10+ Affordable Used Ride-On Mowers Listed for Sale by Owner.

Buying a gently used lawn mower will be cheaper than buying a brand new one.

quality. However, you may save a lot of money by purchasing a secondhand one.

When shopping for pre-owned items, keep the following in mind:

Does it work? Just curious, how’s the lawnmower holding up? How much does the equivalent product now cost? Approximately!

Could it be fixed, and is the necessary component still on hand? Should it be fixed, and how much would that cost?

What to Look for When Buying a Used Lawnmower

Most homeowners are wary of purchasing a used lawnmower for fear that it will be broken and of little use. Preventing this from happening is possible. To find a used mower of sufficient quality to survive for many seasons, you need devote more effort to the search than you would to the purchase of a brand-new mower. If you buy something used, there is always a chance that you will get something that isn’t up to par.

Mowers for the lawn can be obtained in a wide range of sizes and prices. The size of your yard, your level of fitness, and your goals should all be taken into account when deciding on the best mower for you.

It is best to avoid purchasing a poorly maintained old lawn mower by doing the following:

  • To properly evaluate a pre-owned mower, one needs to physically interact with it, inspect it thoroughly, and give it a try. You should think about this whether you’re shopping for a gas or electric mower, a riding mower, a push mower, a gas or electric hybrid mower, or any other kind of mower.
  • When you test the mower, you should listen to how it operates and try to cut some grass (you should do this prior to buying the mower). Check out how it functions in its assigned role. Mower blades should be sharpened regularly to ensure efficient cutting with each pass.
  • There’s no need to rush into choosing a choice. If the vendor seems in a hurry to unload the mower, there may be something wrong with it. The length of time the property has been on the market may be excessive. All of this shows that the machine is not worth purchasing.

How to Find a Good Deal on a Used Riding Lawn Mower for Under $500

It’s not always crucial to have a sturdy lawnmower, but come springtime, you’ll need one. Consequently, you might not miraculously amass enough cash to purchase a brand-new lawn mower. When that time comes, it’s acceptable to purchase a pre-owned lawnmower. Look for used lawn mowers for sale for less than $500 if you want to save money without sacrificing quality.

After watching this, you’ll know what to look for in a used lawnmower:

What the mower’s value is

Without a doubt, the lowest possible price is the first item that consumers consider when making a purchase. No one would ever buy pre-owned goods if they weren’t so cheap. Used mowers are inexpensive, but before you buy one, it’s important to do a side-by-side comparison with a brand-new mower to ensure you have reasonable expectations. A two- or three-year-old mower in good condition should be purchased for no more than 60% of the original price.

One can purchase a brand-new lawn mower at any number of different price points. A riding mower can start at around $500 and run up to several thousand dollars, while a self-propelled, gas-powered, walk-behind mower with additional features can easily cost several thousand dollars. Think about the features you want in a mower. Prepare a list of the specifications you require and the budget you have for a used mower.

Powerplant Obtainability

If the used mower you purchase needs repairs, you may easily obtain replacement components for a well-known brand name engine. Kawasaki, Honda, and Briggs & Stratton are the three most prevalent brands of commercial lawn mower engines, so those are your best bets.

Past upkeep records

Mowers, like any other piece of machinery, require routine servicing to ensure they keep running well. Before you buy a lawnmower, ask the seller if they have kept it in good working order. The following items on the list will tell you everything you need to know about the service record:

  • To begin each time you mow, you must first check the oil.
  • Keeping air filters spotless after each cutting.
  • Every year, we do everything from an oil change and new spark plugs to swapping out the air filter and honing the blades.

You should only buy the lawn mower from the seller if you receive assurance from the seller that steps one, two, and three have been taken.


If you’re buying a lawnmower from an individual, you should find out if there is a manual or warranty card included. The original sales receipt can be utilized to verify a used mower’s true age. Maintenance records will reveal whether or not the mower was maintained and how often it was serviced.


If you’ve located a secondhand lawnmower that looks promising, be sure it has a reputable brand name, a good engine that’s still supported by the manufacturer, and that it’s been well-maintained.

With some maintenance after you’ve bought it used, the advice above will help you find a great deal on a used lawn mower.

The Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Pre-Owned Riding Lawnmower (sale by owner)

Purchasing a used lawn mower is no exception; there are benefits and drawbacks to doing so. There are benefits, such as cost savings, as well as potential drawbacks, such as a shakier quality overall.


  • If you buy a secondhand lawn mower, you can save a lot of money while upgrading to a larger, more powerful model.
  • The previous owner can give you honest feedback on how well it functions.
  • Not having to rely on claims made by the manufacturer or rely on their descriptions of the product is a major plus.
  • Used lawn mowers give you the flexibility to perform a more thorough inspection than you would be able to when purchasing a brand new model.
  • The vendor may fix the lawnmower before selling it to you if you detect a problem with it.


