How to Adjust Steering on Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower to Master the Ride

How to Adjust Steering on Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower

Are you thinking it would help if you knew how to adjust the steering on Bad Boy zero-turn mower? To ride with your comfort level, you can adjust the steering arm by removing the 2 bolts securing the position.

However, let’s disclose all the facts regarding the adjustment of the Bad Boy ZTR mower and help you master the steering lever.

How To Adjust Steering On Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower

If you don’t have any clue on the steering of Bad Boy zero turn mower you can also follow the below steps to adjust the steering arm or steering lever whatever you say.

Now, before proceeding. Fix the steering wheel and pedals to proper positions.

If this is your first time modifying the Bad Boy mower steering adjustment, follow the steps below.

Now, How to Adjust the Steering Lever (Forward or Backward)

If you find your handlebars are locked, and the mower is still moving forward or backward, it’s known as creeping, and we’ll now demonstrate how to fix it with a 9/16-inch wrench.

You Can do this in Your Garage

You Can Also Make the Bad Boy Mower Speed Adjustment As Follows

When you push both Bad Boy mower steering arm adjustment levers forward, your mower should stop rotating to the right or left if you did everything correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a steering damper do on a zero-turn mower?

The dampers eliminate hydraulic-system feedback from the levers, reducing fatigue for the operator. In tight, precise maneuvers around obstacles, they don’t have a “jerky” feel to them.

Why does my zero turn pull to the right

Using a zero-turn mower can lead to traction issues, where one of the rear wheels transfers power more efficiently than the other, causing the mower to push in the direction of the weaker wheel.

How do you adjust the steering on a zero-turn mower?

Decide which way your lawnmower pivots (left/right) before purchasing.
Remove the adjustment bolt and loosen the nut on the adjustment bolt.
Choose between two options for adjusting the speed: The steering lever travel will be reduced if you turn the adjustment bolt counterclockwise. Tighten the nut down once more.


At last, we hope you know and understand how to adjust steering on Bad Boy zero turn mower that we have provided in the article.

That ends our overview of bad boy zero turn mower steering adjustments.

Naturally, the design of certain models varies, so the directions may differ slightly. But the basics are the same.

Having said that, if nothing works, take your bad boy zero turn mowers to a dealer for a check and repair by professionals.