17 Causes a Bolens Lawn Mower Won’t Start

It’s certain that you’ll have trouble starting your Bolens mower, whether it’s a riding model or a push model. Mowers in general are like this.

A Bolens lawnmower won’t turn over if the spark plug is defective, the air filter is clogged, the choke is set incorrectly, the carburetor is dirty, the fuel filter is blocked, the fuel line is clogged, the safety switch is broken, or the gas is old.

For a Bolens riding mower to not start, the battery could be dead, the wires could be rusted or loose, the ignition switch could be broken, or the charging system could be defective.

Before doing any repairs, it’s important to take measures such removing the spark plug boot(s).

17 Causes a Bolens Lawn Mower Won't Start

Issues and Possible Solutions

Your Bolens’ Fuel Tank is Empty

A Bolens mower won’t start for this very clear reason. Mowing won’t get going if the gas tank is empty.

Despite how basic it is, you might be astonished by the number of times clients have complained to me that they have had trouble starting their lawn mower, only to find that they had forgotten to put fuel in it.

Use a minimum 87-octane, unleaded gasoline to fill the tank and then let it completely drain. Pick out fuel with no more than 10% ethanol.

The majority of Bolens lawn mowers on the market now have 4-cycle engines that run on unleaded fuel. An extremely vintage Bolens mower might have a 2-cycle engine, which runs on a combination of gas and oil. Only one of the two fuel ports on a 2-cycle engine can be used to add a combination of gasoline and motor oil.

Using Old Gas in Your Bolens Mower

After roughly 30 days, gas starts to degrade, break down, and become less effective. Moisture is drawn to the ethanol in gasoline.

After the moisture evaporates, a sticky residue is left behind that might block your fuel system. This includes the fuel lines, the filter, and the carburetor.

You must buy gas from a busy gas station and utilize it within 30 days. When fuel is not used up within this time frame, it begins to break down and must be stabilized by adding a fuel additive.

The problem can be fixed by utilizing a fuel siphon pump to empty the tank of stale gas. Incorporate a fuel additive and new fuel into the system to flush out any dirt and water. When it comes to motor treatments, Sea Foam Motor Treatment is my go-to.

Once you’ve gotten the mower going, let it run for a bit so the modified fuel mixture can circulate through the engine.

A Bolens Mower with a Faulty Fuel Cap

The fuel cap on your vehicle features a vent. This vent is responsible for releasing excess pressure from the fuel tank, so if it is blocked, your Bolens mower won’t be able to get gas to the carburetor.

By removing the gas cap and trying to start the mower, you can determine if the cap is the problem. If the Bolens that wouldn’t turn over begins to run, you can put the cap back on while the mower is in operation.

You are currently anticipating the mower’s sputtering and eventual death due to a shortage of gas. If that’s the case, you might try taking the cap off and starting the mower again.

If your Bolens has this kind of trouble starting after the fuel cap has been removed and reinstalled, you have an issue with the fuel cap.

FIX: Get a new fuel cap. You may get one at any Bolens dealer or on Amazon.

Faulty Spark Plug or Loose Connection

Possible causes of your Bolens’ inability to start could include a damaged spark plug or a spark plug that isn’t properly connected. If there is oil or carbon on the tip of a spark plug, it will foul out and the engine will not start.

Make sure there is a solid connection at the spark plug by checking the wiring. If you want your engine to run properly, you need to gap your spark plugs according to the engine’s manual.

When the spark plug wire is slack or the spacing is off, it can be difficult to start the engine.

Your spark plug may have carbon buildup, cracked porcelain, or burned electrodes; to check for these issues, you must remove it from the spark plug and examine it.

Change to a new spark plug (s). Check the spark plug gap with a feeler gauge to make sure it’s set properly.

A Bolens Mower’s Faulty Ignition Coil

The engine cannot be started without the ignition coil sending voltage to the spark plug. If the spark plug doesn’t go off, the engine won’t turn over.

After making sure the spark plug is fine, the next step is to test the ignition coil’s continuity. If the ignition coil loses continuity, you should replace it.

Air Filter Clogged on Bolens Lawnmower

Your Bolens can’t fly without a steady supply of air to its motor. If your air filter gets too dirty, it will restrict airflow and eventually cause your engine to overheat. If the Bolens engine isn’t getting enough air, it won’t turn over.

Your engine will need to locate alternative sources of air if your air filter is preventing it from getting enough air to function. If it starts to overheat, it may pull air from the crankcase to cool down, which can severely harm the engine.

Removing a paper air filter from its housing is the recommended method for cleaning it. Care must be taken to avoid sending stray particles of dirt into the filter when you take it off. If there is any dust or grime left in the housing, wipe it down thoroughly with a dry cloth.

Tap the filter on a hard surface to knock loose any excess dirt. When cleaning the air filter, do not use an air compressor. After cleaning the filter thoroughly, you can test whether or not it lets light through by holding it up to the light.

You can reuse the filter if it lets light through, is not soiled with oil, and is in good condition. Changing the filter is necessary if any light is blocked.

In this article, you will learn how to clean many other types of air filters.

Bolens Lawnmower’s Faulty Fuel Pump

That’s why there’s a fuel pump: to supply the carburetor with gasoline. A pump is required to help transfer the gas when the fuel tank is located below the carburetor. There is no gasoline pump on the Bolens push mowers, but you might find one on the riding mowers.

Like any other mechanical component, a gasoline pump can break down after some time has passed. Damage to the pump’s internals from using stale fuel is a possible culprit.

