Two-Acre Lawns: The Definitive Resource for Choosing a Riding Mower

If your lawn is greater than 2 acres and you want to buy a riding lawn mower to maintain its appearance, you need give careful consideration to your purchase. With such a large lawn, a robust ride-on mower that can handle all the chores is a must.

One of the numerous things you should check is whether or not it can hold a charge for longer and how much power it can provide. However, only a small number of computers can meet your requirements.

Finding the greatest riding lawn mower for a two-acre plot is a time-consuming process, as I can attest from personal experience. You realize that maybe you could benefit from some direction or assistance. To help you out, I’ve compiled a buying guide with some frequently asked questions and short reviews of the 9 best riding lawn mowers for 2 acres.

The Ideal Two-Acre Riding Mower

  • If you live in a hilly region, go no further than the Husqvarna YTA24V48.
  • Top-Rated Commercial ZTR Mower: Ariens 915223
  • Top-Rated Commercial ZTR Mower: Swisher ZTR2454BS
  • The Snapper XD 82V is ideal for cutting grass on slopes and hills over two acres.
  • Gas-powered riding mowers don’t get better than the Craftsman T225.
  • Best ZTR mower for a two-acre golf course is the Husqvarna Z242F.
  • The best battery-powered lawnmower is the Sun Joe 14-inch cordless.
  • The Troy-Bilt Mustang is the highest-rated low-priced riding mower.
  • The WORX WR150 is the most advanced 2-acre riding mower available today.

1. Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Pedal Tractor 

Best Riding Lawn MowerA popular brand of mowers is Husqvarna. As a result of the flexibility of their product line, they are able to offer a wide variety of lawn mowers. Also included are riding mowers with a range of engine power and cutting deck diameters. The Husqvarna YTA24V48, one of the company’s top models, has a large cutting blade and a powerful motor, making it ideal for mowing any hilly lawn up to 2 acres in size.

Strong motor for mowing rough terrain

The YTA24V48 features a 24HP Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin engine, making it one of the most potent on the market. This device is powerful enough to handle the slopes of your lawn, even if your home is situated at a higher elevation. The optimal angle for the engine is 15 degrees. You shouldn’t use this mower if your grass has a steeper slope. In such a scenario, the machine may be toppled over.

The lawnmower’s 3-gallon petrol tank is an attractive feature. That’s why, since this tool will last forever and give its owners plenty of time to maintain their expansive two-acre lawn. You’ll go through a lot of petrol if you want to make designs in your yard. Since the device doesn’t require batteries, there won’t be any of that bother. If you are in the midst of sculpting a large lawn and run out of gas, you may easily and quickly replenish the mower.

Maintaining Consistency While Mowing

The advanced debris management, rock-solid mechanical compression release, full-force lubrication system, etc., included in this mower’s design make it a true powerhouse, allowing for features such as choke-less starting and a smooth, continuous run. And the power it produces is sufficient for a wide variety of add-ons. The combination of the cruise control and the rapid, automatic transmission actuated by pedals ensures a far more constant pace than its competitors.

Cutting decks are enlarged as lawns grow.

You’ll need a high-speed mower with a wider cutting deck diameter to quickly mow your 2-acre lawn. The Husqvarna YTA24V48 guarantees a 48-inch deck, which is ideal for such work. If your ride-on mower travels at 3 miles per hour, for instance, you’ll need a little more than an hour to finish the job. The time to cut would be close to thirty minutes if the pace could be doubled. You can save time mowing the lawn by picking the most logical path and making the most efficient use of the turns.

Aerodynamically-astute mowing

The air induction technology integrated into the cutting deck of the Husqvarna YTA24V48 is a fantastic addition for efficient grass cutting. The grasses are able to stand straight where the ventilation is optimal, and they are cut off simply by the mower.

The elderly will benefit much from this.

The machine’s choke-free start makes it ideal for the elderly. They can steadily shape up their grass while sitting on the mower. Better cutting and user friendliness are ensured by the larger, stronger deck and the tight turning radius of this cutting edge machine.


Classification: a ride-on

The engine produces 24 horsepower.

Size of 48-inch cutting deck

Tank holds 3 gallons of gas.

The diameter of a 16-inch turn.

