Agri-Fab Spreader Configs Chart: All the Options for Various Applications Under One Roof

How does the chart for the Agri-Fab spreader’s Configs look like, exactly? It serves as some sort of instruction manual for gardeners to use while fertilizing their lawns.

To be sure, it never lives up to its potential. Some gardeners misapply lawn insecticides even while respect to the graph. The reasons for this failure are unclear. Hence, it can be concluded that the spreader was set improperly due to the use of an inaccurate chart.

We don’t want you to have to go through that, so we’ve included a chart with the precise configs for your Agri-Fab spreader and detailed instructions on how to calibrate it.

Let’s Take A Look At Preferred Spreader configs Using the Agri-Fab Spreader configs Chart

Beautiful, flourishing lawns are the goal of every green thumb. That’s why they go to such great lengths to guarantee the utmost health of their lawns by using only the best fertilizer, seedlings, and other supplies.

And different gardeners use different spreaders to accomplish this task. Most gardeners’ favorite machines, though, are Agri-Fab spreaders. Some prefer broadcast spreaders, while others prefer drop spreaders and portable spreaders.

Gardeners, regardless of whatever spreader types they use to disperse fertilizer uniformly over lawns, spend hours salivating in anticipation when it comes to properly positioning the spreader.

As a result, they seek advice from their fellow gardeners about how to adjust the spreader’s configs accordingly. Some will even look for things like “Agri Fab 85 spreader configs chart” or “Agri Fab seed spreader configs” in an online search.

You were successful where most others fail; the table below contains the proper adjustments for your Agri Fab spreader. Furthermore, we will demonstrate how to use trial and error to establish the most appropriate spreader adjustment. Now then, let’s not waste any more time and get down to business.

How to Set Up an Agri-Fab Spreader

For light to heavy applications at 3 mph, most broadcast spreaders have configurations between 3 and 5. However, configurations may vary based on the type of fertilizer applied:

