Does Cornerstone Plus Contain Surfactant? – Get the facts

Do you want to keep broadleaf weeds out of your garden? The effectiveness of Cornerstone Plus Herbicide is assured. This insecticide will efficiently kill your trees whether used alone or in combination with a surfactant.

However, does Cornerstone Plus contain surfactant? Well, the majority of models don’t have it. There are a few ways to obtain more surfactants, though. You have both options, thanks to the manufacturers. In order to maintain quality, they typically like to keep it personal.

What surfactants should you pick now for Cornerstone Plus to work best with? Are the surfactants in Cornerstone Plus good? This post aims to guide you to the solutions. For more information, keep reading.

The definition of Cornerstone Plus Herbicide

A post-emergent pesticide with exceptional effectiveness is Cornerstone Plus herbicide. It eliminates more than a hundred perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds. The liquid’s 41% active ingredient is glyphosate, which also aids in controlling the plants.

Also known as the broad-spectrum herbicide, Cornerstone Plus. It mostly destroys and damages the roots of weeds and grass. It has been tested on hundreds of different plants, and its water-soluble liquid format makes it efficient and simple to use.

Cornerstone Plus Contains Surfactant, right?

No! There are no more surfactants in Cornerstone. However, combining surfactant with this liquid is advised if you want the best results. Cornerstone Plus is excellent with non-ionic surfactants like Preference Premium.

However, you can also receive an extra surfactant with this if you purchase the Cornerstone jar model 10109579. However, the surfactant included with this model won’t be of high integrity. Therefore, it would be wise to purchase one of high quality from the market.

Are Grass and Cornerstone Plus Herbicide Compatible?

A potent post-emergent pesticide called Cornerstone Plus destroys more than 100 broadleaf weeds and grasses. It is a broad-spectrum herbicide that targets the roots of broadleaf grasses to kill them.

After being sprayed, the pesticide circulates through the grass’s roots. As a result, competing grass that stifles healthy plants slowly dies. Mix an adjuvant or a surfactant with Cornerstone Plus in the tank for the optimum performance.

Are Cornerstone Plus and Round-up similar?

The active element in both Cornerstone Plus and Round-up is glyphosate, therefore they are very similar. Surfactants, however, are not included with Cornerstone. But if you like, Cornerstone can take the place of Roundup. If properly diluted and blended, Cornerstone is a great replacement for Roundup.

How long does Cornerstone Plus take to start working?

Cornerstone Plus penetrates the plant’s leaves to reach the root. In 2 to 4 days, it begins to damage the annual weeds. However, it can take up to two weeks to completely destroy the roots of perennial weeds. You might have to wait at least a week for grasses.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What constitutes Cornerstone’s active component?

Cornerstone’s active component is glyphosate. In Cornerstone, it is available as isopropylamine salt. Cornerstone contains 41% active glyphosate per US gallon. Thus, 4 pounds of glyphosate herbicide are included in 1 gallon of Cornerstone.

Can blackberries be killed by Cornerstone Plus?

Glyphosate, which comprises 41% active chemicals, is present in Cornerstone Plus. Wild blackberries are easily subdued by these compounds. You must combine 0.6 to 2 ounces of the product in each gallon of water for this.

Does Cornerstone Plus cause tree death?

Yes. The Glyphosate present in the Cornerstone is capable of destroying a variety of targets, including weeds, plants, and trees. The insects are unaffected, though. If they take in the liquid, the tree’s roots could be hurt. Therefore, when spraying, stay away from the dripline of attractive trees. Additionally, glyphosate aids in controlling plant growth.


You now understand why there are fewer models of Cornerstone Plus with surfactant. The goal of this insecticide is to keep your garden tidy. It can take some time before a couple additional pesticides have an effect on the roots. However, by adding a suitable surfactant to other products, you can increase their impact.

Please take note that if you want a better outcome, you should get one without surfactant. Despite the fact that Cornerstone Plus is intended to destroy undesirable plants, you can kill trees with surfactants successfully by using a different ratio.