Maximum mowing speed of 3 mph

2. Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52” Zero Turn Mower 

Best Riding Lawn MowerZero-turn mowers are the best option if you want to upgrade from a manual lawn mower to a mounted one. By controlling the front wheels, this model can be maneuvered with a turning radius of zero meters, allowing for more professional-grade cutting capability to be displayed. In my opinion, this is the best type of machine because it can quickly and effectively remove any unwanted items from your lawn, such as cables, broken wood, gazebos, patio sets, etc. Enjoy optimum mobility thanks to the machine’s potent Kawasaki FR691 Engine. You may reach speeds of up to 7Mph, making short work of a 2- or 3-acre lawn.

Unbelievable efficiency in the cut

The 52-inch cutting deck of this zero-turn mower is the nicest part about it. It can cover more ground because of the increased surface area of its deck. This means it’s a viable option for your big lawn. Still, there seems to be a problem. Uneven lawn surfaces increase the likelihood of the mower toppling over. To sum up, the Ariens 915223Ariens is a better choice for mowing the flat areas of your lawn than the hard uphill areas.

Infinite slicing possibilities because to a movable cutting height

With its height-adjustable cutting deck and wide range of applications, the 915223Ariens is a top pick among riders for yards up to two acres in size. It can be used as a grass trimmer for sports fields, golf courses, Community Park, business lawns, and more. It has three knives for adjusting the height. Alterations in height from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches are included in the set of 13.


You won’t be able to use this mower on such a compact lawn. Still, this is not the best appliance to have if your home is located on a hilly plot of land. In addition, it does not come with a front lamp.


Classification: direct-entry

Number of Horsepower Produced by Engine: 23

Deck width for cutting: 52 inches

The gas tank holds 2.8 gallons.

Maximum 7 mph cutting speed for mowers

Height of grass can be altered between 1.5 and 4.5 inches.

3. Swisher ZTR2454BS Zero Turn Mower 

Best Riding Lawn Mower
Best Riding Lawn Mower

The ZTR2454BS is the newest addition to Swisher’s extensive line of premium lawn mowers. It has more reworking and improvisation than the first series did. The globe over, this 2 acre industrial zero turn mower is held in high esteem. It has a large fuel tank to take on larger yards, a spacious cutting deck, and a smooth hydrostatic transmission, making it a practical tool. This mower’s quicker reaction time makes it a great choice for larger lawns.

High-powered Briggs & Stratton motor producing 24 horsepower

The mower’s incredible strength comes from its 24HP Briggs & Stratton Engine. Despite being extremely long-lasting and dependable, it operates quietly. A digital hour meter that sounds an alarm when maintenance is needed is included.

Top-Notch Cutting Deck and Trimmer for a Professional Job

The ZTR2454BS has a 54-inch cutting deck that is built from steel. Equipped with three Gator mulching blades, it can cut grass to perfection. To make the necessary modifications to the deck, you need only to use your feet. The mower can reach speeds of up to 8 miles per hour, making short work of even the thickest lawn grass. The latest quick response control system is extremely responsive, allowing users to effortlessly operate the machine with joystick controls. You can do things like accelerate, decelerate, turn, etc., by using the levers on the steering wheel.

Accessibility and simplicity of usage

Swisher ZTR2454BS is easy to use thanks to its responsiveness. The seat is strategically elevated above the lawn, providing its occupants with a more expansive field of view. The machine’s adaptability is enhanced by the variable speed of the hydrostatic engine and the many automatic features, such as the electrically engaged blade. Better controllability is guaranteed when using this mower because to its low center of gravity and well-balanced design.

Products of superior quality

The Swisher ZTR2454BS Zero-Turn Mower is a great choice for mowing on difficult terrain because to its sturdy wheels and cutting deck. You can travel up to 8 miles on a single tank of gas and travel at 8 miles per hour. This mower is user-friendly due to features including its simple controls, spacious seating, improved mobility, and the ability to spin in a full circle.


Model: Straight-On (Zero-Turn)

The engine produces 24 horsepower.

54-inch-wide cutting deck

Approximately 8 gallons of gas can be stored in the tank.

