Fuel Type for RYOBI Power Equipment (Avoid Fuel Problems)

Your generator’s efficiency and performance can be maximized through regular maintenance and the use of premium gasoline with a low ethanol percentage.

In order to operate properly, RYOBI generators require unleaded petrol with an octane level of 87 or above and no more than 10% ethanol.

Make sure there’s plenty of airflow when you replenish your generator. Be sure to observe all of the RYOBI manual’s recommended safety measures.

Ryobi generator
Ryobi Generator

How to Fill a RYOBI Generator with the Proper Gasoline

Maintaining peak performance from your RYOBI generator is essential. The efficiency of the generator can be improved by using the correct gas.

Keep your gas tank stocked with new fuel that has a low ethanol concentration to reduce fuel-related issues. To further diminish moisture and stabilize gas, I suggest applying a fuel additive.

Reduced Amounts of Ethanol

Even if the addition of ethanol to gas makes it more eco-friendly, it is not a product that should be used in the little engine of your RYOBI generator.

Water is attracted to ethanol by its very nature. When water and ethanol mix, they can leave behind a varnish that clogs pumps and injectors.

Fuel system components, such as the carburetor, may fail as a result.

Always choose for gas with an ethanol percentage of 10% or less, as anything higher might have detrimental consequences on the fuel system. We like lower ethanol levels.

Never use E15, E30, or E85 fuel in your car. Each of these fuels has between 15 and 30 percent ethanol, and between 85 and 100 percent, respectively.

Get New Gasoline

Within 30 days of purchase, gasoline might start to deteriorate. As a result, new gas should be purchased and used within this window.

For those who only use their generator during blackouts, estimating how soon a tank of gas would be consumed might be challenging. Because of this, I always have my larger portable generator on hand.

Each time I fill up the tank, I add a fuel stabilizer to make the gas last a bit longer before it deteriorates.

Supplement the Fuel with a Stabilizer

If you want to keep your gas fresh for longer, you should add a fuel stabilizer to it right away. The consequences of stale gas cannot be undone by fuel additives.

Each time I fill up, I like to use Sea Foam Motor Treatment. Sea Foam is a gas stabilizer, fuel system cleaner, and moisture eliminator all in one. It reduces the likelihood of issues caused by using stale fuel.

STA-BIL is another excellent choice of gasoline additive.

Burning Fuel That Doesn’t Contain Ethanol (Optional)

To protect the generator from ethanol’s harmful effects, switch to a gas that doesn’t contain it. While ethanol-free petrol is the most efficient fuel for your RYOBI, it also happens to be the most expensive.

There are gas stations where you can buy gas without ethanol. It’s marketed as REC-90, or recreational fuel. To locate a gas station in your area, visit Pure-gas.org.

Similarly to this 4-cycle gasoline from TruFuel, it is also sold in canisters at hardware stores and on the Internet. As a portable solution, the canisters are great to have on hand.

Advice on Buying and Storage Gas for RYOBI Generator

An improper fuel blend or stale gas can prevent your RYOBI generator from starting or running properly. For more efficient gas selection and storage, consider the following.

  • Never use gas that is older than 30 days, and make sure to use it all up quickly if you do.
  • Fuel with an octane rating of 87 or above and no more than 10% ethanol should be used.
  • When gas will be sitting for longer than 30 days, a fuel stabilizer should be added.
  • Keep gas in a cold, dry place, out of the reach of children and far from anything that could catch fire.

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