Zero-Turn Mower Weight: Advantages, Disadvantages and How Much

When shopping for a zero-turn mower, we pay attention to specifications like engine size and cutting width. While the weight of a mower may seem like a minor consideration, it actually plays a significant role in our decision. There are benefits and drawbacks associated with being overweight. When shopping for a zero-turn mower, it’s important to know how much the machine weighs and how that will effect your productivity.

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How heavy is a zero-turn lawn mower?

Everything from the weight to the size is different. Less substantial zero-turn mowers typically weigh under 700 pounds. These mowers typically have a weaker motor and a more restricted cutting area. Mowers in this class weigh more than 700 pounds. The ability to mow, the cost, and the constraints of mowing are only a few examples of how these weight disparities might have an impact.

Featherweight, zero-turn mowers

If you’re looking for a zero-turn mower that doesn’t cost more than $700, you should expect a cutting width of 42 inches or less.


  • Mowers that aren’t cumbersome to carry about are a lot more convenient.
  • They’re quicker overall and take their time warming up.
  • A lighter ZTR mower allows you to cut more ground in less time, and the smaller engine means it will cost you far less than a traditional riding mower.
  • Gardens with many obstacles, abrupt twists, and winding paths are better suited to smaller mowers because of their greater maneuverability.


Smaller mowers have their own set of problems, too.

  • Most mowers in this weight range have skinny front tires that can easily puncture sandy or sandy-and-clay terrain.
  • Mowing with a smaller zero-turn mower, which has less traction, might be difficult on flat or sloped ground. Miniature mowers are ideal for flat lawns because of their portability and ease of use.
  • Little-engine mowers can’t go in reverse. In a corner or dead end, this can be difficult.
  • A lower center of gravity means that mowers that are lighter are more likely to go over. Mowing uphill on a slope of more than 15 degrees can increase the risk of this happening.

Powerful zero-turn mowers

Mowers in the heavyweight category feature engines with at least 21 horse power and weigh more than 700 pounds. Mowers vary widely in engine size depending on brand and model. To be sure, they’re quite enormous.


  1. Even though they may not be as nimble as smaller ZTR mowers, the former have greater cutting widths and more robust motors, making them formidable in the yard maintenance arena.
  2. They have bigger wheels and improved traction to keep the vehicle from cutting grass in unintended areas.
  3. It’s perfect for mowing hills because its center of gravity is higher.
  4. Larger mowers typically have more sophisticated safety and security features.
  5. They have more cutting power, so they can get through debris like stones and small boulders that would block a standard lawn mower.


Consequences of being overweight include:

  1. The higher initial investment is compounded by the higher ongoing costs associated with these devices.
  2. Commercial zero-turn mowers aren’t particularly nimble because of their bulk, even if they were designed for heavy duty work.
  3. Due of their increased propensity to sink, larger mowers are less than ideal for use in locations close to water banks and marshes.

Famous Zero-Turn Brands and Their Typical Weights

Zero-Turn-Weight Husqvarna

ModelStandard Weight
Z142474 pounds
Z146474 pounds
Z242551 pounds
Z246504 pounds
Z248F581 pounds
Z254542 pounds
Z254F595 pounds
Z448725 pounds
Z454745 pounds
Z454XS961 pounds
Z460823 pounds
Z460XS973 pounds
Z5481100 pounds
Z554L1215 pounds
Z554X1250 pounds
Z560L1250 pounds
Z560X1309 pounds
Z572X1359 pounds
MZ48595 pounds
MZ54770 pounds
MZ61770 pounds

Cub Cadet Zero Turn Weight

ModelStandard Weight
ZT1-42500 pounds
ZT1-42E500 pounds
ZT1-46570 pounds
ZT1-50585 pounds
ZT1-54600 pounds
ZT2-50600 pounds
ZT2-54615 pounds
ZT2-60752 pounds
ZTX4-48850 pounds
ZTX4-54925 pounds
ZTX4-601092 pounds