Zero to eight miles per hour in a lawnmower

4. Snapper 1687914 82V Cordless Self-propelled Lawn Mower

Best Riding Lawn MowerThe fact that the self-propelled mower requires less work from the user is its greatest advantage. Self-propelled machines are highly recommended if you don’t want to strain to push your equipment through the uneven terrain of a two-acre lawn. These devices are easier on the body and are tailored to the needs of the elderly and those with less muscle.

Brushless motors that are powered by a battery pack

Snapper 1687914 may be used without the bother of a corded system thanks to its battery-powered operation. The 2aH Lithium-ion batteries that power it each have a remarkable run time of 45 minutes. If you use the mower to cut grass on hilly terrain, the battery life may be shortened because of the increased energy consumption. As an alternative, the machine’s transmission speed is adequate for mowing grass on flat terrain. Because to advancements in brushless motor technology, the machine will start up with a single click of a button.

Batteries vs. gas engines

Lawn mowers that run on batteries instead of gasoline produce fewer hazardous emissions. Because of this, electric mowers have gained widespread acceptance among both residential and commercial users as a more eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered mowers. In contrast to the potential downtime associated with gasoline-powered devices, battery-powered alternatives may be swiftly recharged and put back into service. Again, batteries only last for around half an hour while gas cylinders can potentially last for hours. This is a potential problem that needs your attention.

Choice of Vertical Stacking

The lack of internal storage is a common complaint about the 1687914 model. If you need to store this machine but your garage or shed is too tiny, you can do so vertically. By maintaining the machine’s vertical position, floor space can be conserved.

If you ever need to put the machine vertically, remember to turn it so that the deck is against the wall so that no one gets wounded.


Cordless, battery-operated, and independent

Size of cutting deck: 21 inches

There are batteries in the package. Yes

Two-hour-hour battery life

45-minute battery life

5. Craftsman T225 46-inch Gas Powered Riding Mower 

Riding Lawn Mower

The Craftsman T225 model has the optimal proportion of large cutting deck to quick-moving tractor. This means it may give you a cutting performance that is among the fastest available for a lawn up to two acres in size. The cutting deck on this equipment is 46 inches in diameter, and the machine that powers it has a 19 horsepower motor. In sum, this particular model of ride-on mower may provide you with expert assistance and save you from the time-consuming chore of cutting the grass.

Mower gas can be quickly refilled.

Lawn mower users commonly run up against an issue with the tool: they have no idea how much work can be done in a given amount of time due to the mower’s limited tank capacity. How fast you mow and where you mow are the two main determinants. Users won’t have to go to a lot of trouble to refuel a Craftsman T225. This model’s gas-powered engine means that when the gas tank becomes dry, it can be easily refilled. Using a gas-powered mower instead of an electric ride will be beneficial, especially if you have more than two acres of grass to cut.

Mower’s seat is designed for maximum comfort.

You’ll spend a lot of time seated when mowing your lawn, which is probably approximately two acres in size. For this reason, having a cozy seating arrangement is crucial. Because of its high back, the Craftsman T225 provides excellent lumbar support, reducing the risk of developing chronic back discomfort or knee issues. Because of the facility’s improvements, elderly persons with arthritis can use the bikes without any difficulty.

Time-saving “mow in reverse” feature

Cutting the grass is not a simple task. Steering the mower in the wrong direction is a common technical issue while operating the equipment from a riding position. To go back to where you started, you might have to take a long detour around the circle. As a workaround, the Craftsman T225 mower features a convenient mow-in-reverse option that allows for momentary mowing in the opposite direction. The mowing process is much more efficient with this model than with other riding mowers in the area because you don’t have to constantly get out and switch positions. You can avoid unnecessary work by using this function.

Clogging caused by cutting longer grasses can also be remedied by using the deck wash port. To remove grass, leaves, residues, trash, etc. from the machine’s base, just attach a hose and direct the water downward. We’re talking about a handful of minutes at most. You may save a lot of time and effort on lawnmower maintenance by using this model.


Brand of lawnmower: Proceed with caution

The engine produces 19 horsepower.

Deck width for cutting: 46 inches

Gasoline is used as a power source.

