The Top-rated 42-inch Zero-turn Mower For 2022

with force and accuracyThe fun it brings to maintaining your lawn is among the most exciting reasons why a lot of property owners switched to zero turn mowers. Largely because of their unmatched speed, trimming accuracy, Z-turns have maneuverability as well as turned into a necessity regarding homes with expansive lawns. However, smaller ZTRs are in high demand because the majority of residential customers only need them for quick yardwork. You must choose wisely and wisely when buying a zero-turn mower because these tools are a significant financial increase over standard lawn mowers.

Do you require a zero-turn mower for your lawn?

For expansive yards that cover anywhere from half an acre to 25 acres of land, zero-turns are unquestionably the best tool. A typical yard is half an acre to two acres in size, and large properties with gardens and agricultural area can be up to five acres. awn tractors and push mowers will take longer than a day complete mowing the grass on a large property, leaving an uneven and ugly yard.

A zero-turn mower is necessary in addition to size if:

  • You must navigate through numerous obstacles, including garden plots, trees, and plants.
  • The grass on your lawn is dense and regular rass cutters are unable to.
  • You don’t have time to constantly maintain your property, thus you find it pricey to engage weekly lawn mowing services.
  • You require a strong equipment to tame your grass that is easy to operate and master.

How does using a compact zero-turn mower speed up lawn maintenance?

A half to a full acre can be trimmed with a 42-inch zero turn mower of lawn in little over 45 minutes at mid-throttle, which is relatively quick compared to other types of lawnmowers. A 42-inch lawn tractor can mow your property in one and a half hours compared to a 22-inch walk-behind mower taking three and a half hours to do it.

Because a zero-turn boasts a faster riding and blade spinning speed than a lawn tractor, it may still cut your grass more quickly even with a deck that is the same size. A more powerful engine in the mowing deck enables your blades to spin more quickly. The engine also enables your machine to run at faster speeds at the same time. Additionally, the time it takes to turn a lawn tractor around your property is reduced because to your ZTR’s ability to turn in situ.

What qualities should a 42-inch zero turn mower have?

Many home owners overlook some of the most crucial aspects when purchasing a zero turn mower, such as the mowing deck’s material composition and body structure, the engine’s durability, and additional amenities offered by a particular brand. Given the high cost of zero-turns, every choice you make must be well-informed, particularly when selecting a modest home z-turn suitable for your style of yard.

  • Type of mowing deck

A mowing deck can be created in one of two ways. They are either manufactured or stamped. Both types of decks are extremely sturdy, but because manufactured decks are fully welded with high-grade metal, they last longer and can withstand tougher circumstances.

  • Engine horsepower

Although 42-inch lawnmowers for level terrain don’t need big engines, you could need a more powerful equipment with more horsepower if your grass is lush and dense and needs to be cut frequently due to inclement weather.

  • Comfort and security while riding

If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on a ride, you should choose one that also provides the highest level of comfort and safety for the rider. Some manufacturers have a locking mechanism or rollover prevention to keep the movement of your mower while there is no rider in the seat.

  • Added characteristics

A bonus feature is the availability of mower extensions like seeders, sprayers, and other potential additions. Not every little ZTR has a hitch attachment, and some of them can only draw a certain amount of weight while towing other equipment.

Getting a 42-inch zero-turn mower has certain advantages

All compact zero-turn mowers are effective, but 42-inch ZTRs have a number of advantages over larger mowers.

  • They provide easier maneuverability.

Getting a tiny zero-turn mower has the benefit of being lighter. It is ideal for more humid locations with often-tender ground since it is easier to maneuver and makes abrupt turns, navigate through limited spaces, and trim over softer turf much easier.

  • They require little upkeep.

Because there aren’t many welded structures blocking you from doing any type of repair on a 42-inch z-turn, everything is within reach. Having rapid access to these little components makes it easier to identify and fix issues with your zero turn. Larger ZTRs, in contrast, are more complex due to the additional parts, such as extra wiring from upgraded functionality.

  • The parts are more affordable.

Because larger mowers must use more expensive materials the movement of your mower, smaller zero-turn mowers are more expensive. You can be sure that the quality of a smaller mower will be just as good as that of larger ones, but it will cost less because of its smaller size. Additionally, 42-inch ZTRs do not include pricey improvements that must be replaced later.

  • They have a decreased cost of ownership

42-inch ZTR mowers are unquestionably more inexpensive, both upfront and over time. They have less wear and tear since they cut down on cutting time, trim lawn within reasonable conditions, and use a lot less gas. They are more durable lifespan because they are not designed to withstand the harsh mowing conditions as the bulk of large ZTRs are.