Bad Boy Zero Turn Weight

ModelAverage Weight
Maverick1005 pounds
ZT Elite839 pounds
ZT Avenger746 pounds
MZ Magnum687 pounds
MZ Rumbler632 pounds
Renegade Diesel1862 pounds
Renegade Gas1628 pounds
Rogue1538 pounds
Rebel1382 pounds
Revolt Stand-on1040 pounds
Maverick HD1073 pounds

Toro Zero Turn Weight

ModelStandard Weight
TimeCutter 75734675 pounds
TimeCutter 75740645 pounds
TimeCutter 75750738 pounds
TimeCutter 75756836 pounds
TimeCutter SS5000588 pounds
Titan 75316819 pounds
Titan Max 76601876 pounds

Ariens Zero Turn Weight

ModelStandard Weight
Zenith 60 Kawasaki900 pounds
Apex 48 Kohler825 pounds
Apex 60 Kawasaki870 pounds
Apex 52 Kawasaki850 pounds
Ikon-XD 42 Kawasaki661 pounds
Ikon-XD 42 Kohler661 pounds
Ikon-XD 52 Kawasaki681 pounds
Ikon-XD 52 Kohler681 pounds
Ikon-XD 60 Kawasaki697 pounds
Edge 42 Briggs510 pounds
Edge 42 Kohler497 pounds
Edge 34 Briggs447 pounds
Edge 34 Kohler464 pounds
Edge 52 Kawasaki560 pounds

Kubota Zero Turn Weight

ModelStandard Weight
Z231KW-42621 pounds
Z231BR-48737 pounds
Z251BR-54749 pounds
Z251KH-54771 pounds
Z411KW-48874 pounds
Z421KW-54884 pounds
Z421KWT-60930 pounds
Z412KW-48904 pounds
Z422KW-54918 pounds
Z422KWT-60954 pounds
Z724XKW-481207 pounds
Z724XKW-541223 pounds
Z726XKW-601276 pounds
Z723KH-481212 pounds
Z724KH-541225 pounds
Z725KH-601256 pounds
ZD1511RL-60R1984 pounds
ZD1511LF-722006 pounds
ZD1511LF-72R2028 pounds

John Deere Zero Turn Weight

ModelStandard Weight
Z335E491 pounds
Z345R500 pounds
Z345M496 pounds
Z355E570 pounds
Z355R575 pounds
Z365R575 pounds
Z375R590 pounds
Z515E776 pounds
Z530M780 pounds
Z530R834 pounds
Z545R832 pounds
Z720E965 pounds
Z735E990 pounds
Z730M965 pounds
Z735M965 pounds
Z740R1040 pounds
Z915E1178 pounds
Z920M1220 pounds
Z930M1275 pounds
Z945M1275 pounds
Z950M1275 pounds
Z960M1252 pounds

Thirteen Sample Weights for Zero-Turn Mowers

  1. Troy-Bilt Mustang Z42: 580 pounds
  2. Swisher Big Mow 66 in. 31-HP: 1380 pounds
  3. Ryobi RY48ZTR100 42 in. 100 Ah: 700 pounds
  4. Beast 62 in. 25 HP: 1100 pounds
  5. Beast 48 in. 20 HP: 850 pounds
  6. Dewalt Z260 Commercial 60 in. 24 HP: 1130 pounds
  7. Craftsman Z5200 20-HP: 600 pounds
  8. Craftsman Z5400 22-HP: 710 pounds
  9. Craftsman Z5800 24-HP: 865 pounds
  10. Exmark Quest E-Series: 415 pounds
  11. Exmark Quest S-Series: 616 pounds
  12. Exmark Radius E-Series: 850 pounds
  13. Exmark Radius S-Series: 900 pounds

For homeowners who require a more powerful equipment for mowing their lawn or land, the weight of a mower is an important consideration. Business landscaping and gardening operations can boost or decrease their productivity depending on this factor.

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