The first step in diagnosing a faulty fuel pump is checking for fractures in the vacuum fuel pump. If fuel is leaking from the fuel pump or there are cracks in the pump, the fuel pressure from the crankcase cannot be used to push fuel to the carburetor.

If your mower has a fuel shut-off valve, you can use that, or you can use clamps to temporarily block and open fuel lines. The flow must be intermittently interrupted to guarantee that gasoline is reaching the pump.

Look for obstructions in the fuel line or fuel filter if the pump is not receiving adequate fuel.

Once you’ve established that gasoline is getting to the pump, you can tell if it’s functioning properly by observing if the fuel is being pumped out in a continuous or pulsating stream.

To do this, disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor and turn off the fuel supply. Invest the line in a storage unit. Get the gas going and fire up the mower.

Keep an eye on the fuel as it is being poured into the container. A healthy fuel pump will produce a steady or pulsing fuel flow. If it isn’t working, you should get a new gasoline pump.

Bolens Mower’s Clogged Fuel Filter

The gasoline filter acts as a first line of defense, filtering the gas before it enters the engine to keep out harmful particles. Check that the fuel filter is functioning properly by flowing petrol through it.

If not, it is likely blocked and needs to be replaced before your Bolens will turn over.

If you find that your fuel flow stops at the fuel filter, the problem can be fixed by simply replacing the filter. If the gasoline filter in your Bolens is dirty, replace it. The filter’s arrow should face the direction of fuel flow when installed.

Bolens Mower Fuel Line Plugged

The fuel line on your Bolens mower is vulnerable to clogging from old fuel and dirt.

To solve this problem, take off the fuel line, spray the tube with carburetor cleaner, and then blast compressed air down the tube until the line is clean and free of gummy residue. A new gasoline line is another option.

A Bolens Mower With A Clogged And Grimy Carburetor

The carburetor is a device used to control the mixture of fuel and air in an internal combustion engine. Old ethanol-containing fuel can leave crusty buildup and sticky deposits in the carburetor.

If the carburetor is unable to control the ratio of gasoline to air, your Bolens engine will either sputter and fail to start or will run poorly.

If you’re handy with tools, you can try cleaning the carburetor on your own; otherwise, take it to a lawn mower repair business. This page includes instructions for maintaining a Bolens carburetor.

If the carburetor looks like it’s in horrible shape, you might want to consider getting a new one.

Bolens Mower With a Faulty Safety Switch

The operator presence control system of your lawn mower may consist of more than one safety switch. When the driver gets up from the seat, the engine automatically shuts off.

It’s possible that your mower won’t start because of a broken switch that can’t tell if the operator is seated or not.

The brake switch is another important safety feature of a riding mower.

To figure out if a safety switch is malfunctioning, you can temporarily disable it. Mowers require a safety switch to be used, so don’t start cutting grass without one.

The equipment must always have functioning safety switches. Switch out a broken one.

A Bolens’s Loose or Corroded Cables, Wiring, or Terminals

Inspect the terminals and cables of electric-start riding and push mowers for signs of corrosion. The next step is to check for any disconnected wires or cables.

Locate the solenoid and starter by following the cables leading from the positive battery terminal. Mower starting issues might arise from loose cables or corrosion buildup.

Keep inspecting the Bolens mower’s wiring and other parts.

Make sure all cabling is properly secured to the mower parts, and tighten the wires if necessary. Corrosion can be cleaned up with a mixture of baking soda and water.

It’s important to disconnect the negative connection from the battery first, then the positive.

Bolens Mower’s Weak or Defective Battery

A fully charged battery is necessary for starting your Bolens lawn mower. The battery needs to be charged before it will work.

ANSWER: Use a multimeter to check the battery in your device. If you have a 12-volt lawn mower, you need a voltage of around 12.7 volts to operate the battery. If your battery level is below this, you should charge it. If you’re having trouble understanding why your Bolens battery keeps dying, you can read additional details about charging it here.

The battery needs to be replaced if it does not retain its charge.

Ineffective Ignition Switch on Bolens Lawnmower

You put your key in the ignition and turn it, but nothing happens. The Bolens lawn mower is not turning over. The problem could be the ignition switch. If you want to make sure the ignition switch is functioning properly, you can do it with a multimeter.

Resolved: If the switch is broken, substitute it.

Bolens Mower’s Bad Starter Solenoid

To activate the starter motor and get the engine revving, a Bolens lawnmower uses a solenoid, an electromagnetic switch that acts like an on/off toggle. The solenoid should be checked if you hear a click or hum when you turn the key in the ignition.

A second sign of a defective Bolens mower solenoid is a smoking or melting wire connecting the solenoid to the mower.

Follow these instructions to check the solenoid on your Bolens mower. If your solenoid is faulty, you should get a new one.

Bolens Lawnmower with a Defective Charging System

A Bolens mower’s inability to start may be due to other issues, but a weak battery could be caused by the charging system.

If the battery isn’t properly charged, the mower won’t start when you go to use it.

Several other electrical components, including a faulty stator or alternator, could be at fault. Find out how to use an ohm meter to check your charging system by reading this article.

If you suspect a problem with your charging system, the best course of action is to have a small engine mechanic inspect and diagnose it.

It can get pricey if you try to guess what’s wrong with your mower and then throw components at it.

Bolens Mower Wrongly Used

Bolens mowers have safety mechanisms that prevent them from starting unless the proper procedures are followed.

To avoid activating the safety mechanisms that disable or prevent starting of your Bolens lawnmower, check the manual to see if there are any special operating procedures you need to follow.

A Bolens riding mower, for instance, won’t start unless the brake is applied and the PTO switch is disengaged.