Gravely and Hustler: Which Brand Offers the Best Riding Mowers?

Both Gravely and Hustler need to be mentioned in any comprehensive discussion of lawnmower manufacturers. These manufacturers have been making lawn mowers since the early 1900s, and they have earned a reputation for making reliable and effective products. You could feel confident choosing any brand, but there are important distinctions between them that you should be aware of. This comparison will help you choose the finest brand for your needs.

Mowers made by Gravely endure longer and are more sturdy than those made by Hustler. However, the machinery that Hustler manufactures is far more advanced and productive. In the end, your decision will be determined by what you value most.

In this piece, we’ll compare and contrast Gravely and Hustler lawnmowers to help you choose the best brand for your specific needs. Let’s jump right in!

Gravely and Hustler

What Sets Hustler and Gravely Riding Mowers Apart: 9 Key Distinctions

Gravely Offers Commercial-Grade Residential Mower

Gravely is well-known for including commercial-grade parts in their home mowers, extending their useful life. The cutting height can be readily adjusted from 42 to 60 inches on the Gravely ZT XL zero-turn residential model, thanks to its foot-operated deck lift and heavy-duty steel frame. These details may appear little, but they actually have a major impact on the mower’s durability and longevity.

Hustler Zero-Turn Mowers Are Smaller and More Manoeuvrable

Hustler lawn mowers are noted for their SmoothTrak steering function, which improves maneuverability and reduces the amount of time, effort, and fuel required to mow the lawn. This, however, is unique to the zero-turn line and does not affect the tractors. Choose the Hustler if you’re a commercial lawn care provider who values efficiency and the quality of your cut.

All-Season Gravely Riding Mowers Are The Best Option

The Gravely is your best bet if you want a mower that can also be used to plow snow. The SmartChoke function is included so that the machine can be started without the hassle of setting the choke. You should inquire thoroughly about the SmartChoke function from your dealer before purchasing a zero-turn model powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine.

Hustler Provides Superior Cutting Convenience

When mowing the grass, you can find yourself at the mercy of your riding mower. When riding over rough terrain, the seats may offer little to no protection from the jarring shock waves. Hustler zero-turn mowers, thankfully, have a high-quality suspension system called SmoothTrack. They have coil-over shocks installed on the rear axle and front wheels to dampen vibrations and absorb shocks.

Gravely Has More Lawn Mower Experience

With a history dating back to 1916, Gravely Company has amassed a wealth of knowledge in the industry. The brand’s credibility and user experience have both benefited from this degree of expertise.

Gravely is the greatest brand to choose if you want peace of mind. However, Hustler came to the scene 54 years after Gravely and made a name for itself in the industry with its cutting-edge gear. However, the long-term experience that Gravely is now capitalizing on is unrivaled.

Hustler Riding Mowers Produce Better Cuts

Hustler models are the best in the business when it comes to hair and makeup. Hustler mowers have a suspensive feature called “flex forks” that allows the deck to float across the terrain, resulting in a considerably more thorough and consistent cut than you’d get with a Gravely, despite both brands’ top-notch deck blades. It also reduces the risk of scalping when walking on rough ground.

Gravely Mowers Cost Less

In comparison to Hustler, Gravely machinery is more reasonably priced. The Hustler firm’s prices went over the roof as a result of the need for upgraded features. Gravely, on the other hand, offers better value for the money, but at the expense of ergonomics and modern appearance. The Gravely mowers are the most cost-effective option for those who value longevity yet have a limited budget. If you’re looking for more excitement from your mower, the Hustler is the way to go.

Hustler Mowers Last Longer

Hustler mowers have a wider and lower stance than Gravely mowers. The larger tires used in the production of Gravely mowers serve primarily to prevent the mower from premature wear. Hilly or uneven terrain calls for hustlers with a low center of gravity.

The Customer Service at Gravely Is Much More Reliable

The customer service departments of reputable businesses are quick to respond to inquiries and simple to contact. However, the Hustler brand stands out from the crowd thanks to its mobile service program, which sends a representative to your home to fix any issues you may be having. In terms of overall quality, Gravely has the best and most expedient customer service.

The Best Gravely Zero-Turn Mower Models To Purchase

Whether you’re seeking to mow your lawn or delve into commercial mowing, these models listed below are a great head start.

ProductUseDeck SizeCapacity
Gravely Pro-Turn 600Commercial60 Ins35 HP
Gravely Pro-Turn 200Commercial52 Ins27 HP
Gravely Pro-Turn 100Commercial52 Ins24 HP
Gravely ZT XLResidential42 Ins22 HP
Gravely ZT XResidential42 Ins22 HP
Gravely ZT HDResidential54 Ins24 HP

The Top Models of Hustler Zero-Turn Mowers

Grass cutting would be a breeze with Hustler mowers. The models’ updated and user-friendly designs allow them to serve you well, with minimal training required and a hands-off approach to mowing.

ProductUseDeck SizeCapacity
Hustler Super ZCommercial72 Ins35 HP
Hustler Super 88Commercial88 Ins33 HP
Hustler Fastrak SDXCommercial60 Ins27 HP
Hustler DashResidential34 & 42 Ins10.5 HP
Hustler Raptor XDResidential48 Ins21.5 HP
Hustler FastrakResidential54 Ins24 HP

Which Residential Zero-Turn, Gravely Or Hustler, Should I Buy?

When compared to other brands of home zero-turn mowers, Gravely comes out on top. Gravely residential ZTRs impress me with their tough construction and high levels of efficiency in terms of both durability and productivity. Gravely is dedicated to developing commercially viable lawnmowers for the home market by integrating commercial grade cutting decks, transmissions, engines, comfort options, and even the complete chassis into residential versions.

Does Gravely Make Better Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers Than Hustler?

Both brands’ commercial models are similarly competitive. You can choose either rival and be completely content with your decision. Although the Hustler commercial ZTRs are far more expensive than the Gravely, they provide a superior user experience and are more efficient. In addition, they are more resilient and effective on uneven ground.

On the other hand, Gravely mowers stand up to the hardest cutting conditions with impressive durability and resilience. Your final decision should be based on how much importance you place on aesthetics vs how important durability or efficiency are to you.

Where Can I Find A Local Dealer Of Gravely Or Hustler Lawn Mowers?

To get in touch with a local Gravely or Hustler dealer for further information, just visit their respective homepages and click on the “dealer locator” link. To find the nearest retailer, just click here and type in your address. If you want to make it easy to talk to and buy from your lawn mower dealer, they should be located close to your home.

There may be occasional bargains that are just available in your area. It would be inconvenient to have it shipped to you from a thousand miles away, so you might want to think about driving the machine home yourself after you buy it.

Closing Up

The priorities of Gravely and Hustler are radically different. The Hustler places a premium on user comfort and productivity in a much more modern approach, and Gravely puts real care and work into making long-lasting and efficient machines, the type that you can pass down as a family heirloom. If you’re looking for a mower that will endure a long time, go no further than a Gravely. Rather than dreading the monotony of mowing, you may have a good time with the Hustler by experimenting with different patterns and styles.