Are Craftsman Chainsaws Any Good?

Are craftsman chainsaws any good? Yes, they are pretty good for a set of people. The answer to this question depends on several factors.

There are a bunch of craftsman chainsaws, and each of them has a different set of features. Some are gas-powered, some are electric-powered, and for obvious reasons, both of these types perform differently.

Whatever it is, in this article, we will dive deep and find out whether craftsman chainsaws are worth investing in.

Are Craftsman Chainsaws Any Good?

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One thing that most people would agree with is that Craftsman has been in the industry for a while now, and they try to come up with a better version every time. Craftsman has a different fan base for their uniqueness.

To answer the question, we would say, yes, definitely Craftsman chainsaws are good options to choose from. Their chainsaws are equipped with a bunch of useful features that play a significant role in the operation.

That being said, dozens of Craftsman chainsaws are out there serving the people’s needs. And different models are suitable for different cutting needs. For example, a chainsaw that is electric powered and has a less powerful engine won’t work well if you use that in heavy-duty cuttings.

That doesn’t mean the chainsaw is bad. It means that a particular chainsaw model isn’t made for heavy-duty use. Similarly, a craftsman has a large pool of chainsaws designed for different cuttings needs. And you can’t judge a company based on a single product.

The reason why we picked it up is that you’ll see reviews that some models of Craftsman are not worth buying. And we totally agree, every company has products that are good and bad. So does the Craftsman. But since the majority of their chainsaws seem to get the job done, we would say they are definitely worth a chance.

Are Old Craftsman Chainsaws Any Good?

Craftsman is a well-reputed brand, and they have more than a dozen of chainsaws that have dominated in the past, and some are still dominating the industry. Having that said, it doesn’t matter how top-notch a chainsaw performs; with time, it starts to wear out.

So it is pretty hard to determine whether old craftsman chainsaws are good or bad as it depends on many factors. Let’s look at the factors that matter.

How old the chainsaw is, and how much that has been used! A 5-year-old chainsaw with minimal use should be decent enough to start working. Then comes the main part, the engine! Is it in good condition? Chainsaws need proper maintenance; otherwise, they will deteriorate faster.

If the engine condition is good, then that is a green flag. You might need to change the chainsaw blade, do some lubrication, and then you can get started.

Are Craftsman Electric Chainsaws Any Good?

If your daily work doesn’t require a heavy-duty, powerful chainsaw, then a Craftsman electric chainsaw should be good for you. Electric chainsaws are easy to start; they are way too light on the wallet compared to gas-powered chainsaws. Moreover, they are safe and environmentally friendly.

A Craftsman electric-powered chainsaw wouldn’t be good for you if your work requires heavy-duty cutting. That’s because most electric chainsaws are designed for light-duty cutting tasks.

Are Craftsman Gas Chainsaws Any Good?

Gas-powered chainsaws are powerful and are designed for heavy-duty cutting. And Craftsman’s gas-powered chainsaws are no exception. They come with powerful engines and sharp blades, which can cut through most materials with ease. So yes, Craftsman gas-powered chainsaws are good.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will a Craftsman chainsaw last?

A well-maintained Craftsman chainsaw should last anywhere between 8 – 10 years.

What engine is in a Craftsman chainsaw?

Not only Craftsman but most of the gas-powered chainsaws also use two-stroke gasoline internal combustion engines. And some use an electric motor driven through either cord or battery.


So are Craftsman chainsaws any good? If you have gone through this guide, you definitely know the answer to that. But let us sum up for you. Craftsman chainsaws are good as long as you pick the right one for your tasks.