Product NameMaterials WeightCoverage AreaDrop Spreader configsBroadcast Spreader Flow configsBroadcast Spreader Spread Width
H.J.’s Year-Round Turf Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-¾8
H.J.’s Weed & Feed20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½48
Fertilizer with Crabgrass Control Plus by Howard Johnson’s Farm & Fleet20 lbs5000 sq. ft.648
H.J.’s Hardware Hank Weed & Feed20 lbs5000 sq. ft.63-½8
Chemical Industries of Lebanon Scene in the Green Clean Energy15 lbs5000 sq. ft.63-½6
Chemical Industries of Lebanon Scene in the Green Clean Slate20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-¾7
Green View Spring Crabicide, Manufactured by Lebanon Chemical Corp.10 lbs5000 sq. ft.93-½3
Green View Expel Dandelion Killer from Lebanon Chemical Corp.10 lbs5000 sq. ft.103-¾3
Carbicide, Crabgrass Preventative, and Lawn Fertilizer, Green View by Lebanon Chemical Corp.20 lbs5000 sq. ft.63-½7
Green View at Lebanon Chemical Corporation Forest Green in the Coldest Months17 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾3-½7
Green View Insecticide from Lebanon Chemical Corp.20 lbs10000 sq. ft.63-½7
Green Gold Lawn Food, Produced by Lebanon Chemical Corp.17.5 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¼3-¼6
Green Keeper Fertilizer by the Lebanon Chemical Company50 lbs10000 sq. ft.N/A4-¼8
Green Keeper Fertilizer, Produced by the Lebanon Chemical Company50 lbs5000 sq. ft.N/A510
The Country Club of Lebanon Chemical Co.50 lbs8930 sq. ft.N/A48
Green Thumb Lawn Food by Koos, Inc.17 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¾46
An Organic Lawn Fertilizer from Koos, Inc.25 lbs2500 sq. ft.146-½7
The Highest Quality Earthgro Lawn Food40 lbs5000 sq. ft.1256
Fertilizer for the Earthgro Fall Use30 lbs2500 sq. ft.1566
Earthgro Top-Rated Lawn Fertilization & Seeding Services40 lbs2500 sq. ft.177-½6
Bandini’s Max Green Grass Seed20 lbs5000 sq. ft.4-½3-½8
Supergreen Lawn Food by Bandini20 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾3-¾8
Food for Bandini Superblade Grass20 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾3-¾8
Bandini Grass Seed & Weed Preventative20 lbs4000 sq. ft.53-½8
The Ortho Consumer Goods Company Surface Insect Control using Oftanol Grubs Insects Found in the Soil10 lbs1-½lbs 1000 sq. ft. 3lbs 1000 sq. ft.5-¾ 6-¾3-¼ 48 8
The Ortho Consumer Goods Company Pesticides for Grubs and Insects: Dursban Insects That Live Near the Surface Insects Found in the Soil10 lbs2lbs 1000 sq. ft. 4lbs 1000 sq. ft.6 7-½3-¾  4-½8 8
The Ortho Consumer Goods Company The Diazinon Insect Killer for Soil & Grass10 lbs2lbs 1000 sq. ft. 2-½ lbs 1000 sq. ft. 3 lbs 1000 sq. ft.8 8-½ 93-½   3-¾  48 8 8
Garden Food for Lawns and Gardens by Ortho, a Consumer Product20 lbs1lb. 100 sq. ft. 3 lbs 480 sq. ft.3-½ 4-½4-¾    4-¼7 7
Green Grass from Parker’s Fertilizer40 lbs10,000 sq. ft.6-½4-¼6
Parker Fertilizer Sta- Green Weed & Feed36 lbs10,000 sq. ft.74-¼6
ACE Lawn Fertilizer For Florida16 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-½8
ACE Premium Weed & Feed16 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-½3-¾8
ACE Lawn, Shrub & Tree Fertilizer30 lbs5000 sq. ft.7-½4-¼8
ACE Winterizer16 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-¾8
Ringer Lawn Restore25 lbs2500 sq. ft.1278
S&S’s Disease Control Plus Lawn Fertilizer7-⅝ lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾3-¼6
S&S’s Lawn Repair Fertilizer15.91 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-½3-½6
S&S’s Insect Control Plus Lawn Fertilizer15-½ lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-½7
S&S’s Lawn Insect Control9-¼ lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-½6
S&S’s Starter Fertilizer20.88 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¼3-¾5
S&S’s Turf Builder15.52 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½46
S&S’s Turf Builder Plus 214-13/16 lbs5000 sq. ft.656
S&S’s Turf Builder Plus14.29 lbs5000 sq. ft.647
S&S’s Weed Control5 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-½4
S&S’s Halts Crabgrass Preventr10-1/16 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-¾7
S&S’s Moss Control Plus18-⅜ lbs5000 sq. ft.63-½5
S&S’s Winterizer Lawn18-7/16 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¾46
S&S’s Summarize11.88 lbs5000 sq. ft.53-½6
S&S’s Lawn Pro Program Step 1 Crabgrass Preventer Plus Fertilizer15 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾3-¾9
S&S’s Lawn Pro Program Step 2 Weed Control Plus Fertilizer14-1/16 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾47
S&S’s Lawn Pro Program Step 3 Insect Control Plus Fertilizer15-½ lbs5000 sq. ft.747
S&S’s Lawn Pro Program Step 4 Lawn Fertilizer14.07 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-½3-½8
S&S’s Lawn Pro Starter Fertilizer With Crabgrass Preventer22 lbs5000 sq. ft.74-¼7
S&S’s Lawn Pro Weed & Feed14.59 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¼47
S&S’s Lawn Pro Lawn Fertilizer12-3/16 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-½7
S&S’s Lawn Pro Super Turf Builder16.07 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-¾7
S&S’s Lawn Pro Super Turf Builder Plus 214.71 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-¾6
S&S’s Emerald Estate2.2 lbs3000 sq. ft.5-¾36
S&S’s Shady Splendor2.8 lbs3000 sq. ft.64-½6
S&S’s Suddenly Elegant3 lbs3000 sq. ft.5-¾47
S&S’s Picture Pride3 lbs3400 sq. ft.5-¾3-¼6
S&S’s Shady Area3 lbs3100 sq. ft.64-½6
S&S’s Playtime3 lbs3400 sq. ft.5-¾47
S&S’s Quick Cover3 lbs750 sq. ft.1059
S&S’s Sun Mix1 lb.1300 sq. ft.646
S&S’s Shade Mix3 lbs4000 sq. ft.6-½4-¼6
S&S’s Sun & Shade Mix3 lbs4000 sq. ft.6-⅛4-⅛7
S&S’s Wear & Tear Mix3 lbs3400 sq. ft.5-¼3-¾7
S&S’s Quick Mix1 lb.250 sq. ft.95-½7
S&S’s Shade Survival3 lbs1300 sq. ft.8-¾58
S&S’s Drought Survival3 lbs1300 sq. ft.8-¾58
Vigoro Deep Green Plus Fertilizer28 lbs8000 sq. ft.747
Vigoro Deep Green Plus Weed & Feed28 lbs7000 sq. ft.747
Vigoro Industries Deep Green Lawn Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½47
Fertilizer and Crabgrass Killer in One for Your Lawn: Vibrant Deep Green20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-¾8
Vigoro Starter Fertilizer20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½4-⅛7
Vigoro All American Lawn Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾3-⅞7
Vigoro All American Weed & Feed20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½47-8
Vigoro All American Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.73-¾7
Vigoro Fall Winter Starter18 lbs5000 sq. ft.748
Vigoro Weed Control Plus Lawn18 lbs5000 sq. ft.7-½4-⅛7
Vigoro Gro-Tone Lawn18 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½4-⅛7
Franks Longlife Premium Lawn Fertilizer18 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾48
Franks Nurseries Premium Fall Lawn Fertilizer18 lbs5000 sq. ft.649
Franks Nurseries Premium Weed & Feed18 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¼47
Franks Nurseries Longlife Twelve Professional20 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-½49
Franks Nurseries Crabgrass Preventer18 lbs5000 sq. ft.649
Broadleaf Weed Killer from Franks Nurseries10 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¼36
Lawn and Garden Insecticide with Long-Lasting Protection from Franks Nurseries10 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾3-¼6

Spreader configs for these common lawn care products are provided so that you can get a better grasp of their operation.

