Is There Any Way To Tow With A Lawn Tractor?

Multitasking, including dragging as much as the lawn tractor can handle, is the ideal way to maximize your investment’s return. Some may raise warning flags at the thought of towing with your riding mower, while others may promote it and deem the machine only half effective if it cannot pull. The truth is that, depending on the details, either of these groups could be incorrect. You’ve found the most pertinent debate from which to infer a possible explanation for the current predicament.

Because of their balanced design, lawn tractors are one of the most effective lawn tools you can tow. They even outperform zero-turn mowers. Despite their effectiveness in regulating optional activities, they have limitations that should be carefully considered.

When using a lawn tractor, for instance, the ideal load shouldn’t exceed, or in the worst event, surpass, the tractor’s carrying capacity. There is a limit to the amount of weight that your vehicle can tow safely, and it is somewhere between 300 and 400 pounds.

In this piece, I’ll go over the fundamentals of towing with a lawn tractor, including the precautions you should take to extend the life of your vehicle.

5 Things to Think About Before You Start Hauling with Your Lawn Tractor

There are critical considerations to take into account before you attach any accessories to the tail end of your machine.

Your Lawnmower’s Load

Reading through pages and pages of text may seem like a waste of time, but only the manual can tell you, model-by-model, how much weight your riding mower can tow. Understanding your tractor inside and out is essential if you want to get the most out of it and extend its useful life.

Which Type Of Terrain Do You Prefer?

The experience of towing will vary drastically depending on the terrain you are in. The amount of torque you have will determine how easily you can move heavy objects across uneven terrain in your yard.

Exactly how Much Power Is There

You’ll need a lot of torque from your lawn tractor’s engine in order to pull heavy loads, so make sure you give it plenty of love. If you want to tow more than half of your lawn tractor’s weight, I would recommend getting one with at least 20 horsepower. Some “very experienced” staff members may not find it sufficiently risky, but it will help your machine cope with the pressure in the long term. In the end, a lawn tractor’s ability to tow is merely an added convenience. They aren’t built with it in mind.

The Means of Transmission

The transmission is typically the first part to fail in lawn tractors that have been overused. Toggling heavy carts up slopes and forcing the equipment to deliver the weight could cause this. Smaller transmissions, such as the HG-2800, may not be up to the work of completing extremely demanding jobs, despite the fact that some commercial grade transmissions are effective for such a role. In order to avoid damaging your lawn tractor, you should think about the quality of the tranny unit it is partnered with.

Working Often

Whether towing is a smart idea for your tractor depends not only on the type of riding mower you have, but also on how often you want to use it for that purpose. This feature may not be relevant if you are mostly pulling around yard debris that is little in weight, such as leaves. If you plan on engaging in heavy-duty towing, such as pulling stones, logs of wood, or severe mass clearing more than thrice a week, a commercial-grade lawn tractor will serve you better. Regularly using a home mower to tow large carts is bad for the engine and transmission.

what can u tow with a lawn tractor

Towable Objects for a Lawn Tractor

Any object can be tethered to a tow hitch and pulled about the yard as long as there is a tow hitch. The following are only four of the many useful things that may be towed behind a lawn tractor.


Grass aeration is a highly efficient technique for maintaining a healthy lawn. Aerators perform exceptionally well when coupled with lawn tractors because the weight is dispersed in such a way that it may effectively navigate mountainous and uneven terrain. If your lawn needs nitrification and moisture to help the grass seeds grow properly, a suitably weighted aerator can be simply matched to your mowing equipment. For excellent grass dispersal and aeration, I recommend the AgriFab aerator (check it out on Amazon).


When it comes to maintaining a lawn, spreaders are an indispensable tool. They’re put to use for anything from sowing grass seeds to applying fertilizer, insecticide, and other yard care products. Just hitch the right spreader to the back of your lawn tractor and pull the load around the yard with no trouble at all. If you’re having trouble deciding on a spreader for your riding mower, read my evaluations of the top spreaders available for your model of lawn tractor.

Yard Roller

After the material has been distributed, a suitable roller can be added to hasten the germination process and increase the value of the work done. You can maintain your lawn tractor’s effectiveness by choosing a spreader that is the right size and weight for your mower. For your convenience, AgriFab also produces lawn rollers as part of their reputable line of lawn care equipment.

Tow Carts

Most of the lawn is dominated by tow carts, the most visible pieces of towing equipment. They are the most convenient means of transporting objects around the yard, and they come in a wide variety of forms, weights, and sizes for a wide variety of riding mowers. If you’re having trouble deciding which tow cart is ideal for your lawn tractor, I’ve produced a thorough review article to assist you in making an informed decision.

Lawn Tractor Towing Capacity: How to Figure it Out

Your lawn tractor’s towing capacity can be easily determined. Your lawnmower can safely carry a certain amount of weight, which can be estimated with some quick mental calculation. Step by step instructions:

The weight of any lawn tractor can be found anywhere: on the machine itself, in the owner’s handbook, or online. Try asking your neighbor, who seems to know everything, for advice. When you get the machine’s weight, divide it in half. Now, since you’d be sitting on the lawn tractor, subtract your weight from his by 2. After dividing the numbers, add them up. There is a limit to how much you can pull with a lawn tractor.

For Instance:

Lawn tractor weight = 500 lbs
Your weight = 145 lbs

Divide By 2:

½ Lawn tractor weight= 250 lbs
½ Your weight = 72.5 lbs

Add Up The Values: ½ Lawn tractor weight + ½ Your weight

250 + 72.5 = 322.5 lbs.

The maximum weight your lawn tractor can pull is 322.5 lbs. It’s not too harmful to round up to 350 lbs.

what can u tow with a lawn tractor

Important Safety Tips for Towing Lawnmowers

Here are some basic safety measures to take when towing with your lawn tractor to ensure its long life:

Never Pull More Than Your Vehicle Can Handle

Even though you may be tempted to speed up the process, doing so puts unnecessary strain on your lawn tractor. Do not tamper with your mower’s parts by pulling it with a trailer that is too heavy for it.

When dealing with inclines, less is more.

You should make every effort to lighten the load if you must haul it up a hill or slope. Taking more trips up the hill may be annoying at first, but it won’t be a big deal if you get used to it. Always err on the side of caution when operating any machine to reduce the likelihood of costly breakdowns.

Check the brakes to make sure they’re working properly.

For hilly or sloping terrain, this is of paramount importance. Since you have even less control driving downhill, you should check your brakes to be sure they are in good working order in case you need to stop suddenly.

Never cut grass and haul trash at the same time

The transmission of the machine can be easily damaged because many individuals pull items when the blade is engaged. While being able to juggle multiple tasks at once saves time and is generally enjoyable, it can have unintended and undesirable results. Instead of wasting the money you spent on a high-priced mower, why not use it?

In Conclusion

Lawn tractors are efficient and effective towing equipment if you know how to use them. All the information you need to decide whether to rent a cart or use your own machine to aerate your grass is at your disposal. Learn all you can about your lawn tractor before making any purchases to ensure a safe and reliable ride. Good luck to you, and I hope everything works out for the best!

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