Does It Hurt To Use 32:1 Mix in Place of 40:1? Fuel Mixing Twist!

Can you use a 32:1 mix in place of 40:1? Yes, it is possible to use a 32:1 combination instead of 40:1. However, there are some measures you need to implement before you use the ratio.

Mixing gasoline can be quite complex if you are new to it. But once you have the basic idea of how it works, you won’t face any complications. We will give a descriptive answer to a popular question, “Does it hurt to use 32:1 mix in place of 40:1?”

Does it Hurt to Use 32:1 Mix in Place of 40:1? Things You Should Know

Using the correct oil/gas mixture is quite confusing to a beginner. One wrong step may damage the engine hindering its longevity and performance. But once you figure out the mixture ideas and where and when to use it, your engine will not receive any damage.

32:1 means one-gallon gas combined with 4 oz engine oil (two-cycle). On the contrary, 40:1 refers to one-gallon gas mixed with 3.2 oz of oil. So, some engines have special requirements, where you must use the designated oil mix. Using another oil mix rather than the specified one may cause issues.

Now, converting 32 to 1 fuel mix in ml is about 5-liter gas combined with 140 ml of engine oil. As you increase the amount of gas, there should be an engine oil increment. 32:1 is the most standard oil mix for most engines people use. It’s the right amount of oil mix, and usually, it does not cause any damage unless the quality of the mixture is terrible. Otherwise, 32:1 is a primary mix you will widely notice.

On the other hand, 40:1 mix refers to a 5-liter of gas combined with 125ml oil. Various chainsaws and running mowers suggest you use a 40:1 combination. It essentially keeps the engine fresh. Remember, most times, a wrong ratio mix will seriously affect the engine. The fuel will remain in the tank, gradually damaging the injector and the vehicle’s fuel line. Also, the fuel pump will receive severe damage. Overall, 32 to 1 fuel mix 5 liters converts to 140 ml oil while the contrary refers to 5 liters with 125ml.

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Can You Use a 32:1 Mix Instead of 40:1?

As our team researched various forums, we found out most people tried using a 32:1 mix on a 40:1 specified engine. They did not find any serious issues.

Some members from the forum Do It Yourself said that use a 32:1 combination even if the manufacturer suggests you to 40:1. But beware of warranty voids.

If you use a 32:1 mix, there is a high chance that your warranty will void. This individual mix is enough to lube the muffler, ports, and exhaust with the oil. As a result, there is no significant problem.

In another forum named TractorByNet, a user said he used a 32:1 mix instead of 40:1 for his Stihl chainsaws. There was no problem using the mix, even though the recommended combination was 40:1. However, he suggested using a heavier mix for the Stihl chainsaws. 

Remember that extra oil never hurts in an engine, but excess gasoline will start causing damage to the engine. So, while making a mix, keep a definite ratio and do not exceed the threshold.

As we mentioned, 32:1 is the most standard mix you can use for various engines. Well, there are some exceptions that require you to use 50:1. But it’s safe to say that you can use a 32:1 in place of 40:1 mix.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does 40 to 1 have more oil than 32 to 1?

No, 40 to 1 does not have more oil than a 32 to 1 mixture. Five liters of gasoline use 140ml oil, which is 32 to 1. While 40 to 1 uses 125ml oil for 5 liters of gasoline, you can see 32 to 1 has more oil.

What is the mix ratio for 32 1?

Let’s take 5 liters of gasoline. For a 32:1 ratio, the ratio of oil should be 140 ml. In a 32:1 balance, 10 liters of gasoline has 300ml of oil.

How do you mix a small amount of 40 1?

For a small amount of 40:1, for 1 gallon of gasoline, you have to use 3.2 ounces of oil. For 5 liters, it is around 125ml of oil.


Does it hurt to use 32:1 mix in place of 40:1? No, it doesn’t. But keep an eye out for warranty voids. Even though most manufacturers suggest you use 40:1 but using 32:1 doesn’t harm. Extra oil is always helpful for the engine.

Therefore, you can use the 32:1 mix safely without any consequences. As it’s a standard, most people tend to adopt this ratio for their engines. However, keep an eye out if the manufacturer suggests a 50:1 balance. Furthermore, you need to keep the warranty void consequences in your mind.