Chisel Plow Vs Disc Ripper- Pick And Prove Your Sage

What is the difference between a chisel plow and disc ripper? A chisel plow consists of a narrow and two-faced shovel to shuffle the upper layer of the soil, whereas a disc ripper’s main task is to deep tillage using a metal disk.

Chisel plow and disk ripper- a set of complicated debate to win. Both are lawn maintenance tools with a plethora of differences that can blow your mind.

However, today we shall endeavor to explain the chisel plow vs disc facts and all the complications regarding these farming tools. And this composition will cover only the vital spikes which depend on my standpoints.

Chisel Plow Vs Disc Ripper

FactorsChisel PlowDisc Ripper
Best ApplicationShattering is the prime task.Can break the compacted soil.
In-Depth ReachCan reach at most 30 CM below the ground.Can reach at most 90 CM of the ground.
AllowanceAllows drainage and airflow less than a ripper.Allows drainage and airflow densely.
RequirementRequires moist soil.Requires dry soil.
LevelPrimary level tool.Advanced level tool.

Before jumping to the differences, we must inform you not to be confused with the question, chisel plow or disc harrow? or both of them.

A disc harrow is a piece of equipment to prepare the soil to throw the seeds and germination.

It is also advantageous for removing unnecessary weeds. Nonetheless, too much utilization of this tool breaks the soil structure that harms the plants from growing.

About the difference between chisel plow and ripper or disc ripper, the distinctions are challenging to express. Yet, have a look at the table below.


The design of both tools competes with many segments. Hence, to discuss chisel plow vs disc ripper, the first aspect is the design. The module of the disc ripper allows it to dig or go through the soil by 35 inches or 90 CM.

This means it can break the soil into pieces so that water and nutrients can reach the maximum level.

The blueprint of the chisel plow is utterly for the beginner farmer who is new to farming. The design allows the farmer to break the soil for the crops, which require low depth to spread the roots.

If we go for chisel plow vs disc ripper, you must choose the chisel for your learning period if you are a newcomer in this farming world.

In the case of a chisel plow, the actual size of the shanks is 12 inches. And, about the thickness of the shank is a minimum of 1.25 inches which causes exquisite ramifications on the soil. Furthermore, vertical free space is above 27 inches.

Proper Utilization

Both tools are for utilization, yet, we will still explain plow vs disc in this term. At first, the chisel plow, without any doubt, is a blessing for the farmers who are farming vegetables or dreaming of producing them.

The procedure of utilizing this tool is undemanding. However, it would help to connect the chisel plow with the tractor. A chisel plow can dig around 30 CM; hence, you need to dig it into the soil. While inserting the shovels, you must notice if the shovel is entering the soil correctly or not.

It is the most vital part of using a chisel plow. Once you insert the shovels correctly, you are ready to smear your soil by driving the tractor.

After the chisel plow, here comes the disc ripper. The primary task of the disk ripper is to till the soil deeply. And the utilization procedure is similar to the chisel plow.

First, you need to dig the large shovels of disk ripper into the soil. And start maneuvering the tractor. The disk ripper will do its job. And the harrow of the disc ripper will remove the weeds from the soil as needed for your new cultivation.

Application Purpose

According to the application system and purposes, you must choose either a chisel plow or disc ripper. However, the disk ripper’s primary task is to shatter the soil beneath the upper level, especially from 30 to 90 CM.

It can even reach the area where people with traditional, conservative, or reserved tools can’t reach. As a result, the draining becomes proper. Moreover, soil can intake more nutrients than average systems.

When the term comes to the chisel plow vs disk, chisel plow is another vital tool for farmers. The design of the chisel plow allows the soil to break. But the soil must be moist. Moreover, it can only dig up to 30 CM. Hence, a chisel plow is applicable where folks do not require deep tillage.


The prices of the varieties of both tools differ entirely from size to size and brand to brand. Nonetheless, we can provide you with an assumption. The average price of an ordinary disc ripper is around $25000 for a used one and $65000 for a new one.

Due to the size and functions of a chisel plow, it costs less to own. You need to spend $45000 on a new one, and you can get a used one by spending less than $20000.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When would you use a disc Ripper?

The use of a disc ripper or a chisel plow utterly depends on your entire purpose. If you are planning to grow those plants that do not require plenty of depth, you must use a chisel plow.
But, if you are planning for long rooted plants, you must use a disc ripper for serving the plant a set of proper nutrition.

What is the purpose of a chisel plow?

The prime purpose of chisel plow is breaking or smearing the soil so that you can easily plant the short-rooted plant. And, the tillage of a chisel plow is at most 30 CM by the shovels. You can also use it as a beginner to the farming world.

How much horsepower do you need to pull a chisel plow?

The horsepower of a tractor is a prime factor for the chisel plow. Most importantly, the requirements of the horsepower depend on the size of the chisel plow.
If the chisel plow’s size is small or has less shovels, it will require less horsepower. If the size and number of shovels increases, it will require more horsepower. However, the average requirement is 900-1200 horsepower.

How fast should you pull a chisel plow?

Farming is a job of patience and control. If you desire to view maximum output, you must maintain a speed of 6 to 6.5 mph. If you speed up and cross the limit, the soil may not smear properly.

Final Verdict

A chisel plow vs disc are incomparable. It is your purpose that will determine what you need. If you are a beginner landscaper and farming for those plants which require less depth to spread their roots, you must go for chisel low.

If it is not and you are growing those which require a profound depth in the soil, you ought to for a disc ripper.