Is a Lawn Tractor Capable of Snow Plowing?

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Lawn tractors are versatile machines that can be used for a variety of tasks in addition to mowing the grass, the most obvious of which is shoveling snow. To ensure you get your money’s worth from your mowing machine all year round, most lawn tractor brands produce snow plows for their tractors.

Even though most “spring-labeled” machines are put away for the winter, you can quickly clear your driveway of snow by attaching a snow plow to your lawn tractor. Not only will clearing the path and removing the accumulated ice and snow make the area look better, but you’ll also be doing your lawn tractor’s battery a favor by warming it up during the winter.

Before deciding whether or not to install a snow plow on your lawn tractor, there are a few things to think about. Keep in mind that every lawn tractor and its user will have a slightly different experience plowing snow, so it’s important to recognize your aspects so you know what to expect.

To ensure your long-term success when plowing snow with your lawn tractor, I’ll be discussing the various factors you should think about in this article.

Attaching a snow plow to your lawn tractors
Attaching a snow plow to your lawn tractors

There are five major factors to think about before you install a snow plow on your lawn tractor.

Unlike regular mowing, snow plowing is an entirely different task that would call for a different method of execution. Here are the most important considerations to make before using a lawn tractor for snow removal:

The Annoying Way To Stick Together.

Putting a snow plow on a lawn tractor is a complicated job. In order to adapt the mower to a snow plow, the entire cutting deck must be removed from the machine, a process that must be repeated whenever mowing duties are resumed. The amount of effort required to plow snow with a tractor becomes clear once you try to fiddle with the deck, perhaps by replacing the belt or blades. Even though it’s not rocket science, this is something you should think about if you’re a novice or have trouble with the task at hand because you need to give it your full attention in order to succeed.

How much your lawn tractor can carry.

No doubt your machine can handle snow removal, but how much labor will it have to take into account? The effects of snow plowing on a lawn tractor will vary with the severity of the snowfall and the climate. Here is where you should think about the quality of your lawn tractor; if you only have a residential mower, you should only attempt to plow light bulks of snow to avoid damaging the machine.
On the other hand, if your mower is commercial-grade, it has stronger engines and a better transmission, and it can take on the job without risking its own safety. While lawn tractors would make excellent snow plows, they would wear out more quickly if used for anything besides plowing snow.

The Need for More Space to Store Things.

Snow plows come in a variety of sizes and attach to the lawn tractor by extending out to the sides, much like the wings on a plane. You can’t just prop them on and take them off after each use because of the difficult assembly process. Consequently, you’ll need a spacious garage to store the lawn tractor after you’ve given it a bird’s makeover. Even if your shed is large enough to house your mower, adding a large plow blade may require you to find alternative storage or parking arrangements.

Your Protection Against Accidents.

Snow plowing with a lawn tractor is extremely dangerous, especially if you have a small tractor. Tire chains wrapped around the mower’s back wheels can help prevent it from skidding out of control in this situation. You’ll also need some dexterity if you plan on operating the machine on any kind of slippery surface. If you want to keep yourself and your lawnmower out of harm’s way, it’s best if you’re already an expert at operating a lawn tractor, or at least take the time to practice beforehand.

Cost Estimates.

Snow plows can be found in a wide range of brands, each with their own price tag. Furthermore, they are not cheap; some plows can be so pricey that you may prefer to invest in a snow blower instead. Prices for plows range from around $300 for smaller, lower quality models to over $1,000 for larger, higher quality models.

List of the Top 3 Snow Plows for a Garden Tractor.

Kolpin Snow Plow Offers the Best Value.

If you want to make snow plowing with your lawn tractor bearable, you’ll need a plow that can take the abuse of pushing through deep snow without breaking (view on Amazon). The blade on the Kolpin reinforced steel snow plow folds in half, from 60 inches to 48 inches, making it suitable for a wide variety of plowing applications. Improve your snow plowing efficiency and space management with this handy addition.

Easy to installSlightly difficult to assemble
Can be utilized in two different lengths; 48 and 60 inches
highly durable

Best For Novices: The Agri-Fab Snow Plow

A trusted and convenient blade during the winter, the Agri-Fab snow plow is a popular choice (view on Amazon). With a handlebar integrated into the design, you can easily adjust the height of the snow plow in preparation for an upcoming hump or ditch. This is done to maximize your convenience. For added assurance, the 48-inch steel Agri-Fab plow blade is fitted with anti-scalp wheels to prevent wear as you move it around the yard.

The plows are user-operable thanks to the handlebarAre insanely pricey
Has adjustable skid tires
Possesses a 3-year warranty

Extreme Max is ideal for industrial tractors.

This manufacturer (check out on Amazon) has the best commercial-grade snow plows if that’s what you’re after. This steel blade is 60 inches long and is highly regarded for its reliability and usefulness during the winter months. They are simple to operate and put together, allowing you to alter the length of the blade to suit your needs in the garden. As you work, you can easily alter the plow’s angle and make fine adjustments, increasing its precision and efficiency.

Easy to assembleStorage problems
Highly precise for sweeping tight edgesThey are quite heavy and sometimes not easy to maneuver
They will last a lifetime of use

A Much Better Alternative To a Snow Plow

Alternatives to Snow Plows
Alternatives to Snow Plows

Snow plows are an excellent tool for clearing away small accumulations of snow from roads and driveways. When snowfall is so heavy that it threatens to bury your lawn tractor, however, you may need to rethink your strategy.

When compared to your standard lawn tractor, snow blowers are far superior and will make short work of the snow removal task. You may find that they are the same price as snow plows, or a few hundred dollars more expensive. If you want to save your lawn tractor from premature wear and tear, it’s probably not a good idea to force it to work under difficult conditions.

The Ego Power electric snow thrower comes highly recommended from me (view on Amazon). Plus, you won’t just save money on gas and avoid the dangers of plowing snow with lawn tractors; you’ll be blown away by their cutting-edge technology and impressive battery performance. You’ll get off to a great start with your new snow blower if you’re familiar with the quality and convenience of Ego Power’s products.

So, to sum up…

As I’ve explained, you can clear the paths of snow effectively by attaching a snow plow to your lawn tractor. What is best for you, however, is ultimately up to you to decide. In light of the foregoing, it is imperative that you always put your own and your mower’s safety first.

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