Over 20 Used Zero-Turn Mowers for Less Than $1500

If you want to buy zero-turn mowers but are limited financially, a used model may be worth considering. Although a pre-owned mower’s performance may be subpar, it should be adequate for your needs.

However, a zero-turn mower can get the job done faster and more efficiently than a lawn tractor. It has a zero-degree turning radius, which translates to a zero-inch turning radius, making it the most maneuverable lawn mower on the market. This allows it to maneuver through tight spaces and swiftly change directions. The price tag reflects this, as it is costly compared to comparable products.

Used zero-turn mowers can be expensive, but they are available for purchase. Used zero-turn mowers with high-quality engines can be the most cost-effective way to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy. This post will serve as a comprehensive resource for those looking to learn more about purchasing and operating old zero-turn lawn mowers for less than $1500.

Considerations for Spending $1500 on a Used Zero-Turn Lawnmower

If you’re in the market for a used zero-turn mower, whether for commercial or residential use, there are a few things you should know. Please find listed below some suggestions that may help you select the most suitable zero-turn mower for your lawn.

1. Specifications

Get a feel for a zero-turn mower in general by reading its specifications. All of its functions and the year it was manufactured will be revealed to you. That way, you won’t be fooled into buying a used ZT lawn mower that won’t even last you a year.

2. State of the Engine

Buy a lawnmower with a trusted brand name engine, such Kawasaki, Briggs and Stratton, Kohler, or Honda. They are simple to repair or replace if something breaks. These powerplants will serve you faithfully for a long time. If the engines aren’t widely used, though, it could be difficult to track down a suitable replacement.

3. Worthiness Of Mowing The Desk

Next to the engine, the mower deck is an essential component. The mowing deck of a zero-turn mower is often used incorrectly. Mowing over rocks or other hard debris can bend the blades or twist the shafts of the mower. If these parts are broken, the lawnmower won’t mow the grass evenly. Ensure there are no splits in the deck by thoroughly inspecting it. In the unlikely event that any of the issues manifest, you may incur additional costs in the future for repairs.

4. Global Analysis of the Devices’ Condition

If you’re looking to buy a secondhand mower, be sure it’s in good operating order by performing a diagnostic test. Before purchasing, make sure the deck, blades, mulching system, and air filter are in good working order. Because if you don’t inspect the mower carefully, you can wind up with a few broken pieces. And that’ll set you back almost as much as a whole new mower would.

5. Rationale Behind the Sale

You should inquire as to the seller’s motivation for selling the mower. If it’s due to issues with the mower, you shouldn’t buy it either. Considering the high cost of replacement parts and labor, it’s not worth it to risk buying a defective mower.

6. Price

You should be able to find a decently priced used mower. A used lawn mower is not a good value if you pay the same as you would for a brand new one. Be wary of sellers who ask too much for a used mower and look instead for someone who will sell you a zero-turn mower in good shape at a price that makes sense given the mower’s ease of use.

When used regularly, how long do you think a zero-turn mower will last?

Zero-turn mowers typically last for around 2000 hours before they need to be replaced. It’s possible, however, that results will differ depending on the specific product and the user’s care. It is possible for a zero-turn mower to endure longer than its typical lifespan provided it is operated frequently, periodically troubleshooted, and any damage is repaired as soon as possible following troubleshooting.

How quickly do zero-turn mowers lose their value?

In the first year of use, a zero-turn mower typically loses 31% of its value. After the first year of use, this quantity may rise in the subsequent years. Of course, there could be variations among ZT lawnmower models in this regard. Over three hundred types from fourteen manufacturers for ZTRs from 2014 to 2018 are detailed in Iron Solutions’ Spring 2019 Outdoor Power Instrumentation Guide. ZTRs typically lose 31% of their value in the first year. In the years that follow, depreciation settles in at a rate that won’t make you dizzy: between 6% and 4%.

The following table displays the first-year depreciation rates for various brands of ZT mowers:

  • Cub Cadet – 29%
  • John Deere – 30%
  • Kubota – 30%
  • Simplicity – 31%
  • Gravely – 29%
  • Exmark – 30%
  • Hustler Excel – 30%

Cost of a Pre-Owned Zero-Turn Mower

There are precautions you must take when purchasing a pre-owned zero-turn mower. First things first, you need to verify how old the mower actually is. If the product is less than seven years old, the starting point should be the original MSRP. If the mower is seven years old or more, you should use the regional median selling price for mowers of its type.

When you know the value, you can decide whether to charge more or less. There’s a chance you’ll want to make the following adjustments to the mower based on what you find when you check it out.

Mower prices are proportionally determined by the following conditions:

Extremely Light Use:

In most cases, a mower that looks like this is as good as new. A used zero-turn lawn mower is in Fantastic Shape. The mower’s resale price could be anywhere from 10% to 15% more. These pre-owned lawnmowers are typically in excellent condition and can be used straight away without any alterations. However, a used lawn mower in such pristine condition is extremely uncommon.

In Fine Shape Normally

Even if it were brand new, the mower wouldn’t be this beat up. In spite of its age and wear, it continues to serve its purpose admirably. This is sometimes referred to as “the above-average” situation. Besides some superficial scratches, the condition is excellent. The lawnmower has been well maintained, so it works perfectly.

