How to Fix Your Troy-Bilt Mower Battery

Your lawnmower’s battery has been dying every time you want to use it recently. You won’t have to worry about charging the battery before mowing if you can find the underlying reason.

When the battery cables are loose or corroded, the terminals are rusted, the charging system fails, the ignition key is left on, or the battery is defective, the Troy-Bilt lawn mower will not start.

Use extreme care around the batteries and electrical components. Take precautions to safeguard your eyes and skin. Please observe all of the security measures mentioned in the Troy-Bilt handbook.

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The battery on my Troy-Bilt lawn mower keeps dying.

1. The battery cables on my Troy-Bilt lawn mower were slack.

If your Troy-Bilt’s battery keeps dying, examine the cords connecting it to the machine’s batteries and other parts.

Just run the positive (red) connection from the battery to the starter. Then, keep following the cord until you reach the starter. Verify the integrity of each cable connection.

2. Connections on a Troy-Bilt battery for a lawn mower have corroded.

Next, look for corroded connections. A white or greenish material may have formed on corroded connectors. A poor charge and frequent death are symptoms of corrosion, which may also damage your Troy-Bilt battery.

When corrosion is discovered on a part, it must be taken apart and cleaned.

Before proceeding, make sure the battery cable is unplugged:

To break the electrical connection and release the battery, remove the negative cable from the battery.

If you’re trying to remove the battery and you don’t break the circuit, the battery might arc the wrench and generate sparks, which could cause the battery to explode.

This means that any time you are dealing with your battery, you should do so while wearing protective eyewear and clothing. Once the black wire is disconnected, the red, positive cable may be taken out without incident.

Keep in mind that the positive wire is the last one to be disconnected and the first one to be connected.

After disconnecting the wires from the battery, you may remove the remaining cables to inspect them, clean them, or replace them.

A baking soda and water solution may be used to clean cables and connectors.

  • Create a paste by combining 4 cups of water and around 6 teaspoons of baking soda.
  • If you come across any corrosion, apply this paste on it. As the paste cleans the wires, it will begin to bubble.
  • Because of the potential for a mess, you may want to conduct this outside. Remove the baking soda paste by rinsing the affected areas with water.
  • A wire brush may help get the job done quickly. Cola soda is another effective method for corrosion removal.

3. Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower With A Defective Charging System

Verify the charging system after making sure the wires are in excellent shape and properly connected.

It’s time to investigate the charging system now that the wires have been taken care of.

Inspect the Power Source:

  • Charger performance may be checked using a volt-ohm meter.
  • Start the meter up and double check that it is set to read 12 volts.
  • When the car is turned off, connect the battery cables. Connect the positive (+) lead to the terminal and the negative (-) lead to the terminal.
    The process is known as battery voltage reading. The voltmeter should show a range of 12.4 to 12.8. It’s possible that certain batteries may show a higher
    depending on the rate of charge and the condition of the battery.
  • The reading from the volt-ohm meter should be recorded.
  • Start the car and put on the parking brake.
  • Connect the positive (+) and negative (-) wires to the battery contacts.
  • Start your mower up to three-quarters of the way, and then take a look at the fuel gauge. The voltage should be at least 13.2 volts and no more than 13.9 volts.
    The alternator is charging the battery when this reading is greater than the one measured with the engine turned off.

A problem exists with the charging system if the result of the most recent test does not differ from the result of the initial test. A faulty stator or alternator might be the blame.

To figure out what component on your lawnmower has malfunctioned, you’ll need to do more tests or bring it in for servicing. There are also 20 amp systems and 15 amp systems. The dimensions are engine- and manufacturer-specific.

If your vehicle’s charging system stops working, you should see a skilled technician. Locate a local Troy-Bilt service center to purchase one.

A skilled technician in your area may be able to diagnose and fix charging system issues.

Many other high-priced engine components might be at fault. It’s not cheap to keep adding pieces in the hopes that something will work.

The aforementioned procedure may be performed on your battery at any time using a volt-ohm meter, provided that the wires are clean. The results of this check might reveal the presence of a faulty link.

4. Spark Plug for Lawn Mower Troy-Bilt Lawnmower Won’t Start With the Key Still On

It’s possible that after you completed mowing, you forgot to turn off the engine.

In the absence of an oil light on the dashboard or the continued use of a 12-volt auxiliary line connected to a Troy-Bilt’s accessory port, the battery should be fine.

The next time you attempt to use your mower, you may discover the battery is dead since you accidentally left the key on. Your Troy-Bilt won’t start if you use a battery that isn’t strong enough.

If you own a Troy-Bilt lawn mower, you may charge its battery by using one of the below procedures. This Amazon battery charger is great since it features a trickle charge mode, which is perfect for topping up a very low battery.

The positive (+) connector accepts the red cable, whereas the negative (-) terminal accepts the black cable.

How to Charge the Battery on a Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower, Method One:

  • Cut the power cords attached to the battery. Keep in mind that the red positive wire should always be plugged in first and removed last. Now, check the water level of the battery if the covers are detachable.