  • Other advantages

The top benefits of 42-inch zero-turn mowers have been covered in length, but there are still more reasons to adore these strong machines.

  1. On the turf, small z-turns are quite gentle.
  2. On soft ground and water banks, they present less of a threat.
  3. They are simpler to control.
  4. These vehicles are extremely maneuverable, especially around bushes and trees.
  5. Because they cut your grass with greater blade speeds, they require less pruning.
  6. Even the extremely flexible that much grass and mowers skip trimming, they can manage thick, dense grass with ease.
  7. These mowers feature deeper decks to make up for their shorter mowing breadth, and as a result, they have better mulching ability.
  8. Because sporadic use does not necessitate frequent maintenance, a long lifespan is guaranteed.

The little zero-turn mower’s limitations

Despite how excellent zero-turn mowers are, compact mowers can only be used for mild a little yard work and residential use. They are only intended for occasional use; they are not intended for everyday mowing. These vehicles have drawbacks that you must be aware of even though they are faster and more nimble than their larger cousins.

  • They are more prone to toppling over because of their diminutive bodies, which weigh less than 700 pounds.
  • Insufficient for slopes greater than 10 degrees.
  • Due to higher vibrations caused by the smaller body, the ride is extremely bumpy (f it doesn’t have suspension springs).
  • The number of extensions available tow behind your mower is limited by these machines’ meager towing capacities.

Purchase The Best 42-inch Zero Turn Mower

These 42-inch zero turn mowers are the greatest, in my opinion. In order to accommodate your type of lawn and your top preferences for features in a zero-turn mower, I’ve selected the best types for diverse demands.

Ryobi Electric Zero Turn Mower

Best Electric Mower for Eco-friendly Use



This fully electric zero turn mower is ideal for individuals seeking zero-emission machinery and is powered by a 100Ah Battery engine. This engine is a mower that requires no maintenance reduces the frequency with which you should service your car.

You can occasionally mowing and trimming your lawn three acres with each charge of your mower. Four brushless motors on the engine deliver a smooth, vibration-free ride that is completely comfortable for any rider.

Capacity for Mowing

This ZTR can mow areas up to 2 acres in size in a single pass. The “optimal zero turns for 2 acres property” are discussed in more detail. This is a wonderful mulching mower because the deep deck and two blades allow for improved ventilation.

Design Excellence

This z-turn mower, which is among the most attractive and sturdy z-turn mowers, provides excellent service even in difficult mowing situations thanks compared to its 12-gauge steel body structure.

Added Benefits

This machine can move through two acres of land with a 70% charge at startup. But the battery is completely charged prepared after 5 cycles of charging, enabling it to cover up to 3 acres. This machine also requires no maintenance because it is entirely electric, which eliminates the need to change things like fuel filters and spark plugs.

Zero-emissionnable to manage slopes
Battery usage and power efficiency up to discharge


The Ryobi is the zero-turn mower of the future. This fully electric mower provides excellent mowing performance and with regard to rider comfort releasing hazardous fumes. This reduces the need for ongoing maintenance and sporadic fuel refueling, which will ultimately save you a lot of money.

Toro TimeCutter Commercial Zero Turn

Top Pick for Low Cost of Ownership



The zero-turn mowers made by the Toro brand are renowned for cutting down on mowing time. This 42-inch z-turn mower’s 22.5 horsepower dual-engine gives you a strong mower as you tear through your lawn, making it ideal for those trying to get the most out of their investment.

Mowing Capacity

Two bagging blades built for precision cutting are included with this machine. The quick cutting continues even with two blades results in a perfectly mowed lawn at every turn, thus the blades provide superior trimming with less time spent trimming.

Design Excellence

The stamped mowing deck and 13-gauge steel frame of the Toro Time Cutter are used. Because of the sturdy construction of your mower, you can maintain a well-kept lawn for many years to come.

Added Benefits

This gadget provides a simple start. This reduces the requirement for your mower to idle, warm up its engine, and begin mowing. The Timecutter actually fulfills its promise if you don’t have enough time to mow your grass.

xtremely effective trimming maximum fuel tank capacity of 3 gallons
Lightweight provides lawn care


A popular vehicle is the Toro effective commercial mowers, making it simple for any rider (even beginners) to manage and understand. This is one of the top commercial z-turns that actually fits many owners’ budgets.

