Big Dog Zero Uses This Gas (Avoid Fuel Problems)

While operating a zero-turn, it is essential to utilize the appropriate kind of fuel. If you use the incorrect fuel, your vehicle will not only have performance and operation issues, but the manufacturer’s warranty can also be voided.

For optimal performance, Big Dog zero turn mowers call for unleaded fuel with an octane value of at least 87 and an ethanol level of no more than 10%.

Using the incorrect kind of gas or gas that is too old may cause damage to the fuel system and the engine, which can result in a large increase in the cost of repairs. Spend some time educating yourself about gasoline and how to handle it in the most appropriate manner.

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What kind of fuel is ideal for zero-turn mowers owned by Big Dog?

On a Big Dog zero-turn mower, you can get away with using gasoline of a typical grade 87 octane, but the fuel that works best in this mower is one that does not include ethanol.

While shopping for and filling up the gas tank of your Big Dog zero-turn lawn mower, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Always use gasoline that has just been purchased, and avoid letting it rest for more than a few minutes at a time.
  • Maintain the gas in a location that is free of moisture to prevent it from being contaminated.
  • Be sure the fuel you’re using has an octane value of 87 or higher.
  • Check that the gasoline contains no more than 10 percent ethanol at the very most. The better, the lower the content will be.
  • Refill your zero turn in a location with enough ventilation that is free of flammable substances.

How to Choose Which Kind of Gas to Use in Your Big Dog Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Customers at gas stations often have access to a variety of options for the fuel that they purchase. Among of the variations are the regular, the midgrade, the premium, the diesel, the E15 (with up to 15% ethanol), the E85 (with up to 85% ethanol), and the REC90. Other kinds include diesel (ethanol-free).

There are a variety of options to consider when selecting the appropriate fuel for your Big Dog, which might lead to some level of confusion in the decision-making process.

Get Some New Gas for Your Zero-Turn Mower, the Big Dog.

It is imperative that you acquire unleaded gasoline with a low percentage of ethanol as soon as possible after making your purchase since it may start to degrade and become less effective as rapidly as 30 days after purchase.

In order to avoid damaging your fuel system, you should never purchase more gasoline than you can use during the next 30 days.

In the event that you wind up buying more gasoline than you can consume in such a short period of time, you will need to stabilize it by adding a fuel additive. A bit later on in the essay, I talk about the usage of gasoline additives and provide my opinion on what you should do.

While using a Big Dog zero-turn mower, you should steer clear of using excessive amounts of ethanol.

Ethanol is often mixed in with gasoline in some capacity. This fuel is derived from plants and is intended to reduce the harmful effects that regular gasoline has on the environment.

With most cars, it is safe to run a little amount of ethanol without causing any damage; however, ethanol may have the opposite effect on the tiny engine that is utilized in your Big Dog mower.

It is best to steer clear of gasoline with an ethanol level that is more than 10%. These covers fuels that are marketed under the names E15 and E85. These fuels include varying amounts of ethanol, ranging from 15% to 85%.

The harmful effects that ethanol has on your Big Dog Mower are as follows:

  • The gasoline system might pick up moisture when ethanol is present.
  • Ethanol and water are able to remain separate from the gasoline and eventually settle to the bottom of the fuel tank.
  • Produces a varnish and sticky deposits that may choke fuel channels if it is not removed.
  • Very corrosive, causing damage to the engine as well as the components of the fuel.

Invest on Premium-Grade Gasoline for Your Big Dog Mower

While purchasing costly gasoline isn’t always the best option, if you have the means to do so, it is highly recommended that you purchase the highest quality gas available with a low percentage of ethanol. There is other gasoline available that does not include ethanol as an ingredient.

Fuel that does not include ethanol and is often referred to as recreation fuel is the kind of gasoline that should be used in a gas-powered Big Dog mower. Since it does not degrade in the same way as fuels that include ethanol do, ordinary gasoline is better for your fuel system than ethanol-containing fuels in this regard.

The cost of ethanol-free fuel is higher than that of ordinary or premium gasoline. You may get gasoline that does not include ethanol at gas stations and home improvement shops.

  • Canisters of 4-cycle gasoline are sold at home improvement stores, car parts stores, and online.
  • REC-90 fuel is available at certain gas stations. Recreation fuel is available at some gas stations. You may locate a gas station in your area that provides gasoline that does not include ethanol by visiting

Make Sure Your Big Dog Zero-Turn Mower Has a Fuel Additive

I utilize a high-quality unleaded gasoline that has a low ethanol concentration, despite the fact that ethanol-free fuel is the superior option.

When I fill up a tank with gasoline, I always make sure to add a fuel additive to it so that any issues with the fuel supply that may arise from using older fuel may be mitigated. I also make it a point to avoid buying too much gasoline and storing it for an extended length of time.

Sea Foam Motor Treatment is the gasoline additive that I like to use the most.

  • Keeps gasoline steady
  • Reduces moisture
  • Does the function of cleaning the fuel system.

This product should be used in your gasoline tank for keeping surplus petrol and when storing your lawn mower with fuel during the off-season. It should also be used while storing your lawn mower without fuel.

You can learn more about the benefits of using Sea Foam here, as well as the reasons why I chose to add it to all of the gas that I use in my small engines.