[Explained] When to Apply Prodiamine? Detailed Roundup Schedule!

When to apply Prodiamine? The best application time for Prodiamine is in early spring or late winter.

Unlike post weed killers that weaken the root of plants, pre-emergent like Prodiamine prevents sprouting; that’s absolutely right!

Weeds like crabgrass and foxtail sprout along with plants like cucumber, corn, or squash; they compete for sunlight and water. But its efficiency entirely relies on the time when you are using it. As a result, your plants don’t receive the nutrition that they really require. That’s when Prodiamine enters the show!

So, follow this guide and get familiar with the best time to use this pre-emergent for a luscious garden!

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When to Apply Prodiamine

what time to-apply prodiamine

As mentioned, early spring and late winter are perfect times. Start when the temperature begins to decline below 55 degrees F and never apply it above 70-degrees.

Prodiamine can stop the sprouting of unwanted grass and reduce the competition in your garden. They come in powder forms like the Prodiamine 65 or as granular particles like the barricade version.

You need to add a sufficient amount of water for it to activate. The ideal amount is 2 gallons of water per one and a half tea-spoon of Prodiamine powder. That’s why winter and spring are the best time as it doesn’t interfere with the water level you need.

In summer, the water level can decrease through vaporization. And in the rainy season, the chemicals can be easily washed away.

When to Apply Prodiamine In Fall

Speaking of the fall season, it typically refers to a time from September 1 to September 15. When the temperature starts decreasing from 55 degrees, it is a good time to start. But be quick before the ground gets covered in snow.

Bluegrass, carpetweed, rescue grass, witchgrass, or any other weed that starts germination in spring, need prevention from a pre-emergent. As we have discussed earlier, the water level should be 0.5 inches deep. Make sure the level is the same for at least two days.

When to Apply Prodiamine In Spring

Early spring is the perfect time to prevent the sprouting of weeds that germinate in the moisture of late spring or summer. February to March has the right weather for spring application.

If you don’t stop the sprouting altogether, they can grow plentifully. Then a pre-emergent won’t be of any use. You have to go for the next option, which is a post-emergent.

Remember that Prodiamine doesn’t affect the germination of plants. What it does is simply put an end to the sprouting of unwanted or wanted grass. So, wait a bit till your desired flower or vegetable plant starts germination. Then, you can spray weed preventers in the garden, and it won’t hurt the plants as they have already escaped the danger stage.

When to Apply Prodiamine In Oklahoma

You should remember that the best time for the Prodiamine barricade depends on the temperature level no matter what the month is. Apply the pre-emergent when the temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit for two consecutive days. However, if you reside in Oklahoma, February 1 to March 15 is the perfect time for spraying.

With a Prodiamine label on your pre-emergent, you can save a lot of time. It requires only two applications and works more efficiently than other brands in the market. The second application date is after 14 days of the first session.

The explanation is really interesting. Weeds that were pre-mature would not be able to take in the weed killer. That’s why the second application is to ensure that these babies are out too.

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When to Apply Prodiamine In Texas

Texas is warmer than most other states. Try to apply Prodiamine pre-emergent anytime in October and November.

Most lawn mowers prefer to apply pre-emergent during late winter or early spring. In summer, the weed plants shut down to protect themselves against heat. That also means it won’t take any weed preventing particles inside.

Plus, without a sufficient amount of water (o.5 inches), it can’t work. It just lays in on the grass as some granules of powder, and that’s it. Water activates them.

When to Apply Prodiamine After Overseeding

Overseeding is the process of filling up blank patches with new and lush grass. The main purpose of this technique is to avoid turning the soil while seeding.

Now the question is, what is the right time to apply Prodiamine herbicide after overseeding? The best time to use Prodiamine when you are overseeding is to wait for three or four months. Because the weed-killing components inside this pre-emergent can significantly reduce the growth of your desired grass.

Some pre-emergents contain siduron. It helps the root of the grass become strong while weakening the weeds like crabgrass. These pre-emergent doesn’t have such restrictions on when is the perfect time to apply. Since Prodiamine 65 is a bit harsher, you have to be careful about that.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Should Prodiamine Be Applied?

Early spring or late fall is an ideal time to stop the sprouting of unwanted weeds like grassy weeds, chickweed, goosegrass, lovegrass. You must also keep track of the temperature. Start applying if the temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Can You Over-Apply Prodiamine?

It will become completely inefficient if you over-apply Prodiamine. The product instruction says you should add two tablespoons per gallon of water. It should be enough for thousand squares per acre of your lawn.

How Do I Apply Prodiamine To My Lawn?

If you pick the powdery one, then mix it well with water and spray it over the lawn. Or, you could have chosen a granular one. that would require a specific spraying instrument.

Can You Apply Prodiamine In The Rain?

No. You must avoid Prodiamine application during rain. Because with each rain, the chemicals will sweep away. Plus there’s no way you can maintain the suggested water level.


You see, there are only two-three things to keep in mind before you open the packet of a pre-emergent. And if you are still perplexed about which month has the right temperature in your area, then hiring a professional is the best deal.

After all, a clean and blooming green lawn is the first impression anyone has for a house. And, we can’t let the grassy weeds ruin that, right?

Hopefully, you have got the answer to when to apply Prodiamine.