How Much Is My Mower Worth? [Used Values & Prices Included]

One of the most common questions for lawn owners is ‘how much is my mower worth’? Well, the value of any used lawn mower depends on factors like its age, condition, appearance, models, depreciation, etc.

Whether you are buying or selling a used riding mower, it is essential to acknowledge the current market or regional value. All it takes is some minor research and a few pointers to determine the worth before purchasing and selling.

However, this article will guide you to figure out how to evaluate an old and used riding lawnmower. So, scroll down to read the further details along with some basic information.

How Much Is My Mower Worth?

A vintage or used riding mower for your lawn can be a great acquisition if you can make a fair asking price. Typically, the asking price for an old and used lawn mower starts from 60 dollars to 150 dollars.

The estimated price or value of a riding lawn mower starts to drop or depreciate from the moment it is bought.

Here, the price will vary based on a few factors such as how old the mower is, its appearance, condition, region, etc. Moreover, the availability and demand of the mower model also play a great role in determining its worth.

Now, let’s see how all these things affect the prices and value of a used lawn mower.

Mower Age

The first thing a buyer will look for is the age of the used mower. It is a good starting point or factor to evaluate the value.

In this case, the calculation of the mower value depends on two different age limits. The segments are 1 – 7 years old and more than 7 years old.

The useful lifespan of maximum lawn mowers is considered to be 7 years. So, if the riding mower is between 1 to 7 years old, figure out the MSRP of the model. And then factor the original MSRP in the depreciation rate to calculate the selling price.

But if the mower’s age is more than 7 years, seek the average selling price in your area of its comparable models.

Decrease Rate Per Year

A riding lawn mower’s price starts to drop or depreciate from the moment it is bought. The percentage of the annual depreciation rate is 14.29 for tax purposes. You can estimate this rate by dividing 100 by 7.

Regional Facts

The popularity and availability of brands may differ by regional aspect. Some brands and models are popular in one particular place and unpopular in others. So the region or area can influence the price of a used mower.

Mower Condition

It is one of the main facts that play a huge role in the sale. The condition of a used mower is categorized as excellent, above average, average, below average, poor, and rough conditions.


The higher the availability the lower the price. And the price increases when the model is rare to buy.

Cosmetic Appearance

The cosmetic appearance of flaws in a new mower can decrease the value of the mower. While it isn’t a big issue in the case of older mowers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do Exmark mowers last?

The durability of Exmark mower engines is tested and proven. The components of this mower may last from 1500 hours to 2000 hours, as the company expects. If you give your mower proper maintenance, it may last for 10 to several years.

How much is an old lawn mower worth?

The worth of an old mower can be $60 to $300 on average. The value or price can increase or decrease according to mower age, condition, availability, region, etc.

Is there a market for old lawn mowers?

Yes, there is still a huge market for old lawn mowers. Now the marketplace has moved to online platforms like Facebook, and LetGo. eBay etc., people buy and sell used lawn mowers based on various aspects.

How Much Is My Snapper Lawn Mower Worth

The worth of a used snapper mower can begin from $60 to $150. The price might get higher and reach up to a thousand dollars based on its condition and other factors.

How Much Is My Toro Lawn Mower Worth

A used Toro lawn mower price may range between $60 to $150, the same as a Snapper mower. The price may increase considering its condition, age, appearance, etc.

How Much Is My Craftsman riding mower worth

A used craftsman riding mower’s asking price can start from $300 if it is in quite a good condition. The excellent-conditioned used craftsman mower can be worth $600.

How Much Is My Walker Mower Worth

The worth of a walker mower deserves a good price range if it’s in excellent condition as it is great in its performance under 7 years. The price range will also vary based on region, demand, and supply.

How Much Is My Push Mower Worth

An old push mower is worth $60 dollars to $150. The price may vary by its availability, demand, condition, and other factors.

How Much Is My Gravely Mower Worth

A vintage gravely mower value can be calculated by its depreciation rate, age, condition, demand, and supply. All the old mower’s price range is between around $60 to $150 max.

How Much Is My Scag Mower Worth

The worth of any used scag mower is pretty higher than the normal resale value. The price range will vary based on some practical factors like region, availability, condition, and age.

How Much Is My Exmark Mower Worth

A used Exmark mower’s price will depend on the depreciation rate according to its age, original price, condition, etc.


Hopefully, you have got your answer to how much is my mower worth. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, consider the facets mentioned above while determining the value of a second-hand or vintage mower.

Some buyers tend to buy vintage mowers and resell them for business purposes. Some buy for their own lawn and save money which is also a great deal. Calculate the value and worth of mowers by their features and determine the fair price of any mower.