[Don’t Miss] Simplicity Mower Electrical Problems With Causes And Researched Fixes!

What are the common Simplicity mower electrical problems that users face? The most experienced issues regarding the Simplicity of electrical mowing machines it doesn’t start, the breakdown of the PTO switch is second, and eventually solenoid problems. Other than these, we face some different issues in our daily routine.

Each day we pass, we go through various new problems. Besides, these problems are minor and easy to defeat or mend. Today, let’s talk about the prime Simplicity mower electrical challenges that all customers have faced for a long time and spent a good amount of money fixing.

Simplicity Mower Electrical Problems And Find The Beneficial Solutions

Here are some problems and causes that prompt the issues. Let’s look at the table, which is a summary for your convenience. After that, we shall disclose the full explanation so that you can find your problem with the best solution.

Problems Causes
The mower fails to startFlaw in Ignition key or low battery.
PTO switch problemsOverflow of electricity and technical fault.
Safety switch issueWater, overflow of electricity, and technical faults.
Broken relayTechnical faults.

Mower Fails To Start

Let’s start with an easy one: failure while starting. Comprehensively, when you press the ignition key, your Simplicity mower does not respond at all.


There can be several causes for this problem. But two are prime reasons.

The first one is the flaw in the ignition key. The primitive responsibility of the ignition key is to turn on the fuel burner with the electric help from the battery.

Therefore, we can consider the entire ignition as an electrical issue. And behind this breakdown, the electric shock circuit malfunctioning is the prime reason.

Another problem from the same line is the battery. When the battery runs out of its caliber, it won’t be able to serve the electricity to the burner, and the starting fails.

It generally occurs when we pressurize the battery for multi-purposes. Another important reason is we don’t replace the battery after the expiry date.


If your mower is not starting, you must check the battery first for Simplicity mowers troubleshooting. What you need to do is to utilize your vehicle’s jumper cable to identify the problem.

Moreover, your mower’s battery holds the issue, your mower will start quickly after the connection with another vehicle’s battery through the jumper cable.

Yet, if your Simplicity mower is still not responding at all, you must consider the ignition problem. And there is no better mending procedure to fix the ignition key than changing the set entirely.

PTO Switch Disengagement

Another mostly experienced problem is the breakdown of the PTO switch. PTO can be either manual or automatic. If you want to determine if your PTO switch is dead, you will need a multimeter.

After that, establish the connection between the PTO switch and the multimeter. Now the technical part starts; you have to observe the ohms. If it is 2 to 4 as the ramifications, there is no problem with the PTO switch. If the figure is less than 2, you must deploy a new button.


There is no such definite cause behind this issue. Yet, the most probable reason is the overflow of electricity. People found that the PTO switch completely melted because of the electrical surge in most reported cases.

Another finding is that the breakdown is less than the previous one. The vital pillar behind this is the quality of the PTO switch. Generally, it occurs in the unauthorized PTO switch we attach after purchasing from general stores.


Though there are two reasons that we are concerned about, the solution is only one. And that is the change of PTO switch. A new PTO switch with a guarantee may cost you around $300.

And, if you have the fundamental technical knowledge, you can find the attaching criteria in the manual and fix them on your own.

Solenoid Or Safety Switch Disengagement

You won’t be able to run your mower if your safety switch is not working. What does a solenoid do? It establishes a connection between the battery and the power cable. When we ignite or press the ignition key, the electricity can flow and start the engine.

To determine if your solenoid is working or not, you will need a voltmeter. The point that holds the cable from the battery will always serve 12 V. You have to check the other end of the solenoid or safety switch.

Hold the meter on the other point and press the ignition switch. The meter will immediately show 12 V if the safety switch is OK. This is how you can check your solenoid.

Types Of Solenoid Problem

Solenoid generally helps to stop the engine immediately when the rider gets off the seat. And there are two types of solenoid problems with the same solution.

  1. The switch doesn’t work correctly when the rider gets off.
  2. The switch is completely dead and doesn’t establish any connection.


The most complex fact about electric switches is that you can’t determine the actual causes of breakdown. However, we can still guess that the overflow of electricity, water interruption, and technical difficulties are the prime reasons.


Akin to the PTO switch, the solution is also the same in the case of the safety switch. All you need to do is determine if the safety switch is broken. After that, purchase good quality and waterproof control to circumvent problems in the future.

The installation process is quite straightforward. According to the manual, you have to attach two cables (red and black) and tighten the safety switch.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why won’t my Simplicity mower won’t start?

There are plenty of technical problems that can occur. But, the problem is inevitably entirely electrical. Perhaps, the safety or PTO switch is not working or is broken. Though it is rare, the ignition key can phase this difficulty also.

How do you check an electric lawn mower?

No matter what electric problem you are going through, you must have a voltmeter to determine the electrical issue. If your mower is not working, you must check whether the battery is OK or not. After that, check all the switches, including the ignition key, with a voltmeter.

What does a relay do on a mower?

A relay or DC relay is responsible for lowering the electrical flow of the mower. It is connected with the starter board to regulate the flow towards that.

How do you start a Simplicity zero turn mower?

Firstly, turn the PTO switch down and neutralize the levers. After that, turn on the parking brake. If your engine is off for a week, it must be cold, so pull the choke. If it is warm, turn the choke off. Operate the gear and set the speed as slow. After that, you can start the engine.

Do Simplicity zero-turn mowers have rollers?

Similar to the other mowers from different brands, the Simplicity zero turn mower includes a roller that helps ride the mower.

Bottom Line

After considering all this, you can now understand the Simplicity mower electrical problems. You can easily find these problems and fix them if you follow the solutions mentioned above. Nonetheless, it is always better to have assistance from an authorized expert.