Cub Cadet RZT-SX

Supreme Steering and Fuel Efficiency



The most fuel-efficient mower on my list is this 42-inch Cub Cadet Zero Turn Mower. The fuel-injected engine not only contributes to increased fuel economy but also produces more power. Additionally, the conventional lap bar steering is not utilized in this z-turn. It is a hybrid between a lawn tractor and a zero-turn mower that employs a steering wheel instead to improve when moving over your property maintaining 360-degree vision of your turf.

Capacity for Mowing

The stamped deck, which has two blades, consistently produces a clean-cut trim that cuts through your lawn with little harm to your grass and soil. The device features more than 10 height adjustments, with mowing height modifications as low as 1 inch.

Design Excellence

With a premium zero-turn mower that prioritizes fuel efficiency while yet providing rider comfort, this Cub Cadet offers a nice leather back seat that is tailored to your back to lessen pain. rmrests and comfortable steering are also included for control over movement.

Added Benefits

I adore this machine’s strong throttle in addition to the unusual steering. The EFI engine boosts your ZTR’s torque delivery by 50% over other mowers, even for a tiny machine. This mower is low maintenance because it also features an anti-corrosion system.

Incredible controlThe rider’s comfort level with regard to steering cannot be adjusted
Stronger power with less fuel use
Terrific for hills


For a little z-turn mower, it is a strong machine. This 42-inch mower is a revolutionary piece of machinery that provides excellent control and great cutting for mowing in difficult conditions.

Simplicity Zero Turn Mower

Best for Rider’s Comfort and Utility



Among gardeners, the Simplicity Courier Mower is a popular. This device is capable of extremely challenging turf for a 42-inch z-turn. Its 23 horsepower engine serves as a workhorse for demanding yard labor.

Mowing Capacity

The small deck size makes it simple for you to maneuver through confined locations. The Simplicity offers a fantastic, neatly trimmed grass and a highly upgradeable machine suitable for bagging and mulching, simplifying all of your yard work.

Added Benefits

This mower has the advantage of serving many gardeners and landscape designers as a utility drive. This machine is a fantastic piece of gardening equipment because to its additional 50-pound capacity, huge cargo bed, and several container slots in its fenders. Additionally, this z-turn has suspension springs that greatly minimize 25% of the vibrations brought on by the strong engine, enhancing your comfort in general.

Enhanced comfort as a result of the suspension systemUnsuited to hills
Additional weight capacity for cargo loads and towing


This is an excellent machine to have if you have a garden because it has a sizable cargo deck and secure container slots where you can store your gardening and landscaping equipment. Additionally, this mower provides the user with the least amount of vibration, enhancing their comfort and mowing experience.

Troy Bilt Mustang Z42

Best for All-Around Use



The strongest machine is this Troy Bilt. This mower, which can survive harsh mowing and weather conditions, has a fully welded frame and deck. It is by far the most suitable for mowing during the colder months.

Mowing Capacity

The deep deck allows for greater airflow, making it easier for you to swipe and cut the grass even when it’s wet, making this machine one of the few compact mowers that can manage damp grass. Additionally, this machine has a strong mowing deck that spins its blades 5% faster than those of other mowers.

Design Excellence

The Troy Bilt boasts a fantastic rider’s corner in addition to being constructed with a gorgeous tubular frame. The leather high back chair acts as a soft cushion to lessen discomfort brought on by the strong vibrations of the engine. In order to ensure your comfort while maintaining complete control of your vehicle, the steering also features an ergonomic handgrip.

Added Benefits

One of this machine’s biggest features is its dashboard, which puts everything within easy reach and gives you complete control over your lawnmower from beginning to end. Your mower also puts all of its parts within arm’s reach, making maintenance, repairs, and replacements simpler and more efficient.

Unified control systemIn sharp corners, the front tires dig into the ground
Simple to maintain
Increased fuel capacity


The Troy Bilt is renowned for its adaptability, making it the ideal option for all kinds of property owners. Excellent controls on this zero-turn mower give you more control over the equipment.

The Final Conclusion

The Cub Cadet, in my opinion, is the greatest 42-inch zero turn mower available. With its innovative design and strong engine, this machine is capable of doing everything. This machine can tear even with through your lawn moderately hills that slope make it an all-around terrain full lawn care equipment. Small mowers are often unsuitable for mountainous estates. For more information on ZTR and hills, see “best zero-turn mowers for hills.”

The Ryobi Electric zero-turn mower, on the other hand, is a true masterpiece that gives you a remarkable machine that operates with force and accuracy. Despite being the most expensive, item on our list, the machine requires the least amount of maintenance.