Best 60-Inch Zero Turn Mowers for Big Properties

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The hassle, time, money, and effort required to tame expansive grasslands on many properties leads to their often being left to their natural state. Large zero turn mowers with at least a 60-inch mowing deck are the only machines capable of giving you a beautifully trimmed lawn on a plot of land larger than 5 acres. Nonetheless, you should take your time when deciding to purchase one because of the high cost. I’ve made this comprehensive guide to help you save time and energy by narrowing down your options to just the top-rated large-area z-turn mowers on the market today.

Why do you need a zero-turn mower that is 60 inches?

Mowers with a cutting width of 60 inches are typically high-powered, fast, commercial-grade machines. These massive deck mowers are superior to standard zero-turn mowers because they are designed for larger properties with more demanding cutting requirements. Many people decide to purchase a 60-inch zero-turn mower because:

  • You want to spend less time mowing without sacrificing quality.
  • In contrast to more typical lawns, yours has grass that is too thick and tough for standard push mowers.
  • Trees, bushes, and other obstructions enclose your grasslands.
  • You’re looking for a robust tool that can effortlessly control your property with minimal upkeep.
  • Want to cut down on the frequency with which you have to hire lawn care professionals? A zero-turn mower can help.

How are 60-inch Z-turns different from other ZTRs with a large range?

Most zero-turn mowers fall into one of four standard size classes:

  • Small Residential mowers
  • Commercial grade mowers have a cutting width of at least 54 inches
  • Professional mower decks range in width from 50 to 60 inches.
  • Commercial Grade Mowers have a cutting width of at least 54 inches
  • Applied in a Business Context

Most 60-inch zero-turn mowers are built for commercial or industrial use, but they can still handle substantial residential use. These mowers have more powerful engines than smaller commercial models, allowing you to quickly and efficiently mow your lawn.

  • Enhanced Muscular Strength

Many commercial mowers still use stamped decks, but these are made with stronger steel for a more durable product.

  • Quicker and more capable on inclines

ZTRs with 60-inch or more decks typically travel between 7 and 10 miles per hour. They’re more stable on 20-degree slopes because their weight distributes more evenly.

Several Advantages of Purchasing a Zero-Turn 60-Inch Mower

Despite the fact that zero-turn mowers can cost several thousand dollars to buy, they have proven to be worthwhile investments. Large, commercial-grade mowers have their benefits, but there are more reasons to invest in one.

  • Enhanced Velocity

In general, zero-turn mowers can travel at speeds of up to 7 mph, with the 60-inch z-turns being the fastest of the bunch. Typically, these z-turns have a minimum 22-horsepower engine, which allows for faster forward and reverse mowing speeds.

  • Mowers With a Greater Number of Blades

Larger decks allow for a greater number of blades, maximizing your saw’s cutting power and precision. Having more blades on your mower means you can get a cleaner cut on the first pass, eliminating the need to go back and tidy up any stray blades.

  • Faster blade turning speed

Larger decks have more robust spindles, which means your blades can spin faster and produce cleaner cuts in a single pass. Grass can now be quickly and easily cut with your mower, even when it’s going at top speed. In addition, the deck gets more ventilation thanks to the fast-spinning blades, making it an excellent mulcher.

  • Mowing With Force on Dense Grass

Variations in grass types present unique difficulties for your mower. Some varieties of grass are extremely bendable, making it difficult for mowers to cut them. Another issue is that certain types of dense grass can be hard on your mower’s blades.

All these difficulties are no match for a strong mowing deck. Mowers with 60-inch cutting widths have deep cutting decks that increase airflow and pull soft grass for cutting. The high-density, fast-spinning blades make short work of thick grass, and they cut every last blade.

  • Heightened Pulling Power

Mowers with a greater carrying capacity are ideal for moving larger loads. They can pull more weight, so you can use them to move heavy machinery around your expansive property.

  • Enhancement Choices Expanded

A permanent mulching and bagging kit, as well as towing equipment like carts, are all within their capabilities. Snowplows, aerators, and seeders are just some of the attachments available for your machine.

Several Disadvantages of Purchasing a Zero-Turn 60-Inch Mower

There is no such thing as a perfect zero-turn mower; even the most popular 60-inch models have some major drawbacks.

  • Lawn Damage

When operating at full throttle, the weight of your vehicle or machinery can cause damage to your grass. Heavy tread marks and possible turf destruction could result from this. You’ll need to take care when mowing your lawn and learn the limits of your soil’s capacity.

  • Slow Down When Turning

Z-turn mowers are extremely maneuverable due to their ability to turn on a dime, but larger, heavier mowers can be unsafe to turn due to their propensity to topple over when in motion. This means you’ll need to take it easy as you turn, particularly if you need to navigate around an obstruction like a tree.

