3 Best Suited John Deere Cool-Gard Alternative You Can Use

What is the best John Deere cool-gard alternative? You can use plenty of engine coolant in your John Deere tractor or lawnmower. One of the most reliable coolants is Peak Global Extended Life coolant. It has the 2 EH formula, and there is no sign of silicate. It is also known as Peak Global Lifetime 50-50 Antifreeze and Coolant.

It is a fact that John Deere is a reliable brand, and you can blindly select their products. Moreover, a few brands can compete with the John Deere. Nonetheless, there are also a plethora of brands that are not less than it in terms of producing world-class coolants.

Today we shall learn about the brands from the same horizon producing quality coolants and proving themselves as fantastic as John Deere.

John Deere Cool-Gard Alternative

Here is a shortlist of the products that stand beside the John Deere Cool-Gard as alternatives.

Coolant NameTop Feature
Peak Global Extended Life CoolantEntirely free from phosphate and silicate
Shell Rotella Ultra ELC CoolantEffective for any type of engine, including diesel
PROFLEET Global Extended LifeHas advanced organic acid technology.

Peak Global Extended Life Coolant

The Peak Global Extended Life Coolant comes with a guarantee for the lifetime or as extended as you run your tractor or vehicle. Another best part of this John Deere cool-gard alternative is there is no requirement of any element like water. All you need to do is purchase a gallon of 1 liter and start using that.


There are several reasons for deploying the Peak Global Coolant, some of which are:

  1. The product is so effective and efficient that you can use 1 liter in your engine for a lifetime. Moreover, it includes the manufacturer’s guarantee in terms of protection.
  2. The development of Peak Global Extended Life Coolant relied on the basic module of all types of engines regardless of their region.
  3. The 2 EH formula is used to produce this coolant.
  4. The Peak Global Extended Life Coolant comes with a guarantee of being free from phosphate and silicate.
  5. No change in characteristics while changing the top-off colors. You can change the color according to your desire, like yellow, green, orange, blue, red, etc.

Due to the variety of characteristics, the Peak Global Extended Life Coolant or the 50-50 is an excellent selection for your tractor or lawnmower. You can also use this coolant for any other automobile engine.

Shell Rotella Ultra ELC Coolant

Shell Rotella Ultra is the optimum choice for you if you are looking for an ultimate heavy-duty coolant. It is the John Deere cool gard equivalent and has plenty of features. The manufacturer of this prominent coolant is pretty promising that we can use this coolant in our diesel engine.


Here are some Shell Rotella Coolant features that will astonish you by several degrees.

  1. The first feature is to keep the engine cool and prevent overheating. This Coolant has the elements and qualities to keep the engine running by preventing overheating. The process includes transferring heat effectively and fighting against freezing.
  2. The advanced technology of Ultra ELC Coolant allows the metal to be at a standstill. It protects the metal from any corrosion while heavy-duty. Eventually, it strengthens the metal to be constant for an extended period.
  3. Thirdly, when purchasing, you build a relationship with cost savings methods. This coolant’s technology helps you keep the seals, hoses, and other particles stable and healthy. As a result, you can cut your maintenance costs overall in the long run.

Selecting the Shell Rotella Coolant as your engine cooling is never unwise.

PROFLEET Global Extended Life Antifreeze / Coolant

If you are looking for a coolant with amazing features, PRO FLEET Global ELC is one. It comes with five years and 150,000 miles. The most amazing part is that you can purchase this coolant in bulk, which matches the John Deere cool-gard specs.

Let’s know some other features of this coolant.

  1. Firstly, it is formulated with organic acid technology. Moreover, there is no sign of nitrites, phosphate, and silicate. Therefore, it keeps the engine healthy for an extended period by cooling while heavy-duty.
  2. The color of this coolant is dyed yellow for users’ convenience.
  3. The development strategy of this coolant relies on every type of automobile and truck. It is also efficient for tractors and lawnmowers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What coolant is compatible with John Deere Cool Gard?

Each coolant has the feature that is cooling the engine. Yet, the technology may differ from one to another. So, it is unwise to mix or blend coolants from different brands. While using John Deere, you must blend only the same coolant.
But, you can blend the different coolant products from the same house. If you want to switch your brand, wash the existing coolant and use the new one. Before that, you must ask the service center about using it.

Can you use regular coolant for the tractor?

It entirely depends on the tractor. If your tractor is above 20 years, you must use the light-duty coolant. If your tractor is less than 20, you can use the mid-duty or heavy-duty one. Let’s make it easy for you; while purchasing the coolant, ask the shopkeeper and tell him the details of your tractor. He will indeed serve you the best.

Bottom Line

Until now, plenty of brands have come into the market as competitors. And some of which have phased out as the John Deere cool-gard alternative. If you desire to switch your brand and are looking for a reliable one, you can choose any of the coolants mentioned earlier as your engine cooling partner. One significant implication is that please don’t make a blend of coolants by mixing two or more coolants from different brands.