Best & Worst Chainsaw Brands To Know For Better Buy

What are the worst chainsaw brands to avoid? You will be surprised, but being one of the top-notch brands, Husqvarna 262 XP is the worst chainsaw for its leaking bar oil. To know more about the worst chainsaw brands and their reasons, continue your reading.

There are different chainsaw brands available that are counted as the worst. Let’s check their characteristics in detail. Besides, we will walk you through some tips and symptoms to define the worst and good-rated chainsaw.

What Are The Main Reason For Marking The Worst Chainsaw Brands?

There are several reasons to mark it as the worst brand. This parameter would be more helpful in identifying the worst chainsaw brands.

Let’s check the parameters that are responsible for tagging the worst one.


When you feel the chainsaw brand is heavy to use, then you need to avoid it. It’s too tough to maintain a bulky or heavy chainsaw, and it also causes a decrease in productivity. 

Low-Quality Battery

When you are going to buy a chainsaw, you need to focus on the battery configuration. If the format becomes low but offers a low price, you should avoid these chainsaw brands.

No Warranty

Sometimes, many chainsaw brands are not offered a warranty card. If you see the condition, think it’s illegal, or copies are not original. So, if prices become low, you should avoid these chainsaw brands.

Hard To Start

If the chainsaw’s engine doesn’t work correctly, it takes time to start. It’s even hard to start in emergencies. So it would help if you avoided these chainsaw brands and took the easy starting method chainsaw.

Durability & Flexibility

When you are going to buy a chainsaw, you must check its durability and flexibility. If it is durable, you can cut any wood object smoothly, and the flexibility helps you get back your blade’s tension.

Wear & Corrosion Resistance

After using a chainsaw for a long time, the wear and corrosion can cause a lousy impact on the chainsaw blade. In that case, you should select a chainsaw with high wear and corrosion resistance and make a shield against rust and harmful elements.

Note: You must focus on all these parameters before buying a chainsaw. If all are ok, you can choose a chainsaw for your professional or home uses. 

Some of the Best & Worst Rated Chainsaw Brands

There is no particular worst chainsaw company, but some series would collapse the demand. These sub-series are Husqvarna 262 XP, Mini Mac 100, McCulloch Mini Mac, Hand Down T540, and STIHL MS362 Carb. According to user recommendations, these series count as the worst-rated chainsaw.

On the other hand, all the chainsaw companies are responsible for providing the best deal to satisfy the customers. The Greenworks 60-volt Lithium-ion, Makita XCU03PT, OREGON CS1500, and STIHL 271 Farm Boss are the best professional chainsaw brands. According to customer reviews, these brands greatly value professionals and homeowners.

Which Chainsaws Need To Avoid?

It’s seen that there arise problems in different models of a particular brand. Husqvarna 262 XP, Mini Mac 100, McCulloch Mini Mac, Hand Down T540, and STIHL MS362 Carb are the top listed chainsaws that are unable to satisfy the customers.

According to the user opinion, the Husqvarna 262 XP is the worst chainsaw for leaking oil. To start every time, it must put down blood and leak the petrol from the oil bar. In that case, we can count it as the worst chainsaw and not recommend using it.

Note: But this does not make the Husqvarna brand worst. Indeed, Husqvarna is a good rated brand for different power tools and engines.

Oil leaking, low sharpening ease, less durability, and heaviness are the main reasons to violate the quality of the leading brand. It would help if you avoided these brands for your home or professional uses.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Most Reliable Brand Of Chainsaw?

The answer is STIHL. The STIHL is the highest-selling chainsaw and the most durable chainsaw brand. It offers a full spectrum of high-quality saws for professionals and homeowners. As a German brand, it bears excellent value.

Are Chinese Chainsaws Any Good?

Yes, the Chinese chainsaws have some pros, such as being cheap, durable, and flexible. Blue Max, Zomax, and Showbull are the most popular chainsaw brand in China. Though their quality is low, they offer a low price. These brands are better than the most expensive chainsaw brand.

What is the Best Chainsaw For The Money?

If you want budget-friendly chainsaws and top gas chainsaw brands, there are more options. According to meaningful research, we list the best chainsaw for the money. Let’s check the top 5 chainsaws.

Final Thoughts

After seeing the different chainsaw brands’ characteristics, we get a clear concept of the worst chainsaw brands.

When you are buying a chainsaw, try to avoid those types of brands. You should select those brands that offer durable, flexible, better sharpening ease, high wear, and corrosion resistance. So to get the best brand and mark the worst brand, you should be conscious of these matters.

If you are confused, reread the content and try to understand the features of these brands. Otherwise, you can get help from an expert.