Hustler Mower Doesn’t Get Gas (Troubleshoot)

When you turn the key but the engine doesn’t start, it’s likely because the gas isn’t going to the mower.

When the gas is old, the fuel filter is blocked, the fuel lines are clogged, the fuel pump is broken, the carburetor is dirty, or the fuel cap is broken, your Hustler lawn mower won’t get gas.

Maintain your fuel system in a room with plenty of air flow. Inhaling gas vapors in a closed space might be fatal. Read and fully implement the manual’s safety instructions before using the mower.

Hustler Mower

Causes of No Gas in Your Hustler Lawnmower

Hustler Lawnmower Damage Caused by Old Gas

The inability to start a Hustler lawn mower is often due to old fuel. After only 30 days, it may already be starting to break down and lose some of its effectiveness.

New fuel should be used constantly. Gasoline with an octane value of 87 or higher and no more than 10% ethanol is recommended for Hustler lawn mowers. Don’t fill up with gas that has a high ethanol percentage.

Most gasoline contains ethanol, which causes the fuel system to become clogged with atmospheric moisture. This can lead to varnish buildup that reduces fuel flow and premature corrosion of fuel system components.

If possible, use gas that doesn’t contain any ethanol or has a very low ethanol concentration. To get the most out of the fuel, use it up within 30 days.

If you have more gas than you can use within a month, an additive can help it stay usable for a little longer. If you need help deciding which fuel is best for your Hustler lawn mower, read this page.

Drain the fuel tank of your Hustler lawn mower if you ever discover stale gas in it. What you need is a fuel siphon pump. Get an empty fuel container for the used gas.

Add a fuel additive to your new supply of gas and fill up your tank. For my vehicle’s motor, I turn to Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Sea Foam can be used to clean the fuel system, prevent rust, and stabilize fuel.

Hustler Lawnmower Fuel Filter Clogged

Look for dirt accumulation in the fuel filter part. To filter fuel as it leaves the fuel tank and remove debris and other pollutants, an inline fuel filter is typically fitted between the fuel lines.

At least once a year, swap out your gasoline filter. This grime can accumulate in the filter, blocking it from functioning properly and preventing enough fuel from reaching the engine.

REMEDY: Swap out the gasoline filter if it becomes clogged. The gasoline filter housing, which is made of plastic, should have an arrow on it.

When installing the filter, be sure the arrow points in the direction of fuel flow for the mower. The arrow’s direction should be set such that it points into the carburetor rather than the gasoline tank.

Hustler Lawnmower Fuel Line Clog

Old fuel might leave sticky deposits in the fuel lines, blocking them off.

If the Hustler mower’s fuel line becomes blocked, you must first locate the exact location of the blockage before you can remove it.

The fuel shut-off valve can be found at the fuel tank’s bottom and is used to initiate and terminate fuel delivery. In the absence of a fuel shut-off valve, you can stop the gasoline flow to your Hustler mower by clamping the hoses with hose pinch pliers.

Turn off the fuel and disconnect the fuel line once you locate the piece of the hose that is blocking fuel flow. To remove the obstruction, spray carburetor cleaning into the hose and then blast out the line using compressed air.

If you can’t get the gasoline line clear, the fuel won’t flow properly. Change out the gas line. Fuel lines that are dry and showing indications of cracking should be replaced before they spill.

Hustler Lawnmower Faulty Fuel Pump

If the Hustler mower’s gasoline tank is situated below the carburetor, a plastic or metal fuel pump will be installed.

A vacuum fuel pump uses the vacuum in the engine’s crankcase to generate fuel pressure. This pressure is used to force fuel into the carburetor.

A new gasoline pump should be installed if you see any fractures, corrosion, or leaking.

Troubleshoot the fuel pump to make sure it is functioning properly if you haven’t already noticed any damage or leakage.

Checking fuel flow to the pump’s input port is the first step in ensuring the fuel pump is working properly.

The fuel line must be disconnected from the carburetor and saved. After that, turn on the gas and get the mower going.

A gasoline pump that is functioning properly will provide a continuous or pulsing stream of fuel from the fuel line. A damaged or insufficiently functioning fuel pump should be replaced.

Hustler Lawnmower with a Filthy Carburetor

A carburetor on a Hustler mower controls how much gasoline and air are combined during combustion. The carburetor on your engine is attached to the top or side of the block. Typically, you’ll find it beneath or behind the air filter.

If the Hustler mower’s carburetor is unclean, the fuel jet and other parts may become clogged, preventing fuel from reaching the cylinder.

First, verify that fuel is reaching the carburetor in order to narrow down the cause of the problem. The next step is to spray some carburetor cleaner into the air intake after removing the air filter from the air filter housing.

Try starting the car to make sure it still works. Mowers that start, operate for a while, and then die may need their carburetors disassembled and cleaned.

This is a test to see if the carburetor cleaner will begin working on your mower. If it doesn’t, the issue might not be the fuel.

Carburetor maintenance is the answer. If they are mechanically inclined and don’t mind fiddling with tiny components, most homeowners should be able to do this. If you don’t have the time or expertise to handle it yourself, a lawn mower repair company can help.

This article will advise you on how to clean the carburetor on your Hustler lawn mower.

A Hustler Lawnmower with a Defective Fuel Cap

In order to prevent the gasoline cap from acting as a vacuum and preventing fuel from escaping the fuel tank, the fuel tank must be vented. If the vent in the gasoline cap is blocked, no air can enter the tank.

If your lawnmower is not starting, try removing the fuel cap, turning it on, and letting it run. If everything seems to be functioning OK, let the mower run for a bit after you have replaced the fuel cap.

There may be an issue with the gasoline cap if the engine dies with the cap on but restarts when you take it off.

The solution is to try cleaning your cap, which may allow you to remove it. The gasoline cap may need to be replaced if this fails.