All-in-One Guide for Choosing the Correct Starter for a Kawasaki FR651V!

Are you trying to find a starter for a Kawasaki FR651V lawn mower? Not sure which choice is the best?

You can choose from a range of styles for starters. Popular and suited for small block engines is the 12-volt starter.

The amount of torque the starter can generate at its highest setting is something to consider when purchasing one for a Kawasaki FR651V engine. Not to worry. Today’s market offers a huge variety of choices. We’re prepared to assist. You can find all the information you require in this post about selecting the finest starter for your vehicle.

How To Find The Best Starter For Kawasaki FR651V

One of the concerns with the Kawasaki FR series is starter issues. Check to determine sure the starter is compatible with the engine in your car before you buy one. Next, consider starter size. The third step is determining how much electricity you require. The environment you live in comes next. Finally, you must ensure that the starter you select can withstand the outside conditions.

Before purchasing a beginning motor for the Kawasaki FR651V starter engine, you should think about the following:

Output of torque

The most important consideration when purchasing a starter for a Kawasaki engine is its torque output. The ability of the vehicle’s starter motor to turn the engine of your car is referred to as torque. Make sure the torque is adequate for your engine when choosing the model. During the starting process, the starter motor won’t overheat and cause problems.

The torque output you have access to, nevertheless, will depend on the engine’s compression ratio. A 200 ft-lb starter motor typically operates with an engine compression ratio of 12:1 or higher for nearly all regular automobiles. It won’t hurt, however, to be aware of the precise torque requirements.

Working Distance

The working ranges of different starter motors vary. In general, remote starter motors perform best in cooler climates. When you approach your car after starting it from a distance, it has already warmed up and is then prepared to move. You can select the starter motor that works the best for you if you are aware of your working range.

The starter motor should never have a shorter range than what you desire, it is always advised. A starter motor keeps an eye on the engine speed sensor. When there is a problem with your car starting, it will show. The RPM sensor will also aid in determining whether a restart is required during colder months when the starter motor needs a slight warming up.


To start an engine, starter motors are put under a lot of strain. The starter motor may be working too hard if the engine has a high compression ratio. Additionally, there is the potential for kickbacks. The car’s housing could disintegrate if the starter motor isn’t powerful enough.

Physical impact is another concern because the motors on most cars are on the bottom. As a result, the starter motor should be made of the best cast metal available. Even in harsh situations, you might want your starter motor to last a long period.


Different starter motors require various voltages in order to operate. The starter motor’s torque is often directly determined by the voltage level. Most of the time, the voltage you select should be compatible with the engine’s compression ratio.

A specific starter motor must have a certain minimum voltage level. Make sure the Kawasaki lawn mower starter you buy is capable of starting your car’s engine.

When could it be necessary to replace the starter?

A different starter is needed for a two-stroke engine compared to a four-stroke engine. The type of starter you need will also depend on the climate where you live. In colder climates, having a starter that could withstand the cold would be beneficial. After weighing these factors, you might discover the ideal Kawasaki FR651V starter.

The decision to replace the starter on a Kawasaki FR651V engine depends on a number of criteria. Before purchasing a starter for this engine, the following features should be considered:

It’s time to swap out the starter if these conditions exist. Ensure that the starter you purchase is compatible with the starter on your Kawasaki lawn mower, and read user reviews to learn more about the starter. You can select the ideal starter for your engine with a little investigation.

Most effective starter for a Kawasaki FR651V engine

1. Reliable Aftermarket Parts ELS60-0216 Starter

For those looking for a good engine, this is a fantastic option. It is affordable and offers the Kawasaki power and dependability they are renowned. But what distinguishes the Kawasaki FR651V from its rivals?

Its usage of a patented starter method is only one of the many reasons it’s a superb option. Even in freezing conditions, this starter system ensures a steady and consistent start.

Customers favor this product because of its exceptional quality. It’s a great alternative for anyone looking for a powerful, fuel-efficient engine. because it is able to generate a lot of power. This engine has a lot of torque and is energy-efficient.

2. Mintu 21163-0711 Starter

Users of the Kawasaki FR651V starter engine are familiar with this starter due to its low cost. It works with a wide range of Kawasaki engines, including the FR651V, FR691V, FR730V, FS481V, FS541V, FS600V, FS651V, and many more.

Additionally, it is built with high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting performance. Additionally, you won’t find a starter of this caliber at a greater price.

Additionally, this starter was created expressly to work with Kawasaki engines, so you can be confident that it will fit your mower precisely and start it up without any problems.

3. Raseparter 21163-0749 Starter

There are several factors to consider when selecting a starter for a Kawasaki engine FR651V or FR691V. Power is the first one. You’ll need a starter motor that can handle that much power if your engine has between 21.5 and 24.5 horsepower. The second is toughness. You should make sure that your starter motor is long-lasting.

A wise starting point is to locate a starter motor with detailed instructions. You will have a higher chance of getting your starter motor to spin over quickly if you do this.

Last but not least, make sure your starter motor is simple to install. Searching for a starter motor with clear instructions is a smart place to start. This will make it possible for you to start your starter motor rapidly.

4. AJ Electric 21163-0749 Starter

This starter comes with a one-year warranty when you purchase it. The setup process is simple. It works with Kawasaki engines model numbers FR651V, FR691V, FR600V, FR730V, and FS481V.

This starter is made to last and is designed to provide dependable starting power. This starter’s robust design and long-lasting parts will keep your engine going strong for many years.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

The FR651V engine is produced by who?

The FR651V engine is produced by Kawasaki. It has four vertical cylinders and is a V-twin engine. The engine has a 651cc displacement and 31 horsepower. It has an aluminum alloy piston assembly, a cast iron cylinder block, and solid-state electronic ignition. Additionally, the engine uses a wet sump oil system. Lawnmowers, generators, and pressure washers are a few of the lawn and garden items that have the FR651V engine. It is a trustworthy engine with a good track record for longevity.

Do Kawasaki FR engines perform well?

Kawasaki FR engines are indeed reliable. They provide a special mix of power, torque, and fuel efficiency that makes them perfect for a variety of applications. FR engines are frequently utilized in commercial and industrial applications because of their reputation for dependability and durability. A Kawasaki FR engine is a great choice if you’re looking for an engine that can manage heavy workloads.


Therefore, these are the things to think about when searching for a starter motor for your Kawasaki FR651V engine. You must be aware of the potential replacement needs for the starter in order to plan. Which starter you choose for your Kawasaki FR651V is totally up to you at this point; we’ve given our top four choices.

Hopefully, this post has assisted you in choosing the starter that best suits your requirements. Contact your knowledgeable staff whenever you require additional assistance or have inquiries.