The Top 3 Cub Cadet 5252 Issues Plus Solutions!

What Cub Cadet 5252 issue is most typical? That ought to be its PTO issue, then. To resolve this problem, ensure that all of the bolts are sufficiently tightened. Others are also widespread.

Well, the broad deck and strong engine of the Cub Cadet 5252. Additionally, it has a lot of characteristics that make it helpful for a variety of applications. Therefore, tiny issues do not render it useless.

The three 5252 problems with the highest frequency are discussed in this article along with their remedies.

Cub Cadet 5252 Issues & Solutions

Cub Cadet 5252

PTO problemSince the engine stalledChange it
Transmission difficultyNot working is moving gearsTake the gear fork apart and move it manually
The engine stallsA defective air filterSwitch out the air filter

PTO issues with Cub Cadets

A grass tractor called the Cub Cadet 5252 is propelled by a PTO (power take-off) shaft. The lawn tractor’s mowing deck, whipper snipper, and other accessories are powered by the PTO shaft. If the PTO shaft is worn out or broken, it may cause issues.

The PTO shaft frequently develops looseness and wobbling issues. And this may result in the connection losing balance or the engine stalling. The engine or connection may potentially be harmed by a swaying PTO shaft.

Tightening the bolts holding a swaying PTO shaft in place is the best solution. The threads in the PTO shaft may be stripped if the bolts are tightened too much. The PTO shaft must be replaced if this occurs as the only remedy.

The possibility of the PTO shaft becoming jammed with debris is another frequent issue. This may result in the attachment becoming out of balance or the engine stalling. The engine or connection may potentially be harmed by a clogged PTO shaft.

Cleaning a clogged PTO shaft will solve the problem. And you may fix it by taking out the lawn tractor’s PTO shaft and using an air pump to blow it out. A metal brush can be used to clean the PTO shaft if it is too congested to blast out.

Transmission issues with the Cub Cadet 5252

Transmissions for Cub Cadet 5252s are notorious for their frequent issues and lack of remedies. The inability to reverse is the most frequent issue. The reverse gear getting in the way due to the gear shifting fork’s inability to do so. This issue can be resolved in a few different ways.

One is to disassemble the gearbox and move the gear fork by hand. Another method is to ram the gear fork into position using a radiator coolant pump. The third method involves lubricating the gear axle with penetrating oil.

The fourth method involves moving the gear fork using a chisel and a hammer. The final method involves heating the gear fork using a torch to make it more pliable. The sixth is to push the gear lobe into position using a magnet.

The seventh step entails prying the gear fork into position with a screwdriver. The eighth step entails hammering the pitch fork into position with a crowbar. The ninth step entails lifting the gearbox and gear fork into position using a jack. The eleventh step entails banging the gear fork into position with a sledgehammer and a wood block.

The tractor breaks down

The Cub Cadet 5252 often stalls out, which is one of its most prevalent issues. And in certain instances, the causes include a filthy air filter, low fuel, or a plugged fuel line.

Checking the air filter should be your first action. Replace it if it needs cleaning if it is soiled. If the issue still exists, make absolutely sure the fuel line is clear and check the gasoline level.

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Questions And Answers (FAQs)

In a hydrostatic transmission, what goes wrong?

A constant flow of drilling pump is required to maintain a closed system like a hydrostatic gearbox operating properly. The transmission will stop working if the flow pattern is obstructed or the liquid becomes polluted.

How is the transmission on a Cub Cadet configured?

There is a hydrostatic gearbox on the Cub Cadet. This indicates that it generates oil pressure and sends it to the gearbox using a hydrostatic pump and motor. The gearbox is moved by this force, which also propels the tractor.

Why won’t my Cub Cadet’s blades engage?

Your Cub Cadet’s blades might not be locking for a few different reasons. The PTO switch not being in the “on” position could be one of the causes. Verify that the blades are securely caught and that the button is in the “on” state. The belt can be malfunctioning if the blades are still not connecting. Make absolutely sure the belt is linked correctly and is in good shape by inspecting it. The belt must be changed if it is broken.


These were the three typical Cub Cadet 5252 problems and their answers. Every physical engine has a few issues that are inherent to it. Nevertheless, everything can be fixed.

The majority of complaints center on PTO issues. Due to its outdated design and distinctive PTO, people frequently find it to be bothersome. However, this tractor might be perfect for your yard.

Make absolutely sure you have the user handbook when you purchase a Cub Cadet. It would be simpler for you to identify the issue and determine how to resolve it if you could read the user handbook in its entirety.