Whatever the case may be, the contents of the hopper, and not its size, will determine the spreader’s final adjustment. In other words, when attempting to alter the spreader configs, you shouldn’t consult the Agri-Fab 130 lb spreader configs chart or any other size you may have.

Instead, specify the specific lawn fertilizer, seed, or ice melter you’ll be using when seeking for spreader configs online or in a handbook. If you want to know how to adjust your Agri Fab spreader to use Lesco fertilizer, you may, for instance, google that phrase. For the Lesco spreader, however, some tweaks may be in need. Those who struggled to make sense of the previous diagram:

Adjusting the Agri-Fab Powder Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader

Powdered fertilizers require a spreader with configs between 3-5, a spread width of 3-4 inches, and an operating speed of 3 miles per hour.

Instructions for Adjusting Granular Fertilizers on an Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader

The flow rate for granular fertilizers will remain between 3-5, although the spread breadth will shift significantly. While using the gardening tools at a speed of 3 mph, you’ll need about 8-10 inches.

Adjusting the Agri-Fab Pelletized Fertilizer Broadcast Spreader

Due to the fact that pelletized fertilizers are thicker than granular fertilizers, the spread width should be retained at 10-12 inches, but the other parameters—including the flow configurations range of 3-5 and the speed range of 3 mph—should remain the same.

How to Adjust the Organic Fertilizer Configs on an Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader

If you’re utilizing an Agri-Fab spreader to distribute organic fertilizer, you should go no faster than three miles per hour and use a flow configuration and spread breadth of 6-8 feet.

How to Set Up Your Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader to Sow Grass Seeds

It is possible to successfully sow fine grass seed using a spreader traveling at 3 mph, with a flow configuration of 3–4, and a spread width of 6–7 inches.

The Agri-Fab Spreader’s Adjustable Settings for Dispersing Rough Grass Seed

The ideal flow configurations for spreading rough grass seeds across a lawn are between 4-5, with a spread width of 8-9 inches. The maximum recommended speed while utilizing the device is 3 miles per hour.

Making Ice Melt Adjustments on an Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader

Most ice melter manufacturers suggest a flow configuration of 6-8 and a spread width of 10-12 inches. It’s come to this: the minimum speed for a spreader is now 3 miles per hour.

So, here are all the Agri-Fab spreader options you could ever want. In any event, the approach outlined here will help you get rid of the doubt.

Expert Techniques for Calibration of Your Agri-Fab Spreader

Before you get started spreading, you should calibrate your spreader. This is the protocol that needs to be followed. If you have a garden that’s a thousand square feet in size and you want to use organic fertilizers on it, here’s what you should do. grass that is a certain number of feet in length. You should study the directions on the organic fertilizer package very carefully once you’ve chosen on a brand you prefer.

Assume gardeners can get away with using only 5 pounds of fertilizer over 1,000 square feet, as recommended by the product’s manufacturer. to cover 6,000 square feet with a 6-inch spreader. About half a pound spread over 100 square feet should do the trick. square feet of field area for tryouts.

Put half a pound into the hopper, set the dial to position 6, and then walk at a pace of three miles per hour while scattering the fertilizer mixture around the allotted 100 square feet.

If the spreader’s hopper is empty when you’re finished, configuration 6 is ideal for the rest of the spreading duties.

If you find that any fertilizers remain in the hopper after the experiment, try setting the spreader to configurations 7.

If, on the other hand, you use up all of the fertilizers and have nothing left in the middle, you should reset the configurations to 5 and start spreading again.

This will let you to adjust the spreader to meet your specific needs and those of your lawn. Maybe the spreader’s calibration on your Agri-Fab machine will be easier to set up the next time around.

You might find this video from Agri-fab useful.


How Do I Set the Agri Fab Spreader?

You should start by removing the wingnut from the flow control bracket. Then, move it to a new position on the stopper and tighten it. And finally, make sure no chemicals are leaking out by pressing the flow control arm against the adjustable stop.

What Is the Proper Way to Make Use of an Agri Fab Lawn Spreader?

You should first load the hopper with the desired materials following the directions on the packaging. After making the necessary adjustments to the spreader, you can begin pushing the grass spreader. The materials will be released when the switch is turned to the “on” position. When making a turn or stopping, keep your hand off the lever.


After reading this article, you won’t have to worry about the difficulty of locating the appropriate configs chart for your Agri-Fab spreader. You won’t have any trouble configs up your spreader if you refer to the chart provided in this page and follow the instructions given. You may get a feel for the application by looking at our spreader configs chart for the STA-Green spreader.

If you find this information to be useful, please forward it along to your friends so that they, too, can learn how to properly apply lawn chemicals and enjoy the fruits of your labor in a beautifully manicured yard.