety at risk, you should never use one.

Always ensure that your equipment has functioning safety switches that have been fitted.

The fuse on an Ariens mower has blown.

If you attempt to use the clutch, but there is no power going from the battery to it, it’s conceivable that a fuse has blown and the power has been cut off. At all times, the fuse is required to be used to safeguard the electrical system of the Ariens.

When replacing a blown fuse, you should always replace it with a fuse that has the same capacity. If you continue to have issues with the fuses blowing, I recommend taking your mower to an Ariens service dealership or a lawn mower repair shop so that they can identify the cause of the electrical problem and fix it. If you continue to have issues, the fuses will keep blowing.

Are You Still Struggling with Issues Regarding Your Ariens Lawn Mower?

If you have a lawn mower for a long period of time, you may eventually have problems with it, such as it failing to start, not continuing to run, smoking, leaking gas, providing an uneven cut, vibrating, or another problem.

In an attempt to help you save both time and money, I have developed a guide that will aid you in determining the cause of any problems that may occur with the Ariens lawn mower that you possess and finding a solution to those problems.

It is in your best interest to have a professional carry out the work on your lawn mower if you do not feel sure in your abilities to correctly perform diagnostics and repairs on the device.

You will decrease the likelihood of harming yourself or causing more damage to the mower if you take these precautions. Your local Ariens dealer or a repair firm that specializes in lawn mowers will be able to aid you in locating a solution to the problem you are experiencing and finding a way to fix it.