How to Fix a Husqvarna String Trimmer That Won’t Start

When the engine stalls, there isn’t enough power to cut the weeds, and the work becomes difficult.

Problems with the air filter, spark plug, fuel filter, fuel line, carburetor, fuel tank vent, spark arrestor, and old gasoline may all cause a Husqvarna string trimmer to lose power.

It’s best to wait until the engine has cooled down and all of the moving components have stopped before attempting any repairs. For safety’s sake, take the wire from the spark plug.

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Here Are 9 Causes Your Husqvarna String Trimmer Won’t Work

A Husqvarna string trimmer loses its effectiveness when used with stale gas.

If your string trimmer is losing power, the old gas may be the blame. As early as 30 days after purchase, gas might start to degrade and lose some of its effectiveness.

Ethanol, an alternative fuel used in most gas, helps reduce emissions and is thus ecologically preferable. This is due to the fact that ethanol is a plant-based fuel.

However, the Husqvarna trimmer’s tiny engine is not suited to running on ethanol, despite its environmental benefits. This is because it has a tendency to draw atmospheric moisture into the fuel supply.

Fuel limitations and component problems may be caused by the varnish left behind by the water and ethanol combination. A damaged engine might be the result of this mixture separating from the gas and running at high temperatures.

To protect your Husqvarna’s tiny engine, fill it up with new gas that has an octane value of 89 or above and contains no more than 10% ethanol.

  • 2-cycle engines run on a 50:1 mixture of gas and high-quality two-stroke engine oil, such as Husqvarna XP. (Use 50 percent gasoline and 1 percent oil).
  • 4-cycle engines necessitate with just gas. Oil should not be added.

Never put into your vehicle gasoline labeled “E15,” “E30,” or “E85,” which indicates a greater ethanol percentage. These may range from 15% ethanol to 30% ethanol to 85% ethanol.

Within 30 days, all gasoline must be used. If you don’t use your Husqvarna on a regular basis, you may find it challenging to predict how much gasoline you will need.

If you’re not sure how long the gasoline will last, you may extend its shelf life by adding a fuel stabilizer. The correct fuel for a Husqvarna string trimmer is discussed in this article.

SOLUTION: Empty any leftover gas from your string trimmer. Use a combination of 50 parts gas to 1 part oil in your Husqvarna two-cycle engine. Put unleaded gas into a Husqvarna four-cycle engine. Sea Foam Motor Treatment is a gasoline stabilizer that should be added.

The gasoline will be more stable and the fuel system will be cleaner thanks to this product.

To circulate the new gasoline and fuel stabilizer through the fuel system, start the string trimmer and let it run.

Husqvarna String Trimmer Loses Power Due to Clogged Air Filter

An air filter removes debris from the air entering the engine. If the filter is not routinely changed or cleaned, it might get clogged, reducing the quantity of air that can travel through it.

A Husqvarna string trimmer will lose power and operate slowly if not supplied with enough air.

The air filter should be cleaned several times a year and replaced annually. If you use your trimmer in very dusty circumstances or more often than the typical homeowner, you may need to clean and replace it more frequently.

You might try to make your string trimmer to function smoothly by bypassing the air filter. Even if you need to do it for only a minute or two, please don’t.

Doing so risks introducing dirt and debris into the engine, which may accelerate engine wear and damage.

SOLUTION: Husqvarna filters may be cleaned or replaced if they get too filthy or broken.

How to clean the air filter on a Husqvarna FOAM string trimmer:

  • Take the air filter out of its housing.
  • Use water and a mild detergent to clean the foam air filter.
  • Clear the filter with running water and let it dry in the air.
  • After the filter has dried, it should be lubricated with filter oil. Remove any extra oil by squeezing the filter.
  • Please replace the filter.
  • Fix the air filter cover back on.

How to clean the air filter on a Husqvarna paper or felt string trimmer:

  • Take the air filter out of its housing.
  • Tap the filter against a hard surface to loosen dust and debris, then vacuum it up.
  • Replace the filter and check that it completely blocks the opening.
  • Fix the air filter cover back on.

In addition to the main filter, certain trimmers may additionally include a foam pre-cleaner filter. These filters are not meant to be oiled. If you have any questions about how to clean your air filter, please refer to the handbook that came with your equipment.

A lack of power in a Husqvarna string trimmer may be traced to a dirty spark plug.

Power loss and erratic sparking might be caused by carbon accumulation on the spark plug. Take out the spark plug and inspect it carefully.

SOLUTION: A new spark plug should be installed if the old one is broken or has a particularly dark color.

If the plug is just somewhat filthy, you might try cleaning it with a little wire brush. Since the plug is such an integral element of a well functioning Husqvarna trimmer, I like to swap it out before investigating other possible causes.

The next step is to inspect the space between the electrodes. This has to be gapped according to Husqvarna’s guidelines. Also, make sure the spark plug wire is secured tightly to the spark plug. A loss of power might be caused by a spark plug wire that is loose or has an improper gap.

