Gorilla Cart Gcg7 Vs Gor6ps: Battle For Cubic Ft Size Or More?

What is the difference between gcg 7 vs gor6ps gorilla cart? The cubic feet capacity of the gcg7 is 7, while for the gor6ps, it is 6 feet. Aside from the various similarities, some features are still not distinct.

Even though both carts have the same number of wheels, the gcg7 is slightly wider than the gor6ps. That’s why you will notice a minor change in the movement during a side-to-side comparison. We will discuss the differences between the gcg 7 vs gor6ps carts. Also, we concluded the contrast with proper research.

Gcg 7 Vs Gor6ps: Comparing Two Dump Cart King

Gorilla Cart Gcg7 Vs Gor6ps

Now, we will compare these two Gorilla carts model head to head for a better buy.

 Concern Gcg7 Gor6ps
Dimension45.3″ x 28.7″ x 26.1″44″ x 25.7″ x 26.2″
Weight54.25 lb54 lb
Cubic Ft Capacity7 cubic feet6 cubic feet
Dimension of bed39.5″ x 27″40″ x 25.6″
Type of tirePneumaticPneumatic

Wheel Quality

The gcg-7 gorilla cart has four wheels around its side, making it easier to tow. Each wheel is around 13”. What we noticed is that the tires are vast. So, when we hauled the cart, it moved effortlessly. Furthermore, when we used the cart on uneven terrain, it traversed without showing any signs of difficulty. We recommend this cart for those with lawns with more challenging terrains. The gcg seven will be very compatible with such textured plains.

Similarly, the gor6ps has four wheels too. Despite the wheel being 13”, it’s not wide like the gcg7. We measured both carts’ breadth and found out that the gor6ps is slightly smaller. During a test on rough surfaces, the gor6ps moved well, but there were some moments where the cart got stuck.

Still, it can navigate such surfaces but be ready for the random events where your cart might get stuck. Overall, if your garden has no holes, the cart will perform really well there.

Size Difference Brings The Bigger Clash

We found out that the dimension of the gor6ps is 44” x 25.7” x 26.2”, just as the manufacturer claims. Comparing both carts, the gor6ps is more compact than the gcg7.

Furthermore, if you check its weight, it is 54lbs which is standard for a cart with 4 wheels. Some desire a smaller garden cart, and if you are that person, you should check out this cart. It’s elementary to pull due to the weight.

On the contrary, the gcg7 is measured around 45.3” x 28.7” x 26.1”. While weighing it, we found out it was 54.25 lb. So, it is comparatively heavier and more prominent than the gor6ps.

The vast size provides some extra advantage. Such as, you can expect longevity, and it can handle heavy loads of dumps with ease.

Any Dissimilarities In Durability

In the case of durability, the gcg7 is superior. The gorilla cart gcg-7 review for its durability is outstanding. To confirm that, we put the cart under heavy work. The cart handled all of the load with ease.

So, you can use the cart for a long time. Especially if you do constant heavy dumpings, the gcg7 is the better choice for you. We put as much as load we could and found out that the cart could handle 1,200 lb of dumps.

Similarly, the gor6ps can take .1,200 lb of bags. Yet, the cart’s durability is questionable compared to the gcg7. Because when we put constant stress on the gor6ps, it started showing signs of damage.

So, it’s not a good choice if you want to take this cart for a long time. In this debate of gcg-7 and gor6ps, the gcg7 has the best durability. But you can choose the gor6ps of you to do casual dumpings. It performs well if you conduct activities that require less stress.

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Application Differences

As the gor6ps is a heavy-duty cart, you can handle several activities with it. Firstly, we tested out its dumping capability. It can drive around 1200lb. So, during the dumping test, our experts utilized the quick-release feature. Surprisingly it was very smooth. So, the gor6ps is an excellent cart when it comes to dumping.

Furthermore, it is handy in your gardening projects as well. As it can tackle more oversized objects, you can pretty much pull it around with ease.

Meanwhile, the gcg7 has a comparatively more significant dimension than the gor6ps. Hence, it allows a bit more room on the cart.

Starting from a basic landscaping project, you can use it for heavier gardening activities. Similarly, like the gor6ps, it also has a unique dumping option. So, offloading is effortless with this cart as well.

Weight Capacity

The gcg7 weighs exactly 54.25 lb., just as the manufacturer claims. If we compare it with the gor6ps, it’s a bit heavier. However, the weight difference isn’t significant. We examined the cart to check why it had the extra weight.

Due to the higher dimension of the gcg7, it is .25 lbs more than the gor6ps. Also, it can handle 1100-1200 lbs load without any problems.

In the case of gor6ps, it is 54lbs which is .25 lesser than the gcg7. But the carrying capacity is still 1200lbs which is similar to the gor6ps. Keep in mind that the bed dimension is also a fact. It’s lesser than the gcg7, thus the slightly lower weight difference.

Price Point

The gor6ps cart costs 189 dollars. Firstly, the gor6ps is a cart designed for heavy-duty work. Yet, there are limitations to it. Even though while having the ability to carry 1200lb of weight, it will not hold its quality in the long run.

We think that the price tag is too high for the features it gives you. Yet, if you want to do basic gardening activities, you can permanently save a few bucks and go for the gor6ps.

While the gcg7 has a price tag of $229.99, this cart is renowned for its good durability. Also, it has a broader wheel that can overtake any type of object.

The 7 gcg cart is slightly more expensive than the gor6ps. That’s why the higher price the manufacturer puts is worth it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are gorilla carts made of?

The frame material of the gorilla cart is steel with a powder coat. While the bed material comes from free-poly. And the tub is rust-resistant.

What is the biggest gorilla cart?

There are various models for gorilla carts. You will see different sizes according to their models. The biggest one is the GOR10-16. It is around 1500lb.

Are Gorilla Carts good?

Gorilla carts are the best option for your lawn care. They are outstanding as they are very superior. It does an excellent job of dumping and offloading loads.

Polishing Off With The Right Pick

The gcg7 might be a heavy cart, but it has its upsides. It’s the best for doing serious gardening work. As it has a maximum load capacity of 1200lb, the cart can carry a tremendous load without problem.

We suggest you for getting the gcg7 if you do such work. Also, if your garden does not have a smooth surface, then the gcg7 is the better choice for your garden.

On the other side, the gor6ps is smaller than the gcg7, making it easy to maneuver tight corners. When you tow the gor6ps, you can do it without interference.

Yet, you need to look out for its performance in uneven textures. It does not do well there. If you are looking for a gardening cart for everyday work, the gor6ps is the best choice. Hence, get the gor6ps cart for basic gardening activities.