Echo Chainsaw Fuel Mix Ratio: How Much Motor Oil To Add With Gas?

Before filling up the gas tank, it is essential to know what the recommended Echo chainsaw fuel mix ratio is.

The official recommendation of fuel ratio is 50:1 for Echo Chainsaws. Adding 50 parts of the gasoline with 1 part of the 2-stroke motor oil prepares the fuel for the 2-stroke engine.

Worry not if you are a newbie, follow this article and get to know all about the fuel mixing ratio like a professional.

Echo Chainsaw Fuel Mix Ratio

The Echo chainsaws are propelled by a 2-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine. A minimum of 89-grade or higher level of Octane is recommended as the primary fuel for these engines.

It is important to mix a certified motor oil that is compatible with the engine type and model with the gasoline in a proper amount. Mixing the oil with gasoline keeps the internal pistons lubricated and results in an efficient combustion system.

The official recommendation for the Echo 2 cycle oil mix ratio is 50:1 for Echo chainsaws. Whereas in the past, some models used other mixing ratios depending on engine type and displacement.

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Most Common Mixing Ratio

Worldwide different manufacturers give different recommendations for the mixing ratio of the fuel to use with the 2-stroke engine. The most commonly used gasoline-to-oil mixing ratio is given below:

Mix RatioOil ContentNotes
100:11%Very Thin Fuel
75:11.3%Thin fuel
60:11.6%Thin fuel
50:12%Standard ratio (mostly recommended)
40:12.4%For Thicker fuel
32:12.9%For engines with higher fuel displacement (cc)

The mixing ratio defines how thick or thin the fuel mixture will be. It depends upon the engine type, displacement, and manufacturer to determine what type of ratio should be used for an engine.

Engines with lower displacement require a thinner fuel mixture and vice-versa. In old times, the 40:1 or 32:1 were the most used fuel mixture ratio for the chainsaw engines.

Synthetic, semi-synthetic, or mineral oils are used as motor oils nowadays. Thus a minimum amount of oil works for most 2-stroke air-cooled engines.

Echo SRM 225 fuel mix ratio is also 50:1 as it uses a 2-stroke air-cooled engine. Echo chainsaws use 30cc-60cc of 2-stroke air-cooled engine. Therefore, a standard 50:1 ratio is required to complete the fuel mixture for all-around performance.

Fuel Mixture Calculation

Using improperly mixed fuel can void the engine guarantee, parts warranty, or, even worse, damage the engine.

In the USA, 1 gallon equals 128 fl oz. Since most gas canisters come in gallon units, it is important to calculate in that manner. All you need is to divide the amount of gasoline required with the first part of the ratio to get the oil amount.

For example, the Echo CS 400 fuel mixture requirement is 50:1. For 1 gallon of fuel, you must mix (128/50) 2.56 oz of motor oil. After rounding the figure, it becomes 2.6 oz. Each bottle contains 2.6 oz of oil.

This means for 2 gallons of fuel; you must mix two bottles of oil with the gasoline. You can check the Echo oil mix ratio chart for other products of Echo.

Importance of Fuel Mixture Ratio

There are many metallic moving parts inside a 2-stroke engine. Some are big, whereas some are very small in size. These moving parts must be lubricated to avoid internal friction and resistance.

The lubrication is essential to keep the metals refrain from corrosion due to constant movement. Not using oil or an incorrect amount of fuel mixture can lead the engine system to get damaged over time.

How to Prepare Fuel for the Echo Chainsaw Engine?

For Echo 2-stroke engine, you have to maintain a 50:1 fuel ratio. In each gallon of 89-grade Unleaded Octane, you need to mix 2.6 oz (1 bottle) of ECHO PowerBlend Oil or ECHO Red Armor Oil.

These are ISO-L-EGD, and JASO M345 FD certified oil to be mixed with 89(mid-grade)/93(Premium) gasoline.

Fill a gas canister (1gallon) to prepare the mixture halfway and pour 2.6 oz oil. After thoroughly blending the oil with gasoline, fill the canister to the mark.

If you plan to use the fuel later, give the canister a swirl beforehand. It is because the motor oil may separate from the gasoline if left for a definite period.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fuel oil ratio for Echo chainsaws?

The standard fuel ratio for Echo Chainsaw is 50:1. For each gallon of fuel, 2.6 oz of motor oil is mixed with gasoline (Octane). It is recommended to check the user’s manual to know the required ratio for different models.

What fuel ratio does Echo use?

Echo uses 89/93 grade Unleaded Octane. For lubrication ECHO PowerBlend you should use Oil or ECHO Red Armor Oil as these are certified by ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345 FD.

How much 2-cycle oil do you put in a gallon of gas for a chainsaw?

For 1 gallon of gasoline, you must pour 2.6 oz of 2-cycle oil to maintain a 50:1 ratio. An Echo CS 310 fuel mix ratio is 50:1, which means 2.6 oz of motor oil requires mixing with 1 gallon of gasoline.


Using the gas oil mix ratio for Echo chainsaw is important for smooth performance. We hope all your confusion and questionnaires regarding the echo chainsaw fuel mix ratio are answered.

Nevertheless, keep track of the user manual to know the exact recommended fuel ratio for the Echo chainsaw.

Knowing the required ratio, you can easily prepare your fuel mixture following the steps mentioned earlier.