Included in the mowing-backwards feature were: Yes

6. Husqvarna Z242F Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower:

 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Husqvarna’s Z242F is a top-tier riding mower that’s ideal for up to 2 acres. This zero-turn mower, mounted on a vehicle, strikes a great mix between efficiency and longevity. This type is an excellent solution for your 1- to 2-acre lawn or golf course if you’re on a budget. Because of its large diameter (42 inches), this machine can be used for more than just cutting grass.

Kawasaki’s 18 HP engine is a powerhouse.

The Z242F unit’s 18 HP Kawasaki engine is robust enough to handle your terrain, even at 6.5 Mph. It should take you no more than 30–40 minutes to complete the mowing of your 2-acre lawn if the cutting route does not repeat itself. The tank can hold an additional 3.5 gallons of liquid. For a lawn the size of yours, you’ll need such power.

Maintenance This machine’s users have full command thanks to the free hydrostatic transmission. Which means it runs smoothly and without any problems. The machine’s quick air filtration, improved crank support system, easy start, etc., all but guarantee its selection by experienced gardeners.

Here’s some advice for you while you mow:

Begin mowing the lawn from its perimeters. By doing so, you won’t have to waste time or energy circling the same area over and over again when mowing.

Improved User Experience

A variety of rubber isolators on the body of the mower prevent the user’s feet, hands, and other body parts from coming into contact with the mower frame. As a result, the operator of the mower will have less tiredness thanks to the elimination of vibration. There is also a slip-resistant footrest area for your convenience. The vinyl-covered seats are ergonomically designed and padded to provide comfort and support for the back. You can adjust the seat height from its default of 15 inches.


Category: Straight-line riding

Gasoline can be used as a fuel.

18 Horsepower of Output Power

the width of the cutting deck is 42 inches

The 3.5 gallon tank can hold a lot of liquid.

You can go as fast as 6.5 Mph.

7. Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14 inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Best Riding Lawn MowerPurchasing a riding mower or a robotic one can set you back a significant amount of money. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a lawn mower, any push model will do the job. The price of a push lawn mower is mind-bogglingly high in comparison to that of a zero-turn or ride-on model. Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO Cordless Lawn Mower is the most sought-after product of its kind. This gas-powered machine has few moving parts and minimal servicing requirements. Let’s delve deeper to learn all there is to know about this incredible device.

The mower’s user-friendliness makes it a breeze to use.

Miniature and featherweight, the MJ401C-PRO is perfect for those who value portability. Weight, including the battery, is a mere 28 pounds. The majority of this device is constructed from plastic. Almost no other mower on the market, including the Sun Joe Mj401C, arrives fully assembled. When you’re ready to start cutting grass, all you have to do is insert the key, flip the safety switch, and pull the trigger. It’s simple to fold the mower up and put it away after you’re done mowing. This mower does not take up much room when stored.

Features that are both easy to maintain and secure

In comparison to gas-powered mowers, this electric model is easier to maintain. Keep all the bolts and nuts snug during routine maintenance. Avoid dangerous buildups of grass, leaves, and debris on the mower by cleaning it right after after each mowing session. Keep the mower’s handles clean and free of oil or grease. In the absence of such measures, accidents may occur when the surface becomes slick. When servicing or handling the mower blades, take additional care to avoid cuts. Keep the machine in a dry, clean area.

Keep the temperature of the storage area from falling below the room temperature or rising above the desired level. Unless otherwise specified, they may reduce the battery’s run duration. The lawnmower is an exciting and fun toy for children. Don’t let them get their hands on it. Keep the key to the mower’s ignition in your possession and use a key plugging system if at all possible.

Use a cordless lawn mower for greater portability.

If you want to mow your 2-acre lawn efficiently, a battery-powered, cordless mower is a great investment. Corded machines are more difficult to use because you have to plug them into an outlet every 300–400 feet. The Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO might help you avoid such problems. Your 2-acre lawn can be mowed with the help of the mower’s 28V, 5-Ah Lithium-ion battery, but you’ll have to charge it about eight times to get through a season. Using two mowers simultaneously can decrease your time in half.

Highest standard of cutting ability

This strong, environmentally friendly blade can neatly cut a 14-inch path with a single stroke, and you will adore it for that. Plus, the grass may be trimmed to the perfect height thanks to the device’s three-position manual height control.