You’ll see that all of the mower’s problems have been fixed and that it has always been cared for properly. It’s also unusual to see such meticulous upkeep.

Situation About Average

It’s possible to come across a mower that’s in decent shape if it was used on a consistent basis. You can tell the mower is getting old just looking at it. These used mowers are usually in fantastic mechanical shape and operate smoothly. Minor flaws, such as scratches or dings, may be present but do not take away from the item’s overall attractiveness. If you purchase a mower that is in this condition, you won’t have to worry about it needing repairs anytime soon.

Worse Than Average Condition

When a used Zero-turn mower is in below-average condition, it’s usually because necessary maintenance was neglected. This sort of lawn mower often functions fine but needs some minor repairs or cosmetic adjustments. The mower may have signs of neglect from a lack of regular maintenance, but it seems to be functioning normally otherwise. There will be a need for some maintenance. Looking for a used lawn mower in this condition is the norm.

Condition is often poor.

Given the general disrepair, the lawn mower is in particularly awful shape. Lawn mowers in this condition are functional but could use some light cosmetic or mechanical touchups before being used regularly. If you buy a zero-turn mower that is in fair condition, you should expect to do some little maintenance. This is a typical scenario while shopping for a zero-turn mower.

Difficult Situation

A secondhand lawn mower in poor condition is in the worst possible shape. The zero-turn mower here barely operates and is in in need of repair. Also, there are a lot of mechanical issues. You can tell that the mower has been badly used and neglected because of how it looks. It’s possible that the air filter or deck is damaged. This is another common scenario, but one in which you shouldn’t invest in a zero-turn mower.

5 Used Zero-Turn Lawnmowers You Can Buy For Less Than $1500

While zero-turn mowers may be pricey, they are not a waste of money. So many people could benefit from it if they could only afford it, but the cost is prohibitive. That’s why it makes the most sense for them to get a secondhand mower. Lawnmowers, especially those that are broken or old, are a popular item to sell at yard sales.

They are commonly purchased at low prices followed by repairs by their new owners. If you’re looking for a working zero-turn mower, a garage sale might not be the greatest place to look. If you’re wanting to save money on a used lawn mower, searching online is a great alternative.

Here are the top 5 used zero-turn mower brands under $1500:

1. Great Dane Zero-turn Mower

Great Dane Zero-turn Mower
Great Dane Zero-turn Mower

Great Dane used lawn mowers are a best seller since they are the most cost-effective option. In fact, you can get your hands on one easily enough by browsing any number of internet classifieds. ZT mowers range in size from 41 inches all the way up to 61 inches. Kohler makes engines for mowers that are 41 to 42 inches wide, and Kawasaki makes engines for mowers that are 48 to 61 inches wide.

2. Exmark Zero Turn Mower

Exmark Zero Turn Mower
Exmark Zero Turn Mower

Exmark’s zero-turn mowers are known for their cutting precision and comfort. When it comes to Exmark Zero Turn Mowers, the Exmark Quest is among the best of the bunch. It’s ideal for homeowners who want a quicker and easier way to trim their grass. The Exmark Quest E-Series zero-turn rider has all the cutting quality, durability, and value that Exmark owners have come to expect.

This style of mower comes with either a 42- or 50-inch cutting deck, depending on your needs. With ground speeds of up to 7 mph, the Quest E-Series can mow up to 2.8 acres per hour with professional-grade efficiency and accuracy. The Quest E-Series has a plush operator seat and easy-to-use controls, making it a pleasure to use.

3. John Deere Z235 2014

John Deere Z235 2014
John Deere Z235 2014

The John Deere brand of lawn mowers is well regarded. Similarly, the zero-turn mowers produced by this firm are among the best in the industry. The John Deere Z235 Zero Turn mower is a top-tier model. The Kawasaki motor gives it its power. This model’s cutting height is adjustable by 1/4 inch and it includes a 42-inch edge cutting system for a clean, uniform cut.

The control levers can be adjusted to one of eighteen different positions, each of which has dampeners to improve the ride. For quicker mowing, it has a ground speed of 7 mph, which is a significant time saver. This zero-turn mower is backed by a sizable dealer network in the US.

4. Craftsman 2014

Craftsman 2014
Craftsman 2014

Used models of the Craftsman Zero Turn 2014 Model with a 42-inch deck can still perform admirably. Mowers come in a variety of sizes and specifications, and all of them are high-quality and easy to operate. You can confidently purchase a used Craftsman Zero Turn mower without worrying about its quality.

5. Dixie Chopper LT2000-50 2004

Dixie Chopper LT2000-50 2004
Dixie Chopper LT2000-50 2004

Dixie is another name commonly associated with the cheapest second-hand Zero-turn mowers on the market. Many trustworthy online marketplaces and stores stock Dixie Chopper products in a range of sizes and styles. The cutting decks on these mowers are also a standard 72 inches in diameter. Kawasaki engines are what really set these ZT mowers apart from the competition.

Last Words

This finishes our discussion of secondhand zero turn mowers under $1500. They’re widely available on the web and simple to track down. Just make sure you follow these tips when buying a used mower. After reading this, you have probably decided which zero-turn lawn mower will best suit your needs. Distinct zero turn mowers have different specialties.

However, the 2014 John Deere Z235 is the greatest used zero-turn mower overall, and it’s also the best bargain.