How To Start A Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Mower The Easy Way

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Finally, the much-anticipated Cub Cadet zero-turn mower has arrived and to your greatest frustration, you simply couldn’t get the machine to start. Of course, the next thing to do is run to the manual, but a lot of us can agree that although manuals offer well-detailed descriptions, the little things are sometimes omitted, especially the mercy of simplicity. So for a regular consumer like you and I, the protocols written by specialists and experts could appear a little puzzling, and successfully starting the machine might seem to require a ceremony!

In another scenario, let’s say you are a little familiar with mowing machines, but this particular Cub Cadet zero-turn has simply refused to start; there’s every possibility that you follow the guidelines wrongly without knowing. 

To clarify this racket, I have compiled an easy-to-understand guided procedure on how to successfully start your Cub Cadet z-turn so that you can hop on it right away and get the work done. Read on!

Step-By-Step Guide on How To Start Your Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Mower in 8 Simple Points

how to operate cub cadet zero turn mowers
  1. Ensure Your Mower Has Enough Ventilation 

If you find it difficult to start your zero-turn mower, there’s every possibility for the culprit to be a lack of ventilation. You must ensure your machine is in a properly ventilated space or more preferably, out in the open. This action will eliminate any doubt that might occur as you start the machine, offering you a much clearer picture of your situation. 

  1. Sit Comfortably in Your Zero-Turn Mower

Could you have guessed? The seat is a hidden safety feature! Without the user in the seat, the mower simply will not start. It also permits a better perspective and a much clearer understanding of your predicament.

Also, avoid stepping on the deck by all means, even for the higher models with reinforced decks and the sorts. Unless you must step on the deck, always lift your foot a little higher to step on the footplate instead. 

  1. Make Sure The Levers Are in The Safety Position

If you try to start the mowers with the levers on the drive position, that are directly above your thighs, the mower will simply refuse to start. This safety feature is ensured to encourage security for the user so that they don’t accidentally move the machine before it is completely started. 

Now, pull the levers apart from each point so much that it resembles outstretched arms. With the lever extended, and other significant elements engaged, the mower can fully start in no time! 

  1. Put The Throttle Lever on The Choke or Start Position

After the levers of your zero-turn mower are in the safety brake position, locate the throttle lever and put it in the lowest or middle-speed position. The lowest position is best if your zero-turn mower is new, and the middle position is suitable if the mower has a few hours on it. You can always try either way till you find the spot that suits you best. 

  1. Turn The Zero-Turn Mower Ignition Key To Start The Machine

The ignition key is quite distinguishable; it looks like a simple small key in a slot with interactive symbols surrounding it. Twist the key from the stop sign to the start sign which is all the way around to the limit and hold for 5 or 6 seconds. After the mower comes on, you can release your hold and let the key roll backward to the run position which is at the middle of the start and stop symbol.

  1. Press on The Choke Lever For More Juice

If your Cub Cadet groans, creeks, and takes forever to come on, it is possible that the engines have gone cold and would need a bit of warmth from the choke lever. As you twist the ignition key, press on the choke lever till you hear the engine of your zero-turn purr the correct way. After that, you disengage the choke and carry on with your procedures. 

  1. Pull The Throttle Lever To The Run Position

After your mower has successfully come on, you would need to remove the throttle from the start position you put it on previously and place it on the run position which is also referred to as ‘full-throttle.’ This will ensure that your Cub Cadet z-turn mower runs efficiently as you mow.

  1. Put The Steering Levers in The Drive Position 

Once your mower starts, it is only natural to pull the levers towards you from the safety engagement position. Now you can drive smoothly around your lawn. Easy Peasy!

cub cadet zero turn mower won't start

What To Do if Your Cub Cadet ZTR Won’t Start 

If you have followed the guidelines step-by-step and your Cub Cadet has refused to start, this simply means that there’s a problem somewhere. No need to fuss. All you have to do is check these three major places:

  1. Check The Fuel 

Take a peek inside the gas tank to see the state of the fuel. If you have gas that has slept there for over 30 days, forget it. Your zero-turn mower wouldn’t even try to stay on. Asides from that, it could be very damaging to the engine and the fuel tank will be subjected to rust. Also, if you are on an elevated plain, your mower might misbehave as the fuel wouldn’t be properly distributed. I suggest you keep an eye on the gas tank more than you think you should– a lot of sneaky business could occur unaware.

  1. Inspect The Batteries And Connections

Inspecting batteries might be a bit expert-like for some people to accomplish, but if you feel capable enough, all you have to do is check the terminals and plugs for corrosion. If you find any, scrub them out with a toothbrush– works like magic! Also, refer to the manual to know the lifespan of the battery. If they are close to or exceed the mower’s number of hours in use, they might need to be replaced. If this has proven a workload for you, you can reach a dealer to help you check out your battery life. 

  1. Check Your Engine Air Filters

Air filters are closely related to overheating which will simply deteriorate your mower’s engine. Remove the filters regularly and clean them so that your mower’s engine will have enough ventilation to breathe. 

A Fitting Conclusion

The Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers are quite easy to operate and understand. The controls in specific are user-friendly with bold instructive symbols that will guide you to start your zero-turn mower successfully. The problem might be very minuscule but if ignored could lead to pocket-shriveling outcomes. So, it is best to fully understand the steps and guidelines for starting your zero-turn mower, so that in case your mower-starting problem persists, you can be sure it isn’t from your side. I wish you good luck in your Cub Cadet zero-turn expenditure!