Everything You Need to Know About Lime Application Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

Could you tell me how much applying lime will set me back? Applying a 50-pound bag of lime can cost anywhere from $4 to $10 on average. Most bags will weigh between 40 and 100 pounds, with price varying with both quantity and location of purchase.

Smaller areas, such as a patio or backyard, are ideal for these bags. Read this article for a comprehensive breakdown of the costs involved in applying lime to a yard. In this article, we’ll go into detail about how much it costs to spread lime over a yard, taking into account variables like the size of the yard, the rate at which lime is applied, and other circumstances. Keep reading to learn more.

Cost of Lime Application Explained

It is important to know the price per ton of lime when planning a lime application. You can use it to determine which option offers the best value.

The price per ton to buy agricultural lime in Victoria is between $18 and $30. In most cases, the cost of spreading lime ranges from $40 to $50 per ton, though this does increase with distance traveled and product quality.

The application of Victorian Agricultural lime will cost you $18–$30, transportation will cost you 10 cents per kilometer, spreading will cost you $8 per ton, and variable rate spreading will cost you an extra $2 per hectare, for a total of $40–$50. Furthermore, some have reported that the cost of applying lime is between $4 and $6 per ton.

In addition, some contractors charge only $5 per ton to apply ground lime if the customer orders 50 tons or more. Contrarily, the contractor charges $5 per ton if the customer spreads fewer than 50 tons. In both instances, you will also be required to pay a VAT fee.

On the low end, some contractors charge only $6 per ton for ground lime application, while others charge up to $8 per ton for loading and spreading. Moreover, it has been reported that contractors add VAT to the $5.25/ton that they charge for spreading ground lime.

We discovered that ground lime application can cost between $16 and $25 in some areas.

Lime per ton prices have been put at between $6 and $10 by those in the know, we’ve learned. According to a post in an AgTalk forum:

Pricing is typically done by the ton in this area, and the last time we did that, a ton cost $6. It seems that $6-10/ton is the going rate for most. We’ve reduced our lime application costs by purchasing an antique pull-type spreader.

What Does An Application Of Agricultural Lime Cost?

Depending on these factors, the price per ton of agricultural lime at a quarry or store could be anywhere from $12 to $45. Among these are the supplier, the amount of agricultural lime needed, the cost of labor and transportation, and the type of application used. The professional application is not included in this price and is instead determined by the type of agricultural lime application that will be used.

To have it spread and delivered by a professional business, you can expect to pay $35 to $100 per ton. One source claims that the cost of spreading agricultural lime was $26.50 per ton, plus another $50 to use a spreader provided by a professional company.

Others have reported paying as much as $100 per ton to have a company deliver and spread agricultural lime applications. However, if you put in the effort, you can lower this price tag considerably.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the rate of lime application?

Lime is typically applied at a rate of 50–75 pounds per 1,000 feet. In most cases, a rate of 50 pounds of lime per 1,000 square feet is appropriate. Because lime application lowers soil acidity through contact, it should be avoided near the roots of acid-loving landscape plants.

How Much A Ton of Lime Costs?

One ton of agricultural lime will set you back around $11.25. Quick lime, on the other hand, can set you back anywhere from $65 to $100 per metric ton. More so, using variable-rate technology, the price of granulated lime averages about $25 per ton. And some estimate that the quarry sells lime for about $2.50 a ton.

For a thousand square feet, how much lime would I need?

The optimal range for a pH for lawn grasses is between 5.5 and 7.5. To neutralize a slightly acidic lawn, you’ll need to spread 20-50 pounds of ground limestone over 1,000 square feet. A heavier application rate of up to 100 pounds per 1,000 square feet may be needed on clay or highly acidic soil. If you have sandy soil, you’ll need 25 pounds of ground limestone per 1,000 square feet, but if you have loam soil, you may need 75 pounds.

How many square feet would a 40 pound bag of pelletized lime treat?

A 40-pound bag of pelletized lime typically treats about 4000 square feet. A 40-pound bag of pelletized lime can treat an area of about 5,000 square feet. As an added bonus, these products keep working until week 26, further reducing the need for repeated fertilization.

To Sum Up

It’s safe to say that there are many variables that affect how much a lime application will cost. The soil type and the specific brand of lime application product used are the primary determinants. It’s critical to understand the different types of soil and the corresponding lime application. It is important to select the appropriate lime application for your soil type.

The price of lime also varies depending on the type you use. Before deciding to lime your yard, you should think about how much it will cost you.

The price of applying lime and other considerations for doing so have been detailed here. We trust that you have a thorough understanding of the fee structure now.