Review: Ford 4000 Tractor, Good and Bad

You’ve come to the perfect place if you always favor an old-fashioned approach to maintaining your lawn and garden. We will talk about Ford, a well-known vintage lawn tractor brand that was regarded as the greatest at the time.

Today, Ford 4000s remain the most common choice among farmers, and every farmer aspires to own one. The tractor is outfitted with contemporary amenities that have been expertly integrated to give you the greatest experience for all of your needs. The 4000 is the most well-liked of all the tractors that Ford makes. As a result, we’ll be reviewing the Ford 4000 in this post.

Overview of the Ford 4000 tractor

Ford 4000 Tractor
Ford 4000 Tractor

One of these tractors that farmers have always loved is the Ford 4000. It makes sense to use the Ford 4000 tractor in any contemporary farming business. This tractor can be used for many different agricultural tasks. In order to give you a better, more pleasant ride, it is also constructed with cutting-edge technologies and contemporary components. Without having to worry about repairs every few years, this tractor will last you for many years.


  • Engine type- Ford gasoline
  • Engine Power 55 hp
  • Cooling system- Liquid cooled
  • Cylinder- 4
  • Compression- 7.5:1
  • Fuel Tank capacity- 16 gal
  • Oil capacity- 6.2 L
  • Transmission   gear- 4 forward and 1 reverse
  • Wheelbase- 84.5 inches
  • Rear PTO- independent
  • Chassis- 4×2 2WD
  • Pump flow- 5.4 gpm
  • Drawbar – 41 hp
  • PTO- 46 hp
  • Rear lift- 1451 kg
  • Rear Type- I,II
  • Weight- 1542 kg



The 55 horsepower engine in the Ford 4000 drives the vehicle. The engine is a 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled Ford diesel. It implies that you won’t need to continuously turn off the engine to let it cool. The displacement is 201 cubic inches. The stroke and compression ratio of this engine are 4.40*4.40 inches and 16.5:1, respectively. The starter is also extremely smooth, making it simple to start the engine. All of these characteristics contribute to the engine’s remarkable durability and dependability.


On Ford 4000 cars, dual-range gearboxes are an option. With a power steering system, you may control your vehicle completely. The tractor has two reverse gears and eight forward gears. The tractor also includes a dry disc clutch in addition to the clutch. Similar to the oil capacity, which is substantially larger than that of other tractors at 12.5 liters.


There is an open center hydraulic system in Ford 4000s. Through the control valve, there is an open central path. The transmission PTO has 31.8 L total accessible, and the independent PTO has 30.7 L. The pump has a 5.4 gpm flow rate and a 2500 psi pressure. The hydraulic mechanism on this tractor makes it better than other models in its category.


When the Ford 4000 was first introduced to the market in 1965, it was priced at $3,500 USD. But since then, costs have significantly increased. Currently, a Ford 4000 costs around 6,000 USD.


  • The tool is really simple to use.
  • A three-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine.
  • The engine can produce 55 horsepower.
  • On the tractor’s left side, there is also a four-speed gear selector.
  • On the tractor, there are also mechanical disc brakes.
  • There are a total of eight forward and two backward gears.
  • The body parts of a tractor are quite robust.
  • Low and simple upkeep
  • Still accessible


  • The manual steering is a significant flaw.
  • No auto-steering
  • Challenging to manage
  • A hard to come by lawnmower
  • A little pricey to purchase

Last Words

That concludes our discussion of the Ford 400. This evaluation should assist you in determining whether purchasing a tractor is a good investment for you if you are thinking about doing so. Even though the Ford 4000 model is relatively ancient, the engine is incredibly durable, and the lawn mower will last you for many years without experiencing any significant issues. However, since this model is outdated, you could have problems locating it. Fortunately, if you know which merchant to approach, you can purchase it from them for a fair price. Overall, if you choose to get it, it will be a great choice.