Blown Head Gasket On Exmark Kohler Engine Oil Leaking: Repair Or Replace?

What can be done to fix a broken head gasket on an Exmark Kohler engine that is leaking oil? I suppose your first step should be to replace.

It’s crucial to be aware of the possibilities of oil leakage and a burst head gasket if your Exmark lawn mower has a Kohler engine. Although this issue is quite typical, if you identify it early, it is fortunately simple to resolve.

We’ll demonstrate how to fix a blown head gasket in an Exmark lawn mower in this blog post. Before that, let’s talk about the oil leak’s likely causes and the process used to diagnose it. What if the head gasket hasn’t blown?

Reasons Most Likely To Cause Oil Leaks In Kohler Engines On Exmark Mower

In Kohler engines in Exmarks, the shaft region is typically where the oil leaks. Only underneath the engine will you find oil; not in the vicinity of the frame. Therefore, you might state that your Exmark Kohler Engine’s crankshaft seal is leaking.

The breather gasket’s failure is another potential cause of this oil leak. When that happens, the oil leaves the path with the least amount of resistance.

The Exmark engine’s crankcase vacuum occasionally suffers catastrophic losses. Additionally, that may be the cause of an oil leak. However, leaking occurs everywhere due to the loss of crankcase vacuum, not just in the engine.

You will either have little compression in the engine or none at all whenever the head gasket blows. Additionally, you will learn that the engine is leaking something. A compression gauge can be used to determine whether or not the air pressure is rising.

How Can A Blown Head Gasket Be Diagnosed?

Let’s first determine whether the head gasket is blown or not.

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Look over the head gasketOn the top of the engine, there is a cylinder head from which the spark plugs protrude. Again, a cylinder block is situated below. It appears to be a straight fracture.

Between this cylinder head and the cylinder block, you must install a joint. The joint contains the head gasket. Sealing the cylinder head toward the cylinder block is its primary function. Then, it will be simple to check for discoloration or metal buildup. If you notice this, the head gasket is likely leaking there.

Verify the Head and Block’s Width

You must use a fine feeler wire or gauge to determine the breadth of the cylinder head and block. Check to make sure the space is no larger than 0.001 inches. It ought to be negligible and immeasurable.

Remove the spark plug

Next, start the Kohler engine on your Exmark. Pull three times on the starter cord. The spark plug lead for your engine can then be readily disconnected.

It is possible for the cylinder head and cylinder block to occasionally make sounds that resemble air escaping. Such sounds indicate that the head gasket is leaking if they are heard.

Reconnect the ignition plug

Start your engine now to do a more thorough analysis. Simply reconnect the spark plug lead and inspect the area surrounding the cylinder head joint. The head gasket must be leaking if there is high-pressure steam seeking to escape.

This Video Might Help You Find/Fix The Exmark Kohler Engine Leak

How To Fix A Blown Head Gasket In An Exmark Lawnmower

There is just one option when the head gasket is certain to be blown: replace the gasket.

We can all relate to the frustration of having our Exmark lawn mower malfunction in the middle of mowing our lawn. A blown head gasket is among the most frequent problems experienced by Exmark owners.

Well, a click will solve the issues. Just take a quick look at the choices we have given you.

The most expensive route is the first one. You can bring your Exmark lawnmower to a repair facility and have the blown head gasket replaced there. This is the quickest and easiest choice, but it will surely cost you a lot of money.

The simple solution is the second choice. With a few simple tools and some work, you can replace the blown head gasket by yourself. Although it will take time and work, this solution will help you save a lot of money.

The best course of action in the event of oil leakage and a burst head gasket is to get in touch with an experienced repairman right once. However, since the Exmark commercial faults appear to be quite typical in all the series, there may be further concerns.

Here’s what you need to do, though, if you’re feeling skilled and want to attempt to solve the issue on your own.

Step 1: Take off the dipstick and oil fill cap. The oil will then drain into a catch pan after the oil drain plug has been removed.

Step 2: Use a spark plug wrench to remove the spark plug and remove the spark plug wire.

Step 3: Unscrew the bolts keeping the cylinder head in place using a socket wrench. The cylinder head is then carefully removed. Take assistance from the exact handbook on the Kohler website if you are having trouble.

Step 4: Check for damage or cracks in the cylinder head. It must be replaced if it appears to be damaged. Otherwise, wash the cylinder head with soapy water and a gentle brush.

Examine the previous head gasket in step 5. You’ll need to get a new one if it’s broken. Most lawn mower repair shops carry Exmark head gaskets.

Step 6: Apply a thin coat of sealant to both sides of the new head gasket before installing it. After that, apply the gasket to the cylinder head and secure it with the bolts. The bolts should be hand-tightened before being further tightened with a socket wrench.

Step 7: Replace the oil drain plug, reinstall the cylinder head, and insert the spark plug before adding additional oil to the engine.

The final step is to start the engine and look for leaks. You’ve successfully repaired the blown head gasket in your Exmark lawn mower if there are no leaks.

This Video On Kohler Engine Replacement Might Be Useful!

Questions And Answers (FAQs)

Can oil leaks be caused by a blown head gasket?

An oil leak from a blown gasket can only have one cause. The head gasket, which is situated between the oil route and the engine’s exterior, failed in this manner. However, a coolant or oil leak could result from this head gasket rupture.

How can I tell if the head gasket on my lawnmower has blown?

Low pressure is the main cause of blown head gaskets in lawn mowers. When the mower occasionally refuses to start or stops, we look for an oil leak. This is sufficient evidence to show that our gasket is faulty.

How can I tell if the oil is leaking from my head gasket?

Check the oil filler cap to determine whether or not there is an oil leak in the head gasket. Any substance, such as brownish-yellow, indicates an oil leak from the gasket. This substance will be milk-thick in consistency.

The head gasket sealer will it stop the oil leak?

A head gasket sealer would be the finest option if you’re seeking for a long-term fix to stop oil leaks in a head gasket. Only minor leakages—not massive leakages—are covered by it. You might need to replace the gasket entirely if the leak is severe.

Let’s Finish This Now!

We can see clearly now how annoying the Exmark Kohler engine oil leaking ruptured head gasket is. You should regularly check to see if your engine’s compression is correct. Once more, the crankshaft is to blame for the oil leak in the Exmark Kohler engine.

However, it does take some time and work to replace a blown head gasket in an Exmark lawn mower. We advise taking your Exmark to a repair shop if you are unsure about making this repair yourself.