  • Inability to Cut Down Hills

As a general rule, a z-turn can only be performed on slopes between 10 and 15 degrees. Vehicles with 60-inch wheels and more than 20 degrees of incline are called ZTRs. There is still a risk of them toppling over, despite the upgrade.

What to look for in zero-turn mowers that are 60 inches wide

Z-turns can be quite pricey, so it’s important to invest wisely by acquiring the most useful upgrades for your home. Consider these factors before purchasing a zero-turn mower that is 60 inches in cutting width.

  • Constructional Body and Frame Made of Twelve-Gauge Steel

When looking for a commercial or professional grade mower, it is important to find one with a sturdy construction, such as a 12-gauge steel frame body. Steel with a gauge of 12 or lower is considerably stronger and lighter, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty mowing tasks.

  • 20 HP engine

For large zero-turns, a minimum engine power of 20 hp is recommended. You can mow your lawn for many hours with no signs of fatigue thanks to the powerful engine that propels your mower.

  • Fabricated Cutting Deck

Fabricated decks are superior to stamped decks in terms of strength and durability, making them perfect for commercial-grade mowers.

  • Possible Upgrading Choices

Never settle for less than a 60-inch ZTR, as these machines are capable of more demanding tasks than their smaller counterparts. Keep an eye out for mowers that allow for simple upgrade installations.

  • Comfort

Larger machines have more powerful engines, which can be uncomfortable to use for prolonged periods of time due to vibration. You need a z-turn with shock absorbers or a very comfortable seat to minimize fatigue and soreness from sitting for long periods of time on the mower.

Greatest Zero Turn Mowers 60 Inches

Here is a comprehensive review of 60-inch zero turn mowers, and I’ve narrowed the list down to 5 of the best large-deck ZTRs.

1. Ariens Apex Zero Turn Mower

Ariens apex zero turn mower
Ariens apex zero turn mower

Build the Body and Deck

The 10-gauge steel body frame of the Ariens Apex 60 is fully welded into place, making it a robust heavy-duty system capable of meeting any and all of your mowing requirements. With its 5-inch-thick fabricated mowing deck, your property will benefit from three extra-long blades’ maximum cutting potential.

Engine Power

With its 24-horsepower engine, this z-turn mower can travel as fast as 8 miles per hour across your lawn. It’s also capable of a top speed of 4 mph when mowing backwards. With its powerful engine and spacious 5-gallon tank, this mower can cover up to 8 acres in a single fill-up.

Added Features

The Ariens has a reputation for having a plush seat. The plush, well-ventilated seat will keep you cool and comfortable on your ride. As an added bonus, the seat is equipped with a shock absorber to soften the impact of any bumps in the road.

Superb shock absorbersSuch necessities as headlights and a towing hitch are sold as add-ons.
Easy controls and foot-assisted deck controls


This ZTR delivers on its promise to make mowing easy and pleasant. With this machine, you can spend hours mowing your expansive property without worrying about your comfort or safety.

2. Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna mz61 zero turn mower
Husqvarna mz61 zero turn mower

Build the Body and Deck

The 11-gauge steel construction of this 61-inch zero-turn mower makes it suitable for rough mowing and long, strenuous hours of yardwork. You can rest assured that this high-quality machine will plow through your lawn no matter how rough the weather gets thanks to its fully welded body and fabricated deck housing three blades.

Engine Power

The Husqvarna MZ61, with its 24-horsepower engine, will reliably cut through miles of tough grass. The engine has a 5-gallon tank and a 1-gallon reserve, allowing you to mow your property continuously without stopping to refuel, allowing you to cover an average of 4.2 acres per hour.

Added Features

The simplified deck control system of this large z-turn grants you complete command of the machine. There’s a handy hour meter on the dashboard that serves as a helpful service reminder for when it’s time to check the mower’s oil and replace any worn or broken parts.

The vinyl seat and high backrest on the Husqvarna are made to conform to the shape of your spine. The partnering armrests and ergonomic grips also make riding the mower for long periods of time much more bearable.

Digitized controls for easy masteryUnfit for slopes over 15 degrees
Large productivity rate of 4.2 acres per hour


Mowing quality is high from the get-go with this 61-inch Husqvarna z-turn mower. You can rest easy knowing that your machine will keep running smoothly and reliably no matter how many hours you put into it each week because of the sturdy engine’s consistent power.

