How Much Sand To Level Yard |Magical Calculation System|

Are you confused about how much sand to level yard for your landscaping project? There are mainly 3 components required for making the yard or lawn. They include 40 percent sand, 20% compost and 40 percent topsoil.

This article will highlight how to measure the proper amount of sand and topsoil for your yard. For example, if you want to level your lawn, you can easily calculate the amount of sand from the rule that we will show you.

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How Much Sand To Level Yard?

Leveling yard with sand

The topsoil and compost are for the nutrients and proper growth of grass or plants on your ground, where the sand is a vital element to level the yard.

As we already declare the percentage of sand you need that is 40% of total lawn elements, you get a fundamental concept of how much sand you need to level the yard.

Initially, we will tell you how you can calculate the amount of sand from the percentage from practical examples. After that, you will get the Magical rule of calculating the sand amount for leveling.

Percentage Calculation

This is the easiest and most common way to determine how much sand to level lawn. 40 percent sand is required to level up your yard.

And the 40 percent means 40 units of sand are expected for 100 units of yards to level up. The unit of sand is generally kg/m^3 o, and the unit of the yard may be calculated in Cubic feet (CFT). It also can measure in feet or inches.

You can follow the below steps to calculate the sand amount by percentage;

Step 1: Calculating Total Space

The first step is you need to calculate the volume of your yard. Then you will get the total space of your yard. For example, the volume is 375 cubic meters.

Step 2: Calculating Total Substance Amount

The second step is to determine how much substance you need to fulfill the space. For example, you need 400 kg per 1 cubic meter. So the total substance you need is 150000 Kg.

Step 3: Calculate 40 percent Of the Total Substance

 Now calculate 40 percent of the total substance, which is 60,000 Kg. So, we can say you need 60,000 Kg of sand to level the yard.

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So, look. How simple the percentage calculation is!

Let’s come to the main point. Now, we will provide you with the principle rule for calculating the exact amount of sand you need to level yard.

Calculation Of Sand Amount To Level The Yard With A Universal Rule

There is a universal rule that you can apply to measure the amount of sand you need to level your yard.

Follow the steps that describe below to learn the technique.

Step 1: Calculate the Volume

With the percentage calculation, the first step of this procedure is also calculating the volume.

You can measure the volume by using the maths rule:

Volume (V) = Length × Width × Height or Depth.

For example, if your land length is 20 meters, width is 10 meters, and depth is 5 meters. Then, the volume of your land = 20×10×5= 1000 m^3 (Cubic yard)

Step 2: Measure Sand Amount

After the volume calculation, you can easily measure the amount of sand. Here is the rule for which you are waiting from the beginning.

Sand Amount in tons = Cubic yard × 1.35.

After knowing the rule, a simple question can come to your mind: why do we need to multiply 1.35 here? And the answer is, the weight of dry sand per cubic yard is 1.35 tons. That’s why you get the amount of sand in tons.

According to the example above, our cubic yard is 1000.

The amount of sand = (1000 × 1.35) = 1350 tons.

Now tell me, have you any questions on how much sand to level lawn? We hope you have no confusion about that after reading the article. Even if you have any questions, you can see the FAQs section.

How Much Topsoil To Level Lawn

We will show you how to calculate the amount of topsoil to level land. Now, let me make the solution as simple as water. The amount of topsoil will be the same as the amount of sand to level the yard.

The measuring procedure is the same as measuring the amount of sand to level the lawn. The steps include;

You will get your required amount to level the lawn.

This Video Will Help You Too!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much sand do I need to level my yard?

Calculate the volume of your yard by using a maths rule; length × width × height. Then multiple the cubic yard with 1.35. Then you will get the sand amount (Tons)
Amount of sand (Tons) = cubic yard × 1.35

How do I calculate how much topsoil I need?

40 percent topsoil is required for you, which means the same as the amount of sand.

How deep should my topsoil be?

If you are making the land for cultivation, then topsoil depth should be high. 36 inches is preferable.

How thick should topsoil be for grass?

For grass growth, there is a need for a maximum of 6 inches of depth of soil. So you should maintain 6 inches or more thickness of topsoil for grass.


You can understand how important the measurement of sand is to level the yard if you are engaged with any landscape project.

So the article on how much sand to level yard will help you to calculate the precise amount of sand to level the yard. Proper sand level gives a proper drainage system which is very significant to making a land perfect for building as well as cultivation.