  • Many times, the prior owner does not inform the new owner that they damaged the lawnmower by operating it inappropriately. The operator may have cut the grass for a longer period of time or more regularly if they hadn’t been able to talk to their neighbor.
  • If you don’t examine the lawnmower’s parts, you can end up with a well-functioning machine that’s missing a component that’s about to wear out and need replacing. If the broken part can’t be fixed, you’ll have to buy a secondhand mower. Even if you can get your hands on a replacement part, the price could wipe out any savings you would have gotten from purchasing a used mower in the first place.
  • Most new-model warranties and guarantees do not apply to secondhand vehicles. The mower may be less expensive initially, but you’ll end up spending more money on maintenance and repairs.
  • Buying a secondhand mower online might be problematic if you don’t conduct a comprehensive inspection and test of the product first.

Whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage depends greatly on the seller’s integrity. There is no way to overestimate the significance of study in this area. Find out as much as you can about the vendor before you buy from them.

Where Can I Find a Good Deal on a Used Riding Lawn Mower?

The benefits of purchasing a pre-owned lawn mower have been discussed at length. Let us now inform you as to where you may obtain one. You can get a brand-new mower pretty much anyplace. Used lawn mowers, however, can be difficult to come by.

Most secondhand mowers are sold on the internet. Because more items are available here than at conventional mower shops, this marketplace has grown to become the largest of its kind. In addition, you can double-check to make sure you are investing wisely.

Used lawn mowers can be purchased from a variety of internet marketplaces, including but not limited to-


Websites like Amazon make it possible to shop for both brand-new and previously owned items. Used lawnmowers are therefore subject to the same rules as any other used product. Here you can shop for a lawnmower depending on its specifications, available models, and, of course, your budget.


In recent years, eBay has been quite beneficial to the secondhand goods market. Here, both the producer/vendor and the purchaser/user gain from the system. If you need a used lawnmower, your first stop should be eBay. Flip through the product pages until you find the lawn mower at an inexpensive price that meets your needs. Getting your mower from the store closest to you will provide the best possible delivery time and cost.


Over the past few years, the Facebook marketplace has matured into a cutting-edge shopping destination. Finding the people who own the lawnmowers you’re after is as easy as doing a Facebook search. Find exactly what you need by narrowing your search based on price, brand, and where you want it delivered.

Lawn Mower Rental

A number of places, much like the car rental service “Rent a Car,” will let you borrow a mower for a set period of time. Not only will your needs be met, but they will be met at a much lower cost than if you were to buy them.

Local Retailer

In this context, “local dealers” means vendors located within a reasonable driving distance from you; for example, within 30 miles. To make sure the lawnmower is functioning properly, you might pay it a personal visit. Find your nearest authorized dealer by visiting the manufacturer’s online store.

In addition to these selections, you may also look for a local vendor by typing “used lawn mowers for sale by owner near me” into a search engine.

There are 5 quality used riding mowers available for less than $500.

Lawn mowers tend to be quite pricey. Large and very pricey even after being used, these devices are impressive in size. Finding a good lawn mower for less than $500 is a challenge. Despite this, some vendors are ready to go with their lawnmowers for less than $500 due to the tremendous demand. People who can’t afford a brand new mower, or who don’t want to spend a lot on a machine they only use a few times a year, often hunt for secondhand mowers for sale at affordable prices.

Here are 5 sorts of affordable lawn mowers that can be purchased today:

1. Kubota T1400 riding lawn mower

Kubota T1400
Kubota T1400

The T1400 Kubota Tractor is one of the company’s T Series of lawn and garden tractors. The Kubota T1400’s engine does not have forward or backward gears. One cylinder, 0.4 liters of gasoline power a hydrostatic transmission with limitless forward and reverse gears.

A Kubota GH400 served as its powerplant. It has a cylinder bore of 84.2 mm (3.31 in) and a piston stroke of 70.0 mm (2.75 in), for a total engine displacement of 0.4 L, 389 cm2 (23.7 cu*in) (2.76 in). This motor produced only 13.7 PS of power. The Kubota T1400 sports an 8.3-liter fuel tank, manual steering, and a spacious driver’s compartment.


Height: 1,030 mm

Wheelbase: 1,190 mm

Starter: Electric

Fuel tank capacity: 8.3 liters

Battery: 12V

Steering type: Manual

Engine Type: Four-stroke, air-cooled, inline

Fuel type: Gasoline

Material: Alloy Steel

Weight: 230 kg


  • The electric starter allows for a quick and easy start.
  • There is less of a chance of an accident happening when steering is manual.


