Hustler Mowers Run On This Fuel (Avoid Fuel Problems)

Using the incorrect gas type is a leading cause of Hustler mower breakdowns. Not only should you use the correct gas, but you should also utilize it as soon as possible after it has been purchased.

Hustler mowers that run on gas require unleaded gasoline with an octane value of 87 or above and no more than 10% ethanol.

Mowers that run on gasoline are the focus of this piece. While gas-powered mowers make up the bulk of Hustler’s sales, the company also offers diesel-powered options. Read the instructions that came with your mower if you have any doubts about what kind it is.

hustle mowerBefore diagnosing, repairing, or operating, be sure you’ve read and understood all of the safety recommendations in the equipment’s operator’s manual.If you are unsure about how to proceed or if you lack the necessary expertise or experience, you should seek the assistance of a professional.

Which Gasoline Is Ideal for Hustler Lawn Mowers?

Hustler has a variety of mowers available, from walk-behinds to zero-turns to stand-ons. The mowers require unleaded fuel because they all have four-stroke engines.

When refueling your Hustler lawn mower, it’s important to remember the following:

  • Never use gas that has been sitting around for a while, and only use fresh gasoline.
  • Keep away from moisture to keep the gas pure.
  • Fuel with an octane number of 87 or higher is recommended.
  • Verify that the ethanol percentage in the gas is no higher than 10%. To a lesser extent, better.

How to Determine Which Gas to Use in Your Hustler Mower

These days, gas stations typically stock a wide variety of fuels. There are many different kinds of gas on the market, and it might be difficult to choose the right one for your lawn mower.

Get Some New Gas for That Hustler Mower!

Fresh unleaded petrol with a low ethanol concentration should be used at all times. You can only use fuel with 10% ethanol or less. After only 30 days, the quality and performance of gas can start to degrade.

Because of this, you shouldn’t stock up on more gas than you can use in a month.

Using a gasoline stabilizer is recommended if you buy more gas than you can utilize in a short time period. I go into more detail about that in the article.

If you use ethanol in your Hustler lawn mower, don’t use too much.

Ethanol, a biofuel derived from plants, is blended with gasoline to reduce pollution. While ethanol is generally safe to use in most cars, it is not recommended for the Hustler’s small engine.

If the percentage of ethanol in your gas tank is higher than 10%, you should switch brands. You should use gas with as little ethanol as possible. Gasoline with greater ethanol percentages is becoming more widely available at the corner gas station.

The E15 and E85 gasoline on the market contain 15% and 85% ethanol, respectively. Never put them in your little motor’s gas tank.

Moisture in the air is drawn to ethanol. In time, this additive will stop mixing with the gas and settle to the bottom of the tank. When this solution breaks up and flows through the mower, it can do serious harm to the engine.

The gummy residue that is left behind by old fuel can corrode and clog fuel system components, slowing down or even stopping the operation of your mower.

Get Premium Gasoline for Your Hustler Mower

While it’s not always ideal to spend more on petrol, if you can afford it, it’s in your best interest to get the highest quality gas possible with the lowest possible ethanol percentage. Fuel that does not include ethanol is another alternative.

Your Hustler lawn mower may run on gasoline with up to 10% ethanol concentration, but it runs best on fuel that contains none of this additive. It doesn’t degrade like ethanol-based fuels, therefore it’s easier on your fuel system.

The price of fuels that do not contain ethanol is higher, especially if you buy them in canisters from your neighborhood hardware shop. Buying gas at a gas station is more cost-effective.

There is a growing number of gas stations that offer fuel without ethanol. Recreation fuel, often known as REC-90, is a common name for this type of gasoline. Visit to locate a gas station that doesn’t mix ethanol with their fuel.

Inject a Fuel Enhancer into Your Hustler Mower

Although ethanol-free fuel is optimal, I continue to use premium unleaded gasoline with a 10% ethanol concentration. Each time I fill up the tank, I add an additive to the gas in case I don’t use it all before it goes bad.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment is my go-to gasoline additive. In addition to being beneficial to the engine, the solution also helps keep my fuel fresh for up to two years by eliminating moisture and cleaning the fuel system.

When storing extra fuel or your lawn mower with fuel during the off-season, use this product in the fuel tank. The benefits of Sea Foam are discussed in greater detail here.