[Detailed] Know Why Your Riding Mower Spitting Gas Out Carb?

Why is the riding mower spitting gas out of carburetor? The most common reason for the situation is the shut-off valve problem.

Besides, there are some additional reasons for the gas leaking out. In this article, you will know the most problematic reasons with susceptible solutions.

You will get 3 special suggestions to avoid the leakage issue at the end, which our experts identify through vast research.

So rad this because- you will find here a full package to solve the spitting gas out carburetor issue.

Riding Mower Spitting Gas Out Carb

After our research, we found some significant reasons for the Husqvarna riding mower leaking gas from carburetor. And you will find this effective for other lawn mowers as well.

Here we will tell you some most common reasons for all lawn mower so that you can effortlessly identify the problem.

Specifically, there are mainly three types of equipment issues for the gas leaking out:

  1. Fuel shut-off valve
  2. Small engine carburetor leaking fuel issue
  3. Primer bulb issue

When you observe that gas leaks from your riding mower, you should check this equipment. Then you can easily find out the reason.

Besides, there are some other reasons for this problem. You can find them from the easy table.

Malfunctioning fuel shut off out valveReplace the damaged fuel shut off valve  
Defective carburetorRepair or replace the defective carburetor  
Damage primer bulb  Replace the primer bulb
Excessive fuel floating problemDo not cross the fuel level  
Using fuel that contains ethanolDo not use ethanol-containing fuel

Now you know the causes of the annoying problem. And also get some idea of the solutions

Malfunction Fuel Shut-Off Valve

It is the first reason for spitting gas out of carbs. This valve ensures that gas can not leak out when the engine is off. If it does not work, gas will leak.

 When the electrical system has a defective circuit, it harms the shut-off valve. Gradually, the shut-off valve got damaged.

Solution: The effective solution is replacing the fuel shut-off valve. But, you also can repair it, if possible. Generally, repaired valves can not survive a long life. So replacement is the best option.

Detective Carburetor

Detective carburetors are one of the most common and troublesome issues. Different types of carburetor issues are responsible for the gas leaking.

Firstly, gas pouring out of carb Briggs and Stratton can cause carburetor gasket drying problems. You can see that the gas may leak from the bottom.

Secondly, any accident can damage the carburetor.

Thirdly, dirt will block the carburetor if you do not clean the carburetor regularly. Then it can not function properly.

Solution: For the first reason, you have to change the carburetor gasket urgently.

When any accident damage the carburetor, you should replace it.

When your carburetor is malfunctioning due to a dirt issue, you know what you should do. Yes, you have to rinse the dirt. 

Damage Primer Bulb

It is another cause of gas leakage. A primer bulb helps to control the gas leakage.

If the rubber of the primer bulb cracks and fails to cover the primer bulb, the primer bulb can not function well.

Solution: The only way to solve this issue is to replace the primer bulb immediately. For the riding mower, you need a lawnmower primer.

Note: Never try to repair the rubber of the primer bulb; it will not work.

Excessive Fuel Floating Problem

Using excessive fuel is another cause of gas leakage because excessive fuel damages the carburetor.

And then, the carburetor becomes unable to function to control gas leakage. Moreover, if you use excessive fuel, it will stick to the carburetor tube.

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Also, unnecessary fuel use will spoil your money as well as your resources.

Solution: There is a measuring level for your fuel tank. You should not cross the level. Then you can get rid of the fuel floating problem.

It will help you to reduce the gas leakage matter.

Using Ethanol Containing Fuel

The quality of fuel is a serious matter for your carburetor. Adulterated fuel can injure the carb.

Ethanol can react with water. By any chance, if water enters the fuel, ethanol will react with the water. The reaction will cause corrosion.

Solution: Stop using ethanol-containing fuel for your riding mower. Use clean, fresh, and adulteration-free fuel. Gasoline is a good option.

3 Special Tips For Avoiding Gas Leakage

These special tips will help you to prevent riding mower gas leakage. Our experts created them after huge research.

  1. You should clean the carburetor after every 3 months a year.
  2. Before using fuel, be sure your fuel is not containing more than 10% ethanol. It is proven that it protects Kohler carburetor from leaking gas mostly.
  3. You should not attempt to repair the rubber of the primer bulb, always prefer to replace it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my carburetor spitting out gas?

There are primarily two reasons for your carburetor spitting out gas, including a blocked valve problem and using ethanol-containing fuel.

What causes a carburetor to spit gas?

If your carburetor is defective or blocked with dirt, it can cause a carburetor to spit gas.
Besides, if the float valve is blocked, the carburetor will spit gas, too.
Additionally, if you use fuel that contains ethanol, it will spit gas from the carburetor.

How do you stop a carburetor from leaking gas?

To stop leaking gas from the carburetor, you should follow these tips.
*Replace the carburetor, if it is defective.
*You should regularly clean the carburetor to avoid blockage.
*Never use ethanol-containing fuel.
*Replace the damaged float valve.


We hope this article helps you by giving some significant and essential information to solve riding mower spitting gas out carb.

Now, you can easily identify the reason for the gas leaking problem, After that, according to the problem, you can take the fixtures quickly.

We expect the advice given by our specialists will make the procedure perfect, simple, and fast.