There are six reasons why a Spartan lawn mower won’t get gas!

The mower’s engine cranks over, but it won’t fire up. Another possibility is that your mower starts but is unimpressive once it gets going. Both issues can arise if the engine isn’t getting enough fuel.

When the gas is old, the fuel filter is clogged, the fuel lines are clogged, the fuel pump is broken, the carburetor is dirty, or the fuel cap is broken, your Spartan lawn mower won’t get gas.

Maintain your fuel system in an open, airy space. Polluting gases can be inhaled through open windows. Be sure to observe all of the security measures outlined in the mower’s user guide.

Fuel System of Spartan Lawn Mower
Fuel System of Spartan Lawn Mower

Reasons Your Spartan Lawn Mower Isn’t Getting Fuel

A Spartan Lawnmower with Bad Gas

It doesn’t take long for fuel to start breaking down and losing its effectiveness if it goes bad. When a Spartan lawn mower won’t start, stale gas is usually to blame.

Use only new fuel to ensure optimal performance. Lawnmowers manufactured by Spartan require unleaded gas with an octane rating of at least 87 and no more than 10% ethanol. Stay away from gas with a high ethanol content.

In most gas blends, ethanol acts as a moisture magnet, drawing atmospheric water vapor into the fuel delivery system. Corrosion of fuel system components can begin prematurely, and the resulting varnish can reduce fuel flow.

To get the best performance, use an ethanol-free or low-ethanol gas. The gas should be used up within 30 days for optimal effectiveness. When you have more gas than you can use within a month, an additive can help it stay usable for a little longer.

This article elaborates on the benefits of fuel stabilizers.

When you discover stale gas in your Spartan lawn mower, the solution is simple: drain the tank. For this purpose, a fuel siphon pump is ideal. You’ll need a fuel container to store the used gas.

You should fill up your tank with new gas that has fuel additive added to it. Sea Foam Motor Treatment is the product I use. Sea Foam can be used to clean the fuel system, prevent rust, and stabilize fuel.

Drained Fuel from a Spartan Lawnmower

Ensure that the fuel filter has not become clogged with debris. To filter fuel as it leaves the fuel tank and remove debris and other contaminants, an inline fuel filter is typically installed between the fuel lines.

An annual fuel filter change is recommended. It is possible for the filter to become clogged with dirt, preventing a sufficient amount of fuel from reaching the engine.

Trouble with the Fuel Lines on a Spartan Lawnmower

Old fuel can leave gummy deposits in the fuel lines, making them inaccessible. If your Spartan mower is not getting gas to the engine, check for a clogged line and clear it.

The fuel shut-off valve can be found at the fuel tank’s bottom and can be used to activate or deactivate fuel delivery. In the absence of a fuel shut-off valve, you can stop the flow of gas to your Spartan mower by clamping the lines with hose pinch pliers.

Turn off the fuel and disconnect the fuel line once you locate the section of the hose that is blocking fuel flow. It can be unclogged by spraying carburetor cleaner into the hose and then clearing it with compressed air.

You haven’t been able to clear the fuel line for free fuel flow because you. You should get a new fuel line. Dry fuel lines that are starting to show signs of cracking should be replaced immediately to prevent fuel leakage.

Spartan Lawnmower Has a Faulty Fuel Pump

If you own a Spartan mower, the fuel pump will be made of either plastic or metal. A vacuum fuel pump uses the vacuum in the engine’s crankcase to generate fuel pressure. This pressure is utilized to force fuel into the carburetor.

Replacement of the fuel pump is required in the event of cracks, damage, or leakage.

Even if you haven’t found any obvious signs of fuel pump damage or leakage, it’s still a good idea to perform fuel pump troubleshooting to make sure everything is in order.

Checking fuel flow to the pump’s inlet port is the first step in ensuring the fuel pump is working correctly. The fuel line must be disconnected from the carburetor and saved. The next step is to turn on the gas and start the mower.

If your fuel pump is functioning properly, you should see fuel dripping or pulsating out of the fuel line. Fix the fuel delivery system by changing out a damaged or insufficient fuel pump.

A Spartan lawn mower has a dirty carburetor.

The carburetor on a Spartan mower controls the amount of fuel introduced into the cylinder for combustion with the air. It is common practice to mount carburetors on the top or side of the engine block. Typically, you’ll find it beneath or behind the air filter.

The fuel jet and other parts of your carburetor can become clogged with dirt, cutting off fuel flow to the cylinder of your Spartan mower.

The first step in diagnosing a faulty carburetor is checking the fuel supply. Once you’ve done that, take out the air filter and spray some carburetor cleaner into the intake.

Find out if your car even runs by starting the engine. Mowers that start, run for a while, and then shut off may need to have their carburetors disassembled and cleaned.

Checking this will ensure your mower will begin utilizing the carburetor cleaner. If it doesn’t, the issue might not be the fuel.

Fix: a thorough carburetor cleaning. Most homeowners can accomplish this if they are mechanically inclined and don’t mind handling tiny components. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, a lawn mower repair shop can help.

Read this article for information on how to clean the carburetor on your Spartan lawnmower.

A Spartan Lawn Mower’s fuel cap has failed.

To prevent the fuel cap from acting as a vacuum and preventing fuel from escaping the tank, the fuel tank must be vented. If the vent in the fuel cap is blocked, no air can enter the tank.

If your lawnmower is not starting, try removing the fuel cap and running it. If your mower starts and runs smoothly, you can continue to let it run after you’ve put the fuel cap on.

There may be a problem with the fuel cap if the engine dies with the cap on but restarts when you take it off.

It may help to try cleaning your cap before attempting to remove it. There are times when this won’t work, in which case you’ll need to buy a new fuel cap.

Still having issues with that Spartan zero-turn mower of yours?

It would be great to have a mower that is completely reliable. Unfortunately, such things do not exist. Long-term ownership of a Spartan mower inevitably results in malfunctions.

Troubles with starting, smoking, dying, vibrating, and slicing are the most typical.

For your convenience, I have compiled a list of common problem components for your Spartan. This information is available at Common Spartan Lawn Mower Problems & Solutions.

A professional should perform diagnostics and repairs if you are unsure of how to do so safely.

You’ll save yourself from harm and the mower from further destruction by doing this. Fortunately, you can get expert assistance from a Spartan lawn mower dealer or repair shop.