    You should use distilled water to moisten the plates within the battery if they are dry. Remember that well water is not suitable for a battery. Distilled water is ideal for your battery, but even city water is better.

  • After making sure the battery is properly hydrated, connect the charger.
  • Determine the strength of the battery by measuring its voltage. The battery shouldn’t take too long to charge if it already has 11.8 volts.

    A battery of 10.1 volts has to be charged for some time. If your battery’s voltage is low, charging it will take longer.

    The “slow bake” setting on my battery is my go-to. Switches on certain battery chargers allow you to choose between charging at 6 amps, 4 amps, or even 2 amps.

    A dead battery may be charged in roughly an hour using 2 or 4 amps. Verify the voltage rate is growing by checking the measurement after an hour. If that’s the case, go ahead and add another hour to your bill.

How to Recharge the Battery of a Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower

You may use a charger of up to 6 amps to get the battery up to 12 volts in around half an hour if the reading on your battery isn’t too low and you need to use your mower.

When the battery voltage reaches 12 V, you may stop charging and start the mower. The battery may be charged while the mower is operating if the throttle is set to between three-quarters and full.

After you’re done cutting the grass, check the battery level to make sure you’re ready for the next round

5. A Troy-Bilt lawnmower with a defective battery

You know you have a faulty battery when it has been on the charger for at least two hours and won’t charge to more than 12 volts. A new one is needed to replace it.

Lawn and garden batteries of the 12-volt kind may be found at any automotive shop, home improvement center, or Troy-Bilt dealer.

The battery should be taken out and brought along. Most places will charge you an additional $15 to $25 for the battery core if you don’t bring in your old battery when you buy a new one.

Typically, when you buy a brand-new set of batteries, they already have a full charge. However, it may need charging before use if it has been resting on the shelf for some time.

To completely charge the battery before installing it in your Troy-Bilt mower, follow the instructions for a battery charger above.

A New Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Battery Needs a Jump Start.

Use a high-quality battery, like as the one in your vehicle, to jump-start a Troy-Bilt. A car’s battery, like the batteries in most lawn mowers, operates at 12 volts. Before trying to jump-start the mower, be sure both batteries are 12 volts.

  • You need to park next to the Troy-Bilt and turn off the automobile.
  • The positive (+) ends of the jumper wires should be connected to the mower’s and the automobile battery’s positive terminals.
  • Then, connect the car’s negative terminal to the black negative (-) wire. Join the black cable on the side of the mower to its chassis.
  • Start the lawnmower after first setting the brake. Allow the mower to operate for a while. You can start your lawnmower without the cords if you want to.
  • Please don’t turn on the car’s ignition. The battery from the automobile may kick-start the lawnmower.
  • Unplug the cords in the reverse sequence from which they were connected. The lawnmower’s alternator will maintain a charged battery.

Again, a volt meter will reveal any problems with the battery’s charging process.

Most Batteries Have a Three Year Lifespan

More frequent battery replacement than every three years might indicate a problem with the battery or its connections. If you take good care of your batteries, they should last for at least three years.

Care for your batteries in the following ways:

  • Maintain a clean battery cable.
  • It’s crucial that the machine’s battery is firmly fastened and that the wires are snug.
  • The battery should not be allowed to freeze. Never let your battery die in the cold.

Make sure your battery is firmly seated in the battery tray and not moving about as you mow; vibration is the leading cause of battery failure.

The battery’s plates can’t withstand much abuse. The battery’s performance might drop precipitously if the plates within begin to crack.

Battery failure may also occur when the temperature drops below freezing. Frozen batteries are a sign that the battery isn’t completely charged. Before putting up your lawnmower for the season, learn more about winter battery maintenance to prevent any damage to the battery.

Power Source for a Lawn Mower

If your Troy-Bilt lawn mower’s deck is powered by an electric clutch, you should replace the battery with one that has at least 300 cold cranking amps (cca).

A battery’s strength is measured by its cold-cranking amps. A smaller battery, such as 250 cca, can suffice without an electronic clutch, but larger batteries are preferable.

Verify that the dimensions of the battery you choose match those of the battery holder.

Find Out More About Battery Recharging for Your Troy-Bilt Mower

Read our article Charging Times for Lawn Mower Batteries to learn more about batteries, charging, and charging times.

Are you still having issues with your Troy-Bilt lawn mower?

When you’ve had a lawnmower for a while, it’s certain to develop some kind of trouble, whether it won’t start, won’t stay running, smokes, leaks gas, cuts poorly, vibrates, or something else entirely.

To help you save time and money the next time your Troy-Bilt mower breaks down, I have compiled this troubleshooting guide.

Diagnostics and repairs on your lawn mower should be left to a professional if you lack confidence in your ability to do so safely.

You’ll save yourself from harm and the mower from further destruction by doing this. If you’re having trouble with your lawn mower, go on over to your neighborhood Troy-Bilt dealer or lawn mower repair business.