3. John Deere Z535M Zero Turn Mower

John deere z535m
John deere z535m

Build the Body and Deck

This John Deere z-turn mower, measuring 62 inches in width, features a sturdy 11-gauge fully welded body, making it ideal for demanding landscaping tasks. In addition to its sturdy frame, the mower is also designed to require minimal upkeep over its long service life.

The three mulching blades on this mower make short work of cutting grass while also returning valuable nutrients to the soil, helping you maintain a lush, verdant lawn and enhancing the property’s value.

Engine Power

The 25-horsepower engine makes this mower great because it can keep cutting for hours without stopping. Your grass can be traversed at speeds of up to 8.5 mph. You can mow 8 acres of land continuously with this machine because of its 4.5-gallon fuel capacity.

Added Features

It’s easy to take care of this John Deere. The long life and simple upkeep are made possible by the mower’s maintenance-free transmission and few moving parts.

The 18-inch backrest provides outstanding support for the user’s back and shoulders all the way through the mowing process. The mower’s levers, seat, and steering column can all be adjusted to the user’s preferred height via the mower’s rider deck’s adjustment features.

Low maintenance and easy repairsStamped deck
Highly versatile for multiple ZTR upgrades


John Deere is a trusted brand in lawn care, and this z-turn mower is no exception at 62 inches in cutting width. You can rest assured that your lawn will always look its best, even as the time you dedicate to maintaining it decreases.

4. Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX5 Zero Turn Mower

Cub cadet ultima
Cub cadet ultima

Build the Body and Deck

Cub Cadet’s 60-inch deck series has received yet another upgrade. This fifth-generation ZTX5 mower features a 10-gauge steel frame and deck, making it suitable for use in extreme mowing conditions such as inclement weather or on expansive acreages of overgrown grass.

Engine Power

This mower has a 24-horsepower engine and can hold 5.5 gallons of gas, so it can mow large lawns without having to stop and refill. With a full tank, it can mow and trim an area larger than 12 acres, giving you peace of mind that your work will go uninterrupted.

Added Features

The superior wheel suspension of this 60-inch ZTR cuts down on vibration by 25%, making the whole mowing process more comfortable. The rough terrain won’t slow you down one bit, and you’ll be able to keep charging over it with ease. You can rest assured that your mower will not topple over because of the ROPS system installed on this unit.

It also has a zero-maintenance engine, so you won’t have to service or repair your machine as often. A towing hitch and built-in headlights help you tow heavy loads in low light, and it also has a variety of attachment points for other tools and equipment.

Great for slopesROPS has a high height clearance and easily gets caught in branches and pergolas
Rust and corrosion-free body


When it comes to lawn mowers, this is one of my top picks. It’s a more powerful alternative to traditional mowing methods, and it can even mow on inclines. This z-turn stands out from the competition thanks to its comprehensive rider support system, which puts your safety first while doing an excellent job of mowing your lawn.

5. Toro Titan Zero Turn Mower

Toro titan
Toro titan

Build the Body and Deck

It’s clear that Toro has delivered a robust mower that can handle tough conditions. For extremely rough mowing conditions, this 60-inch Titan’s iron-forged body and 10-gauge steel body frame are ideal. The Toro is not only a strong machine, but also a flexible ZTR that can handle a wide range of conditions, from extremely cold weather to humid ground.

As an added bonus, the air cleaner on this zero-turn mower keeps debris as small as dust from reaching the engine and other workings of the mower.

Engine Power

Its 24-horsepower engine is supported by a 5-gallon fuel tank, allowing for a comfortable ride over your expansive lawn. You can mow and trim up to 12 acres of land at once, provided you don’t rev the engine higher than 8.5 miles per hour.

Added Features

The MyRide system on the Toro Titan is designed to provide the rider with the best possible assistance. The rider won’t feel any of the vibrations from the engine or the rough terrain of your property thanks to the shock-absorbing suspension springs that cover the entire seat and foot deck of the mower.

The necessity of attaching a separate hitch for towing is also eliminated because of its inclusion. The clear fuel tank is one of my favorite features of this mower because it allows for neat and quick fuel refills.

Full deck shock absorbersEasily tips over and thus require gentler turns
Great fuel economy


As a mower, the Toro Titan excels, providing excellent cutting quality while protecting the rider from harm. You can count on a comfortable ride from this vehicle, even on the roughest terrain.


The Toro Titan is the best 60-inch zero-turn mower in my opinion, especially for those who need to mow extremely tough grass on rough terrain. On the other hand, I would strongly suggest the Cub Cadet Ultima if your hills are only slightly sloping.

Both of these tools are exceptionally durable, able to handle strenuous landscaping and turf maintenance tasks. They’re also useful as towing vehicles, pulling a variety of implements that make yard maintenance anywhere on a large property much easier to handle.