  • A handle is not included on the mower’s seat.
  • Really, it’s a lot to carry about.


The Kubota T1400 riding lawn mower is a great option if you need a low-priced mower that can be operated either electrically or manually.

2. John Deere gt235

John Deere gt235
John Deere gt235

The John Deere GT235 garden tractor is powered by either a Kawasaki or a Briggs & Stratton twin-cylinder gasoline engine with a hydrostatic gearbox that offers an endless number of forward and reverse gear ratios.


Type: Garden tractor

Brakes: wet disc

Steering: manual sector and pinion

Front tire: 16×6.5-8

Rear tire: 23×10.5-12

Weight: 258 kg


  • Long-lasting, powerful motor
  • Uninterrupted mowing


  • Inconvenient to clean when snowing.


To have a backup or just in case, many people look for a lawn mower with two engines. If you fall into that category, the John Deere GT 235 might be a good option for you.

3. Craftsman DLT 3000

Craftsman DLT 3000
Craftsman DLT 3000

The Craftsman DLT 3000 is a lawn tractor powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine. It’s a good option because of its reliable engine and cooling system. The maximum output for this engine is 22 kW (16.4 HP). This lawn tractor has an infinite number of forward and reverse gears and a hydraulic transmission.


Engine size: 656 cc

Number of cylinders: 2

Number of batteries: 1

Starter Motor: Electric

Battery voltage: 12 V

Wheel drive: 4×2 2WD

Steering system: manual


  • Incredibly solid
  • Low-Cost Repairs
  • Simple initation
  • All of the mechanical components, including the engine, are conveniently located.


  • Even an overweight person would find the seat uncomfortable.
  • Light-weight
  • A tube for discharging that is difficult to attach
  • Sturdy


The Craftsman DLT 3000 is a great lawn mower if you’re searching for something that will last a long time with minimal upkeep. However, if you are concerned that you may be too heavy for the seat, we cannot recommend it to you. The thought of that gives me the willies.

4. 17.5HP B&S Engine CE Riding Mower

17.5HP B&S Engine CE Riding lawn mower
17.5HP B&S Engine CE Riding lawn mower

This mower mows your grass with the push of a button. To mow your lawn, you can do so without riding on it. By using a smartphone app, you may direct it to just cut grass in specific places. The steel construction makes it incredibly durable. A grass box is included for removing the chopped grass from the yard. It moves forward under its own power. Temperatures inside are kept safe and sound by its forced air conditioning function. It includes a foldable handle so it may be stored compactly when not in use. The pricing range starts at 270$.


Type: Robotic Mowers

Material: Steel Chassis,

Moving Way: Rear Push

Cutting Width: 18cm

Cutting Speed: 35m/Min

Blades Rotate Speed: 3200 rpm

Cutter Type: Rotary Lawn Mower

Applicable Area: 1000-5000m²

Average Working Time: 1hour

weight : 11kgs


  • Propelled by one’s own volition
  • Powerful air conditioning
  • Basket made with grass
  • A lot quieter
  • Lightweight


  • It requires other high-tech gadgets to perform its functions.


A robot lawn mower may be the most cost-effective option if you want a riding mower but don’t want to perform the labor yourself.

5. 30″ Ride Lawn Mower and Tractors

30 Inch Ride lawn Mower and Tractors
30″ Ride Lawn Mower and Tractors

Mowers with a cutting width of 30 inches are among the most compact on the market. Alibabba.com sells the pre-owned items, therefore you can buy them there. The lowest price tag I could find was $25.65, making it ridiculously affordable. You can alter it to fit your needs. It makes a lot of noise while operating, but it accomplishes what it’s supposed to.

This tiny CHANGJIANG tractor, lawnmower, or ride-on mower is powered by a powerful and quiet Locin 15hp 432cc engine. Because the engine is located in the middle of the cockpit, the driver has a clear view out and can easily get in and out thanks to the spacious footwell and the convenient step-through platform. Utilizing the incredibly small turning radius, any rough edges may be shaved off with ease. CHANGJIANG has created a tool-free leveling system that makes it simple to level the cutting board. The grass bag, which is optional, has a 176-liter capacity. Mulchers may be converted to riders with a side discharge in a matter of minutes.


Engine: Locin150

Cutting height: 20-90mm/7 position

Cutting Width: 760mm

Fuel Capacity: 4.2L

Displacement and Power; 432cc,15.0HP

Drive Type: Mechanical


  • Priced ridiculously low and readily available
  • Web site that can be relied upon for sales
  • Conditioned well enough to run


  • Mowing is an extremely noisy activity.
  • Numerous components are missing.


If you need a mower to get your job done quickly and cheaply, this is the one to get.