Tips on Pushing a Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mower by Hand

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Any machine, including a zero-turn mower, can fail in the most inconvenient of circumstances, such as when the battery dies, the gas runs out, the oil goes bad, or the belt snaps. Then you’ll have to push the z-turn back into the shed or the truck, which is next to impossible given that the Husqvarna z-turn is not designed to be pushed.

If you’ve managed to ditch your Husqvarna zero-turn mower, don’t fret; I’ll show you how to safely push it out of the ditch and back to the shed without damaging it. The time for pushing has come, so let’s not waste any more time.

Why Is My Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mower Not Pushable?

In case you were wondering, no amount of force applied to the tires’ sides would cause them to budge. After all, broken-down automobiles can be pushed, so what gives?

The drive wheels on your Husqvarna z-turn are dependent on the pumping motion of the hydraulic fluid, which is initiated by the motor when you turn the machine on, so pushing won’t get you very far. The mower can’t move because the drive wheels won’t spin unless the engine is running.

Preparing to Manually Push Your Husqvarna ZTR

There are a few things you should keep in mind to prevent accidents that could endanger you, your mower, or bystanders.

Put on Some Tough Gloves 

When working on a machine, it’s important to wear gloves to avoid cutting your hands on the machine’s sharp edges, especially if you need to get into tight spaces.

Put the Tires Apart

It is essential to fasten your zero-turn mower to the ground to prevent it from skidding or moving around while you perform this procedure, especially if you are working on a sloped or uneven surface. Wooden blocks are ideal, but you can also use bricks, branches, or stones as long as the tires are wedged between them. You should use wedges under the front and rear drive tires to keep them from moving.

A ditch is similar in that you’ll need something to roll the tires of your mower onto in order to push it out of the ditch.

Set The Throttle To Go As Slowly As Possible.

Controlling the movement of your Husqvarna zero-turn is simple when the throttle is set to a low speed. This is helpful on uneven surfaces because you will have more control over how quickly the wheels respond to your input. When you consider that zero-turn mowers are very heavy and would be very difficult to control if they wandered off, you can see how crucial this is.

Take the parking brake off.

To prevent accidental movement when turning on your Husqvarna zero-turn mower, always use the parking brake first. Since you need to go against the grain of the system, you’ll have to release the parking brake so that your z-turn can move.

Make the way clear

Make sure there is nothing in the way of the machine’s path as it moves through the area. Sticks, twigs, and stones can all cause your zero-turn mower to lose its balance and cause an accident.

How to Use a Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mower by Hand

1. Turn Off The Engine And Let It Cool

The engine and motors on your Husqvarna z-turn will be extremely hot if you have used it recently. Wait a few minutes for the machine to cool down to prevent burns and unnecessary wear and tear. But if you haven’t taken the mower out in a while, you can move on to the next step.

2. Find the levers that let the transmission go.

Although I’ve referred to it as a lever, the Z200–Z500 will actually have a pin you can pull instead, while the Z700 will have a lever you can switch between. In this way, the parking brake-like control won’t stand out as such. Consult your model-specific owner’s manual for more details.

Your Husqvarna will have transmission release levers above or next to each wheel drive motor on the rear frame; if you don’t have the manual, you may need to get down on your hands and knees to access them.

3. Disconnect The Transmission Next.

Once you’ve located your model’s levers, you’ll want to turn the key so that the top of the hex head is facing up. In the event that a pin is discovered, the pin should be pried outward. This must be done on both sides of the wheel in order to remove the transmission from the wheels.

4. Drive Into Oblivion

Having successfully disconnected the transmission, your Husqvarna can now be directed wherever you want. If you want to keep your z-turn from feeling forced and unnatural, it’s best to focus on pushing forward and not pulling backward.

Pushing Down Hill
Pushing Down Hill

Putting your Husqvarna ZTR on a slope by pushing it

If you have to push your zero-turn mower down a slope, for example, you might need some extra help to make sure you have the right amount of control over your machine and avoid accidents.

Contribute Extra Helping Hands

Having someone else assist you is the safest way to push your Husqvarna zero-turn down a hill. When tackling a slope with the wheels in free drive, it’s nearly impossible to stop the mower from rolling down the hill in the wrong direction, especially if you’re in a frenzied state.

Put on the brake for parking purposes.

If you’re not confident juggling the mower down a slope while pushing your Husqvarna z-turn, the parking brake can help you control the speed of the machine. You or your helper can sit in the z-turn while one of you applies the pushing force and the other operates the parking brake.

Your Husqvarna ZTR’s speed coming off the hill can be controlled by applying and releasing the parking brake.


When you have a Husqvarna zero-turn mower, you can easily move it around with just a little bit of pushing. The most critical part of this process is finding the transmission release levers and using them to disconnect the transmission from the wheels. Having done so, you are free to operate the machine as you see fit. Any time you’re having trouble, the best thing to do is pull out the manual and follow the directions there.

Granted, the manual is probably not going to be as exciting or interesting as you’d like, but it does have handy pictures that you can use as visual aids when explaining how to use the machine. Given the wide variety of subtle and not-so-subtle differences between models, a residential Husqvarna ZTR will not need nearly as many features as a commercial one. I hope everything works out well for you.

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