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What is the best john deere coolant equivalent you can use? Based on our research, the Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant can be the best alternative to john deere’s Coolant, especially the cool-gard II PG.

It offers the same level of protection and helps increase the engine’s lifespan. However, you can’t use this antifreeze in all john deere tractors’ engines.

So, we have listed some other john deere coolant equivalents on this list to help you maximize your vehicle’s engine performance. Let’s check them out. 

John Deere Coolant Equivalent: Pick The Appropriate One For Your Tractor’s Engine

John Deere usually yields two coolant types: concentrate and pre-mix. This brand comes with the cool-gard Coolant for light to medium-duty vehicle engines.

Later, the manufacturer introduced the updated version of that Coolant, cool-gard II, which is appropriate for heavy-duty gasoline and diesel engines.

Anyway, both types of antifreeze have pre-mix and concentrate versions, and they meet the company’s guidelines of becoming nitrite-free.

Plus, They deliver cylinder liner cavitation protection and protect the cooling system that consists of metal, cast iron, aluminum alloys, and copper alloys from rust and corrosion.

That said, all engine coolants that meet the criteria mentioned above will be considered for the john deere coolant alternatives.

Luckily, we have found some john deere coolant equivalents, listed them on the table, and briefly talked about them in this article. So, let’s read.

John Deere CoolantsAlternatives
Cool-Gard PremixPeak Global Extended Life, Havoline GHC Premix 50/50
Cool-Gard II Premix, Concentrate & PGZerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant,, Rotella ELC
Cool-Gard II PremixPrestone Dex-Cool
Cool-Gard II Coolant ConcentrateSierra Full Strength Antifreeze + Coolant

Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant

It’s an OEM-approved, pre-mix antifreeze designed to elevate your vehicles’ engines’ performance like the cool-gard II coolant does.

It also contains top-quality ethylene glycol found in cool-gard II. And for an added additive, it houses hybrid organic acid. Consequently, this antifreeze offers unsurpassed freeze protection and anti-boil performance.

Besides, its 50/50 mixture won’t cause any harm to gaskets, hoses, plastics, or any other finishes. So, you can use this as the john deere cool-gard II coolant equivalent.

Peak Global Extended Life

The peak global extended life coolant comes with a silicate-free, advanced acid technology that follows the patented non-2-EH formula.

So, it guarantees unparalleled protection against damaging rust and corrosion for an extended duration.

And the best fact is that this antifreeze is suitable for light to medium-duty trucks and all automobiles. Hence, you may pick this one as the John Deere 425 coolant equivalent.

Prestone Dex-Cool

Designed to keep engine temperature at an optimal state, prevent freezing and protect against rust and corrosion, this Prestone dex cool is ideal for almost all vehicle engines.

It is backed by a longer engine life of up to 10 years/ 300,000 miles. So, undoubtedly, it is one of the best types of antifreeze available on the market.

Thus, you can use it as john deere 4840 coolant equivalent or for any other vehicle’s engine.

Rotella ELC

The Rotella ELC is another Cool-Gard II alternative engineered for heavy-duty diesel engines. This nitrite-free Coolant offers superior heat transfer, freeze, and boiling protection.

Also, with its corrosion inhibitor technology, this antifreeze can protect the metal from all forms of rust and corrosion. Overall, it’s got everything you want from the best-quality antifreeze at a reasonable price.

Oh! If you are a JD user, you might need to check John Deere HyGard equivalent for alternative transmission oil.

Havoline GHC Premix 50/50

The Havoline GHC pre-mix 50/50 is an alternative to john deere coolant. It is formulated with potent additives and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like nitrites, amines, phosphates, etc.

The antifreeze is suitable as a coolant and heat transferring fluid, and you can utilize this Coolant for all diesel engines. Lastly, it comes at a reasonable price compared to John Deere’s Coolant.

Sierra Full Strength Antifreeze + Coolant

Sierra Full Strength Antifreeze + Coolant is one of the premium automotive coolants that you can use as a john deere coolant alternative.

Instead of featuring ethylene glycol, it is formulated with propylene glycol, which is safe for people, pets, and the environment.

Plus, its pg formula offers unmatched protection against freeze-up, boil-over, and corrosion. Many riders consider it their go-to coolant, and you can also follow them.

So, these are all the coolants we found working exceptionally well as most john deere coolants, and none will disappoint you with their performance.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What Kind Of Antifreeze Does A John Deere Tractor Take?

The John Deere tractor takes Cool-Gard II PG heavy-duty antifreeze/summer coolant pre-mix. It’s a heavy-duty engine coolant made of a 60/40 mixture of propylene glycol and deionized water. It can take good care of your vehicle’s engine for years.

What Coolant For John Deere Tractors?

Cool-Gard & Cool-Gard II’s all models are ideal for john deere tractors. However, you can use other alternative coolants in john deere’s tractor’s engines that we have already discussed in this content.

What Kind Of Antifreeze Does A John Deere 1025r Take?

The John Deere 1025r takes COOL-GARD II Premix & COOL-GARD II PG Premix. Both coolants contain a non-toxic formulation and a 40/60 mixture to prevent engine freezing up, overheating, and metal damage like rust and corrosion.

Is John Deere 1025R Liquid Cooled?

Yes, john deere 1025 r features a four-stroke, liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder diesel engine that can produce 53.1-newton meters of torque to help you perform all small firm activities in a cinch.


Now you know that john deere’s tractors use cool-gard coolants to extend the tractor’s engine lifespan. All the models of cool-gard, including pre-mix and concentrate, are nitrite-free and offer excellent protection. So, many riders believe these coolants are unmatched when you can find their alternatives at a low price.

And that’s what we have included all models of john deere coolant equivalent here, thinking these alternatives might help you when you don’t have any john deere antifreeze in your arsenal.

However, we hope you found this content enlightening and will appreciate our effort.