Type: Cordless Push Lawnmower

Deck Diameter for Cutting: 14 Inches

The volume of a grass bag is 1.6 gallons.

5Ah capacity for the battery

There are three distinct height increments available.

8. Troy-Bilt Mustang 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower 

Best Riding Lawn MowerTo mow 2 acres of land, this is one of the greatest zero-turn mowers you can buy, and it won’t break the bank. Different from other commercial mowers, this one is designed with the average homeowner in mind. They are exceptionally effective cutters and require very little in the way of upkeep over their long lifespan. The machine’s robust engine and impressive performance make it one of the few mowing tools that can guarantee the highest efficiency levels.

Incredibly potent and silent motor

The gasoline-powered, high-powered Briggs & Stratton motor pack has 22 horsepower. This mower has a 2.8-gallon fuel tank, so it can efficiently mow a 2-acre lawn. The machine requires zero effort to clean and maintain. There is also no hassle associated with gaining access to the filter or making adjustments to it. The engine’s overhead valve is designed to withstand the damaging effects of overheating. As a result, the engine is more durable than others.

Comfort and convenience of use have been greatly improved because to the new ergonomic layout.

A high back seat and a breadth of about 18 inches make extended periods of sitting comfortable in the Troy-Bilt Mustang. The mower can be driven more easily over uneven ground thanks to its dual suspension. Since there is more room for your legs, you won’t have to worry as much about cramping up on this piece of equipment. The adjustable lap bars provide for a higher degree of command. There is a built-in cup holder for when you just want to relax with a drink.

Superior accuracy in cutting the grass

This version of the Mustang has a longer, 46-inch board. To take care of a suburban lawn between medium and large in size. Triple 54-inch blades are precisely stamped into the metal deck, allowing the machine to function on both level ground and steep inclines.

Superior performance and construction

This mower’s lap bar seating provides the power users need to swiftly traverse their lawn. The front wheels are large enough to withstand the weight of the machine as it rolls over a freshly mopped, rock-solid grass. A minor bump here and there won’t hurt them at all. However, caters may become entrenched in sandier lawn soil or soil that receives regular rainfall. Mower belts made with a high-quality metal pulley rather than a cheap plastic one endure a long time. Due to its use of robust materials, the frame and wheels can withstand a lot of wear and tear.


Modification: Zero-turn mower

Size of the Deck: 46 Inches

There are 2.8 gallons of fuel storage space.

Horsepower of Engine: 22

Size of the knife: 54 inches

9. WORX WR150 Robotic Lawn Mower 

Best Riding Lawn MowerThe robotic lawn mower is the perfect alternative if having your grass mowed automatically is a major priority for you. The robotic mower is typically less expensive than conventional zero-turn riding mowers, despite its user-friendly feature.

Technological advancements in autonomous robotic mowing

This machine’s robotic mowing technology can readily recognize the lawn edge, preventing it from leaving the grassy area. Once again, the “cut-to-edge” method it employs eliminates any possibility of the machine failing in a marginal area. WORX WR150’s cutting-edge features make lawn maintenance a breeze.

Intruders are deterred by a sophisticated GPS system.

The “Find my Landroid” feature of this high-tech device is a GPS tracking system that will sound an alarm if your lawnmower is moved from its garage or other safe location. Get your hands on this machine and you may forget about the stress of being robbed.

Optimal mower for grass covering 0.5-2 acres

This mower’s resilience to rain, snow, and other elements is just what you need. It can withstand light winds, light rain, and light snow without any damage. Never leave the machine during a major snowstorm or lightning strike. Up to a 20-degree inclination, this robotic equipment can reach uphill or downhill with ease. The unit also includes an adjustable cutting height, which is a nice bonus. You’ll be able to set the cutting height of the grass to suit your tastes.


Classification: Robotic machine

The charging period for a battery is 90 minutes.

Dimensions of the cut: 9 inches

From 1.6 to 3.9 inches is the recommended cutting height.

Up to a 20 degree sharp angle can be applied.

Buying Advice

To get the job done right, it’s important to consider a few different variables before settling on a specific brand and model of riding mower to use for lawn maintenance. Let’s get to know them:

Mechanical Impulse

Before picking up a mower to mow your two-acre lawn, the first thing you should check is the engine power. In the end, the mower will struggle under the weight of the grass if you go with a less powerful equipment. The optimal horsepower range for an internal combustion engine is 19–29.