Husqvarna String Trimmer Loses Power Due to Clogged Fuel Filter

Inside the gasoline tank is a little cylinder-shaped component called the fuel filter. The gasoline line has a connection to it.

To prevent dirt and other pollutants from entering the fuel system and wearing down the engine, the gasoline must be strained as it goes through the filter.

To maintain peak performance, the gasoline filter should be changed out once a year. When clogged, it reduces the quantity of gasoline that can travel through it.

If gasoline is cut down on the engine, performance may suffer.

SOLUTION: If your gasoline filter is clogged and preventing fuel from flowing properly, you should replace it.

Make sure the gasoline is clean and in excellent condition by inspecting the tank for any signs of dirt or debris. Put in new, clean gasoline if the old stuff is making the engine sputter.

Husqvarna String Trimmer Loses Power Due to Clogged Fuel Line

Gummy deposits left behind by old petrol might clog the fuel line. If there is a blockage in the fuel line, the quantity of fuel that can flow through it will be diminished.

SOLUTION: Checking for blockages in the fuel line is essential. When a fuel line becomes blocked, bent, or cracked over time, it must be replaced.

A Husqvarna String Trimmer’s Loss of Power Is Caused by a Dirty Carburetor.

A Husqvarna string trimmer’s carburetor controls the ratio of fuel to air for combustion. Carburetors may stop working properly if they have been used with old fuel, which gums up the system and causes the microscopic internal components to stick.

SOLUTION: You should be able to clean your carburetor if you have a basic understanding of mechanics. Take apart the carburetor and clean it using carburetor cleaner.

The carburetor may need to be rebuilt (if a repair kit is available) or replaced with a new Husqvarna carburetor if it still does not work after being cleaned.

Loss of Power Due to Blocked Fuel Tank Vent on a Husqvarna String Trimmer

Husqvarna fuel tanks are equipped with vents that allow exhaust to escape via a thin plastic tube at the fuel line’s end.

If this portion is blocked, the gasoline tank won’t be able to vent, creating a vacuum within. Due to the absence of air, the fuel supply to the carburetor is cut off.

Put the string timmer on a level surface, remove the fuel cap, and let air into the tank to see whether the vent is working. Take care that the gas doesn’t leak out of the tank.

It’s possible that you have a clogged fuel tank vent if depressing the throttle no longer causes the engine to bog down.

You may double check whether the fuel cap is loose by starting your Husqvarna trimmer. If it starts to sputter after being operated for a time and improves when the fuel cap is loosened, the issue is likely caused by a faulty cap.

The gasoline tank vent may be located by following the fuel line from the tank. Replacement of a faulty fuel tank vent is required.

Husqvarna String Trimmer Loses Power Due to Clogged Spark Arrestor

A spark arrestor is a tiny screen that is fastened to the muffler to prevent sparks and flaming debris from blasting out of the exhaust pipe.

If soot builds up on this little screen, airflow is impeded. Potential power outages can’t be ruled out.

SOLUTION: Pull the wire out of the spark plug. Take off the hood and the exhaust cover. Take out the spark arrestor screen very cautiously. Use a little metal brush to scrub it clean.

A replacement screen should be installed if the old one is too dirty, too damaged, or has a hole in it to be repaired.

A loss of power in a Husqvarna string trimmer due to carbon buildup in the exhaust port.

Your Husqvarna string trimmer may stop working if carbon builds up in the exhaust pipe behind the muffler.

When the aforementioned solutions fail to restore power, you should inspect and clean this component.

SOLUTION: I strongly advise having a professional technician clean the trimmer’s exhaust port and muffler to prevent any harm.

Disconnect the spark plug wire and wait for the engine and muffler to cool before attempting any cleaning.

Take off the hood, the exhaust system, and the heat shield. The port aperture may be sealed off by adjusting the piston. The accumulation of carbon within the cylinder will be prevented.

To clean the carbon buildup from the exhaust port, use a plastic scraper. NEVER USE a metal implement. Take care not to damage the piston or cylinder while you work. Put everything back together in the same order that they were taken apart.

How Long Should You Wait Before Taking Your Husqvarna String Trimmer to the Shop?

Consult an expert small engine technician if the preceding troubleshooting steps fail to restore power or if you lack the confidence to make the necessary repairs.

Someone you know and trust may have suggested a reliable small engine repair company in your area. Visit the Husqvarna dealer website to discover a local retailer.

If there’s a big problem, I take it to the dealer for help from technicians who know the product through and out. They’ve got all the testing gear they need. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components are available, and they can handle issues related to warranties as well.

Think about the cost of the mechanic’s time to identify the issue before scheduling an appointment. The cost of diagnosis is normally flat-rate, and subsequent repair costs include both labor and parts.

If your old, cheap Husqvarna trimmer is on its last legs, it may not be worth paying for a diagnosis, new components, and a technician’s time.

Whether or whether it’s worth fixing your present string trimmer depends on its age, quality, and dependability. You could do better with a brand new Husqvarna string trimmer.