[Explained] John Deere Fault Codes List+ Their Meanings!

The John Deere fault codes list can come in handy in solving a bunch of failures that you might be facing right now. And so, welcome to one of the most well-sorted guides with all the necessary codes including the explanation on matters that are related.

We know how hard it can get when finding yourself constantly going back and forth due to a sudden problem that seems almost unsolvable at one point. And to make the misery a little less time-consuming, we thought a fault code list can really help. So, here’s one!

John Deere Fault Codes List with The Description! 

john deere fault codes list pdf

Almost all find it boring to read the John Deere fault codes pdf from first to last pages. Due to this, we’ll focus on presenting trouble codes based on different units. Let’s get into the lists. 

John Deere Engine Codes (ECU) List

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is a sensor that shows the fault codes of 1 or more electrical systems of the vehicle. Look at a few trouble codes below.

John Deere ACU Fault Codes List

The ACU aka Armrest Control Unit has the diagnostic trouble codes which pop up due to system faults. Take a close look at the following mentions.

John Deere TCU Fault Codes List

The TCU (Transmission Control Unit) is a system that controls modern automatic transmissions. Your tractor display might show some error codes with ‘TCU’ that need an immediate fix. Here are some of the fault codes.

John Deere BCU Fault Codes List

The BCU (Basic Control Unit) is the main computer controller that controls the functions of John Deere. This group (BCU) contains a few trouble codes which can be repaired. Learn some of them beneath. 

Retrieving Engine Fault Codes

For Your Information – At times the normal operating ranges might be exceeded when there’re inputs of the engine sensor. And then there will be deration of fuel that is supplied to the engine, which ECU is in charge of making happen.

Whenever there’s a fuel derate, a fault code will accompany it. So, you should always check the fault codes whenever the engine seems to run at a low rate than normal to check whether an internal issue is troubling the engine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you check the codes on a John Deere?

It’s super simple and should be given already in the manual. But guessing that you lost it, or something happened, here’s a brief idea on what to do.
Press the Menu button for at least 5 seconds and the codes will pop on the display. You can then use the select button for fining the machine an engine diagnostic code. Note down the ones that you basically need in a notepad.

How do fault codes work?

The fault codes are used to make you aware of an existing error that just got detected in the vehicle. The activation of a corresponding code happens right after trouble is detected by the system basically. And this will help one to find exactly what is wrong with the vehicle.

Wrapping Up

And that’s what we had for you. Now with the john Deere fault codes list, hopefully, the road ahead is seeming less daunting and challenging.

However, in case of disappointment, with the situation, as you cannot really tell what’s wrong, it’s still a valid choice to simply get in touch with an expert. They will have a more specific and reliable solution for the problem. So, think about it!