The Power Behind It

However, the battery-powered machine is a completely eco-friendly and safe mower, whereas the gas-powered one releases many dangerous compounds. The battery only lasts for 45 minutes to 2 hours but takes about 10 to 12 hours to fully charge. Gas-powered mowers, on the other hand, are more durable and cut grass more quickly. Typically, the range is 2–5 gallons.

Trimming the Deck’s Width

The size of the cutting deck on your two-acre lawn mower is also important. Mowing speed increases with deck width because a larger area may be cut in one pass. A cutting deck width of 42 to 54 inches is recommended for a two-acre lawn.

Turning Radius of Zero

Mowers with a zero-degree turning radius can easily navigate your yard’s rocks, trees, roots, and other obstacles. The highest level of security cannot be achieved without this addition.

The Ergonomic and Comfortable Design for the User

Mowing a lawn that’s two acres in size requires a lot of time spent seated on the mower. Time needed to accomplish the job might range from 45 minutes to roughly 1.5 hours, depending on the cutting deck width, machine output power, and the planned mowing route. With this longer time commitment comes a higher requirement for the mower’s ergonomic sitting and other amenities. You need a seat with a high back, some padding, and some footrests. In addition, a battery meter, snow blades, a bumper to protect the mower from obstacles, and other user-friendly features can guarantee greater user convenience.

Providers of Security

For prolonged use, you must ensure that the lawn mower you select poses no health risks to you. To prevent injury to operators and prevent damage to the mower itself, bumpers should be installed on the machine. Flip protection, a blade clutch, a reverse awareness technique, etc., could also be a part of it.


Your lawn mower’s transmission system determines how easily you can move across your lawn and how wide an area you can cover. A lighter build may be more mobile. Choose a machine that has a higher quality transmission if you can.


Why need a riding mower?

Using a riding mower is the most efficient way to maintain a lawn that is half an acre to two acres in size. Equipment that runs on electricity or batteries would be ideal for an area of 0.5 acres. However, gas-powered machines perform better on properties larger than 1 acre and up to 2 acres.

In what regular intervals should lawn mower blades be sharpened?

Blades on a lawnmower will dull if you leave it running for too long without sharpening it. The machine’s performance would suffer severely. Your grass would become unsightly due to uneven cutting. Lawn mower blades should be sharpened at least once every two months.

What extras might you expect to find on a riding mower?

Some lawn mowers come with extra cables, garden dump carts, baggers, sweepers, tow-behind spreaders, aerators, easy hitch platform or plug aerators, lawn rollers, and other add-ons and attachments.

When was the last time you had your riding mower serviced?

Keeping the mower in good working order requires regular servicing and maintenance. Oil and spark plugs should be changed on a regular basis. Carburetor maintenance is also required.

What exactly is scalping, and what can be done to avoid it?

A barren spot on your lawn can be the result of you chopping off clumps of grass. The scalp is the area where hair is absent. Scalping can be prevented by adjusting the cutting deck height before you begin mowing. To avoid scalping in the future, simply adjust the height of the mower blades for a clean cut.

Where is the best place to keep the lawnmower when it’s not in use?

When it comes to stowing your lawnmower, a garage or tool shed can serve the purpose, provided that they are large enough to accommodate the mower. When not in use, some individuals choose to keep it in the garage. When this occurs, it’s important to protect the item with a waterproof cover. Otherwise, rust and corrosion could form on the machine.

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Briefly Summarizing

We hope that by the time you’ve finished reading this post, you have a solid grasp on what constitutes the best riding lawn mowers for a lawn measuring 2 acres. The Swisher ZTR2454BS is the best choice for any lawn that is medium in size or larger due to its larger cutting deck.

Choose the Husqvarna YTA24V48, however, if a potent engine is your primary priority. If you’re serious about getting the job done right, the Ariens 915223 is your best bet. If you’re looking to save money, go no further than a Troy-Bilt mower. It is up to you now to decide which one is best for your lawn, taking into account its unique characteristics. You should have pleasure in your mowing activities.