Husqvarna T435 Problems You Can’t Ignore!

Husqvarna T435 Problems

Thinking about buying a Husqvarna T435 for your farming hobby? Then before you spend bucks on it, go through the common Husqvarna T435 problems people usually face. One of the most basic issues is not restarting. A clogged-up carburetor can cause this bummer. When the saw is not drained, a thick-black substance prevents air ventilation.

Hands down, Husqvarna T435 is a wonderful top handle chainsaw for professionals. It’s light-weighted and durable at the same time. But no product is free of defects, right? And, sometimes it is us who mishandle the product leading to multiple troubles.

That’s why we have prepared this guide to help you find the reasons behind the most common issues with the Husqvarna T435 and how you can avoid them.

Husqvarna T435 Problems with Quick Fix

At first, have a quick glance at the overview of the major problems that most users face once in their lifetime.

Chainsaw won’t start or restart  Defective spark plug or clogged carburetorReplace the spark plug, clean the carburetor properly  
Seeing blue smokes from the engineVery high idle speedAdjust the “L” screw
OverheatingUsing the wrong oil  Fill the tank with the right oil mixture

1. Chainsaw Won’t Start Or Restart

Your newly bought Husqvarna T435 is not starting? There can be two reasons behind it.

Probable Reason

Let’s check out the probable reason behind the clogged carburetor and defective spark plug:

Clogged Carburetor

Sometimes when we finish trimming the brunches, we forget to drain the remaining fuel inside the chainsaw. That’s right. Over a period of time, the stored fuel can absorb moisture or start to evaporate. All you are left with is a thick liquid that can’t ignite the engine and clog up the system. The longer you leave the chainsaw in such a condition, the thicker the object becomes.

Defective Husqvarna t435 spark plug

If you have checked the carburetor and it is perfectly okay, the culprit can be a defective Husqvarna t435 spark plug. Check both ends of the plug. You are likely to find physical debris or heavy carbon residue on both ends.

This can prevent the plug from triggering the engine to start combustion in the air or gas chamber. But you will not see anything if the damage is purely technical. It can be a broken electrode that you can only check using a spark plug checker.

Quick Fixes

For the first problem, you have to clean the carburetor thoroughly. Make sure it is free from thick substances and fill it with fresh fuel afterward.

If your problem is the second one, you must replace the spark plug.

2. Blue Smokes from The Engine

Noticing blue smokes emitting from the exhaust? As much as it looks like a problem itself, it is nothing but a sign of another hidden problem. Your job is to find out the underlying reason behind it, and it will be cured automatically.

Probable Reason

Let’s have a look at the probable reason behind seeing blue smokes from the engine:

Very High Idle Speed

Idle speed is the indicator of how much you want the throttle valve to stay open. You will find three screws in your Husqvarna T435: adjustment screw, high-speed, and low-speed screw. If the Idle speed is too high, it can use up more of your fuel.

You should never allow this to happen on your chainsaw. How can you be sure that it is the bad idling speed that is causing heavy smoke?

Along with smokes, you will hear roaring sounds while running the chainsaw, which would become stubborn to handle.

Excess Oil

You might have been using too much oil to fill up the engine. Or the gas you are using has more alcohol than necessary. Too much oil can also cause muffler leakages or strains.

Quick Fixed

If you are sure that it is the high idle speed, you have to adjust it. First, turn the low-speed screw on clockwise. Remember its previous position so you can move it back if the trick doesn’t help. Then, turn it 90 degrees backward or anti-clockwise. Keep doing it until your idle speed is optimum.

Drain the oil tank fully and wipe it afterward. Make it ready for new recommended and properly mixed oil.

3. Overheating Issue

Overheating is something more or less found in every chainsaw model. Chainsaw engines need both ventilation and lubrication to function smoothly. If any of these components lack in amount, it can cause overheating.

But that’s a very generic “cause,” we guess. Sometimes, we blame our longer usage periods for this issue, but that’s not the case. Read further to find what exactly happens when you see the unit too hotter!

Probable Reason

Now, let’s have a look at the probable reason behind issues with overheating:

Using Improper Amount Of Oil

As we mentioned earlier, engines need oil to reduce heat. Otherwise, the inner parts of the combustion chamber would grind too much on each other. Oil as a lubricant reduces this grinding and overheating. If the oil is not adequate in ratio to the fuel, you can face overheating problems.

Plus, the sawdust and debris can plug the exhaust ports. It prevents the air from efficiently moving out and increases the temperature.

Also, if you pick any can of oil from the store, hoping it to work, that’s a silly thing to do.

Quick Fix

The first tip is to open the screens that are attached to catch sparks inside. If you find any sign of build-up residue in the exhaust ports or scree bars or the Husqvarna chain in the brake, soak it in warm water and clean it patiently. Then let it dry before installing again.

However, to save yourself from choosing the wrong oil can, you must read the manual that comes with your Husqvarna T435 parts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Get More Power Out Of My Husqvarna Chainsaw?

You can get more power out of your Husqvarna chainsaw by hogging out an intake and exhaust port. More ports mean more air for the engine. And an engine works exactly like an air pump. The excess compression due to more volume of air will make the chainsaw more powerful than before.

How Can I Make My Husqvarna T435 Run Better?

Sharpen the chain to prevent dull cutting. Sometimes, the chainsaw doesn’t get enough tension because of a too tight or too loose adjustment screw. You should repair the adjustment screws by tightening or loosening them to make them run better.

How to Adjust the Idle Speed on My T435 Husqvarna?

The idle speed for Husqvarna t435 is 2900 rpm. First, you have to find out the idle-speed screw location. Then switch on the low and high-speed screws. Finally, adjust the low-idle screw both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Keep adjusting in this manner until you reach the optimum idle speed you want.


Husqvarna T435 is all set to assist in your farming activities. Whether it is trimming the bushes or cutting tree logs, you get what you paid for. The purpose of this article was to familiarize you with some situations you might encounter in the future after buying it. So, you know exactly what to expect.

Now you know what Husqvarna T435 problems might occur tomorrow and why. It is time to compare your budget and the T435 price. And if it fits in your range, go for it!